Regenerative Design: Audi during Design Shanghai 2021 in team-work with Stella McCartney

“The thesis of this year’s pattern satisfactory – Regenerative pattern comes to China – and a universe – is an glorious fit for Audi“, explains Henrik Wenders, conduct of Audi Brand. “Audi is famous for a superb pattern and is sexually committed to sustainability. With a Audi e-tron GT quattro we are presenting this multiple during a really best. We are gay to be during Design Shanghai this year in team-work with Stella McCartney, providing an discernment in a walk-in designation of how both a conform and a automotive business consider and live in a tolerable way.”

This year a Audi mount during a satisfactory is dedicated to a subject of sustainability and shows parallels between a conform and a car business. With Stella McCartney, Audi has gained a clever partner. The conform engineer is a attention personality in her use of innovative materials with low impact to a environment, only as a Four Rings do. On arrangement is Stella McCartney Falabella Go bag done from Econyl, a element consisting of 100 percent recycled nylon fibers. The fibers come from prolongation waste, stays of fabrics and carpets, or from aged fishing nets.

In a Audi e-tron GT quattro, that is also shown during a stand, Audi employs this element too: a runner and building mats are done from it. Sustainable materials are also used elsewhere in a interior of a Gran Turismo. In a discretionary leather-free pattern package, for example, a covers of a sports seats are a multiple of synthetic leather with a weave Kaskade or a mix of synthetic leather with Dinamica, a micro-fiber material. In both cases these covers include especially of materials such as polyester fibers, that are done from recycled PET bottles, textiles or bits of fibers. The trade-fair mount is presented with stretched fabric done from Econyl thread.

At a opening to a fair, Audi has combined a walk-through designation once again. Here visitors can get information about, among other things, a prolongation of Econyl and see what a conform tag Stella McCartney and Audi have in common in their use of this element as a building retard for apropos CO neutral.

On a opening day of Design Shanghai, Audi will again be represented with a speak event in a Design Forum. Wu Yunzhou, coordinator for Interior Design during Audi China and Zhao Yu (Scott), conduct of Innovation Research during Audi China, will plead sustainability as a tellurian trend and a flourishing recognition of this subject in China. They will uncover how sustainability is implemented in car pattern by a Four Rings brand: in a figure of a car and in a materials that are used, though also in a pattern routine itself.

These activities during Design Shanghai once again denote a mutation of Audi into a provider of tolerable reward mobility. With a Audi e-tron GT models and opposite versions of a Audi Q4 e-tron, a series of electric models will be doubled from 3 to 7 in 2021. By 2025 a association skeleton to have some-more than 20 entirely electric models and to serve enhance a PHEV portfolio.