Getting from point A to point B is one thing. But we all know that it’s what happens between the two that makes the story.

Any good explorer knows that it’s all about not knowing what’s around the corner—that philosophy’s also at the heart of a road trip. In a world of GPS-dependence, it becomes our challenge to reclaim the Canadian spirit of adventure. One trip at a time.

Get Outside

So, unplug from your computer and go outside to revel in the independence that comes with a well-stocked car, good company and an open mind (and open windows). Feel the wind blow through your hair and clear your mind of the worries of the world. After all, you’re on a road trip! If you wander too far off the beaten path, you can rely on Ford Sync for turn-by-turn directions. It’s always just a few simple words away.

Ford Sync with “You Are Here” marker

Ditch the plans

When you book a vacation it takes weeks—if not months—of planning. You stay in hotels you’ve researched online, you stock up on sunblock, and before leaving, you find someone to house-sit your dog and collect the mail.

Think of a road trip as the yin to that yang.

It’s about being spontaneous with your friends. It’s about driving around, looking for something random (biggest pancake breakfast at a truck stop? Sure. A crystal-clear lake with a jump-off rock? Yep!) while you crank a great playlist and take in the world around you.

White Ford Fiesta with street sign post.

It’s time to get lost

There’s a reason why people take the road less travelled. Swerve right—after checking your rear-view mirror of course—and take a random exit off the highway to explore the great unknown. If you see a sign for “World’s Biggest Doughnut,” definitely, definitely check that out (there may be actual doughnuts there too, after all).

Family with squirt guns having fun.

Bring your own fun

Turn your automobile into a game zone by suggesting some classic in-transit activities: I Spy; 20 Questions; License Plate; and Name That Tune. You can even take the fun outside of the car (abandoned road water gun fight, anyone?) to let everyone stretch their legs.

Ford Mustang GIF on Road Trip in lush forest

Go along for a ride

It seems like there’s an art to almost everything these days.

Think of the impassioned barista who pulls you the perfect shot of espresso, or that bespoke tailor who creates the prefect blazer—there’s an art to what they do. And there’s an art to road tripping as well.

The beginning of the journey is key: you need the right friends, the right car—something up for the adventure, just like a Ford Explorer—and a thirst for the unknown.

And then you just go, heading towards a destination you can only guess at. It’s somewhere there on the horizon. Directions? Who needs ‘em!

You stop here instead of there. Things unfold, change, and unfold once more. No one knows where you’re going, as you cruise along a blacktop road, windows down and the music way up, and no one really cares. You go with it—wherever you end up, you’ll always have the journey that got you there.

So why not get away from it all and unplug yourself for a day? Long after you’ve returned home, the memories of a road trip will stay with you.