For some reason, riding shotgun is a pretty big deal to most guys. My friends are all in their mid-twenties, and we still call out “shotgun” any time we’re heading out in someone’s ride. Many times we argue about who said it first. Sometimes, we’ll even fight about it.

We’ve been doing it ever since we first learned to drive, a decade ago. It’s just something about that front seat – it feels empowering, I guess.

As Blocktober rolls on, we met a lucky man who got to ride in one of the most desirable shotguns situations out there – the passenger seat to pro rally driver Ken Block.

George Hadler, a member of the SVT Owner’s Association, was chosen from a select group at a recent event in Toronto. It was an opportunity that surely brought a huge smile to his face.

“It’s an amazing experience,” Hadler said afterwards. “I think everyone should be able to experience it at some point in time.”

Check out the video above to see him ride in a suped up Ford Fiesta ST as Block pulled off some tricks.

What’s your most memorable shotgun experience? Let us know in the comments below.