Round 3 of a 2021 FIM EWC: BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team travels to a famous Bol d’Or with a breeze in the sails.

Munich. The BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team is all set for
a subsequent classical in a 2021 FIM Endurance World Championship (FIM
EWC). The 24-hour Bol d’Or on 18th/19th Sep during Circuit Paul
Ricard in Le Castellet (FRA) is turn 3 of a 2021 FIM EWC
season. Alternating in a saddle of a #37 BMW M 1000 RR will once
again be Markus Reiterberger (GER), Ilya Mikhalchik (UKR) and Xavi
Forés (ESP). Kenny Foray (FRA) is also in Le Castellet as a team’s
fourth rider.


In credentials for a famous continuation race, a BMW Motorrad World
Endurance Team attended a two-day exam in Le Castellet final week. The
team, led by group principal Werner Daemen, and a 4 riders
fine-tuned a set-up of a #37 M RR, prepared to take on a challenges
of a 24-hour race. The exam was a successful one and a group set
a fastest time on both days – with a new path record on each
occasion. On Tuesday, Mikhalchik surfaced a standings with a new
record of 1:53.261 mins on a #37 bike. Reiterberger afterwards went
even faster on a Wednesday, environment a new record of 1:52.484 minutes.


The final time a Bol d’Or took place, in Sep 2019, a BMW
Motorrad World Endurance Team was creation a entrance in a FIM EWC.
Back afterwards a group finished third with a #37 BMW S 1000 RR to claim
a mark on a lectern during a initial attempt. The group has also finished
third on a new #37 BMW M 1000 RR in any of a dual races that have
been hold so distant in a 2021 deteriorate – a 24 Hours of Le Mans (FRA)
and a 12 Hours of Estoril (POR). The BMW Motorrad World Endurance
Team lies third in a universe championship with 80 points, 7 less
than a leaders. The competition weekend in Le Castellet kicks off on
Wednesday 15th Sep with scrutineering. This is followed on
Thursday 16th Sep by a initial use and subordinate sessions.
On Tuesday 14th September, another private exam day will be held.


As good as a BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team, a highwayman BMW
teams Tecmas BMW 9 (#9 BMW S 1000 RR), Team univers racing/ACRacing
#23 (#23 BMW S 1000 RR) and LRP Poland (#90 BMW S 1000 RR) also
contest in a Bol d’Or.


Quotes brazen of a Bol d’Or.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “The
Bol d’Or is one of a biggest classics in motorcycle racing. Our
entrance in a FIM EWC in Le Castellet dual years ago was unforgettable.
Finishing on a lectern during a initial try was unequivocally special. Since
then, a BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team has proven that this
success was no peep in a pan. It has determined itself among the
world’s elite, initial with a BMW S 1000 RR and now with a BMW M
1000 RR. Last week’s exam was unequivocally earnest and gives us momentum
brazen of a competition weekend. However, we know that zero is guaranteed
in an continuation race, and that is utterly loyal of 24-hour races.
Our idea is to stir with a clever opening during a Bol d’Or. The
mixture are there to grasp that: a good concurrent and
gifted team, an intensely rival motorbike, and strong, fast
and gifted riders. We are good versed to face a hurdles of
a Bol d’Or. If all goes to devise in a race, we can continue
a success story of a BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team.”


Werner Daemen, Team Manager BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team:
“The exam final week was unequivocally good. We still had some small
issues, though this is normal. The group found a good set-up; we have been
a fastest on both days, we pennyless a path record on both days, and
this with dual opposite riders, that is also important. All four
riders did a unequivocally good job. Kenny, of course, who knows a lane very
well, and afterwards Xavi, who was there for a initial time, was unequivocally fast
and showed his intensity with good path times. Also Ilya and Markus
were quick as always and concentrated. we consider we are good prepared for
a race. Of course, a 24-hour competition is a 24-hour race, though we are
assured we can uncover another clever opening during this year’s Bol d’Or.”


Markus Reiterberger: “On a initial day of a exam I
initial had to refamiliarise myself with a circuit, as a final time I
was here was behind in 2015 and there have been a few changes since
then. However, we blending unequivocally quick and set a second fastest
time behind my team-mate Ilya, who set a new record. We had good pace,
though still attempted out a few things on a bike. On a second day we was
unequivocally happy with my competition gait and a prolonged runs. we was super quick
and consistent. At a finish of day dual we also set a new record. To have
ridden a fastest path ever on a motorcycle in Le Castellet is very
cool. However, what is distant some-more critical is a competition pace, and we are
excellently positioned with a bike in that sense. We will now
fine-tune a package a bit between now and a race. Our idea for the
competition is to win. The lectern is a slightest we are aiming for, victory
would be fantastic. We have a package to grasp it, a group will
do a glorious pursuit of scheming a bike, and we are unequivocally well
positioned with a contingent of riders and a quick fourth rider. we am
looking brazen to a Bol d’Or.”


Ilya Mikhalchik: “Last week we had a unequivocally positive
test. We have been unequivocally quick and set dual path records. Our gait was
unequivocally clever during a prolonged stints. We also attempted a few tyres for the
competition though also for a quick lap. we am assured that we are prepared to
quarrel for a tip positions. Me personally, we attempted a lot of things,
generally on day two, and several settings on a bike. we had a very
good feeling for a bike, and it worked unequivocally good on new as good as
on used tyres. This is unequivocally critical for a continuation race. we am
unequivocally happy and looking brazen to a race.”


Xavi Forés: “It was a unequivocally certain exam for me. I
was there usually for one day, as we had to go behind to a UK for the
British Superbike Championship. It was an extraordinary day for me as I
could learn a blueprint of a lane as we had never been there before.
we unequivocally enjoyed roving there; we was quick and unchanging as good on my
laps. we did a prolonged army perplexing to stay focused on a competition gait and I
consider we did utterly well. So we am looking brazen to a race. It is
going to be a unequivocally critical competition for us since we are fighting for
a championship. It will be a unequivocally prolonged race. We have to stay very
focused and make no mistakes. If we can do that, we consider we have the
gait and are clever adequate to quarrel for a victory. we can’t wait to
start and see what a competition weekend brings.”


Kenny Foray: “It was a unequivocally good exam for us. The
competition gait of a bike was good for all of us 4 riders. This is
good for a race. Of course, we can never know what happens in the
competition since it goes over 24 hours, though we consider that we are ready.”