Ram, Dodge Rank No. 1-2 in J.D. Power IQS, Jeep® Rise Puts Three Stellantis Brands in Top Quartile

August 31, 2021

, Auburn Hills, Mich.

Ram is a initial truck-only code to constraint a tip mark in a J.D. Power 2021 Initial Quality Study (IQS), culminating a duration arise in opening over a final dual years.
The brand’s first-place finish was fueled by certain feedback from owners of new 2500/3500 trucks – named tip vast heavy-duty pickup in this year’s IQS – and owners of new Ram 1500 trucks, that ranked second among vast light-duty pickups. Ram tied for third place in a 2020 IQS, and was 21st a before year.
The groundbreaking outcome compliments Dodge brand’s second-place finish. Dodge rewrote a record books final year by apropos a initial domestic code to explain tip honors in IQS.
Against this backdrop, Jeep® jumped to a best-ever eighth place finish, 3 spots adult from a before year, putting a contingent of Stellantis brands in a tip quartile of this year’s results.
“This is not a information point; this is a trend,” pronounced Mark Champine, Head of North America Customer Experience during Stellantis. “Anyone who knows a robustness of a product-improvement processes, as good as a rendezvous turn of a workforce, is not astounded by these latest results.”
“We have seen a tough work put in by a Stellantis group adult close,” pronounced Dave Sargent, clamp boss of automotive peculiarity during J.D. Power. “These latest formula are covenant to a efforts put in opposite a organization. To have a tip dual brands in a investigate is a really considerable achievement. Congratulations to a whole team.”
Product pattern was a pivotal writer to this year’s outcomes, Champine noted.
“If we start with clever pattern and follow that adult with fortify on a plant floor, we get a kind of formula we’re saying today,” he said. “This feedback reflects a primary concentration – to build vehicles a business will be unapproachable to suggest to friends and family.”

J.D. Power surveyed new-vehicle buyers about their initial 3 months of tenure and tracked problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) to magnitude a opening of 32 brands. Compared with 2020’s results, Ram’s industry-leading sum softened by 13 PP100 to 128.
Dodge was subsequent with 139, 5 PP100 fewer than a nearest competitors.

“We’re unapproachable to contend it took another Stellantis code to kick Dodge,” Champine said.
Jeep brand’s 149 sum is 13 PP100 improved than a attention normal of 162. The courageous brand’s opening was led by a Jeep Gladiator, personality of a midsize pickup category, and a previous-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, that scored a lectern finish in a midsize SUV category.
Both a Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 reached a lectern in a vast automobile segment. Half of a 12 Stellantis vehicles authorised for prizes possibly won or were runners-up in their categories.
J.D. Power
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Stellantis (NYSE: STLA) is one of a world’s heading automakers and a mobility provider, guided by a transparent prophesy to offer leisure of transformation with distinctive, affordable and arguable mobility solutions. In further to a Group’s abounding birthright and extended geographic presence, a biggest strengths distortion in a tolerable performance, abyss of knowledge and a wide-ranging talents of employees operative around a globe. Stellantis will precedence a extended and iconic code portfolio, that was founded by visionaries who infused a brands with passion and a rival suggestion that speaks to employees and business alike. Stellantis aspires to turn a greatest, not a biggest, while formulating combined value for all stakeholders, as good as a communities in that it operates. 

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