Rallye du Maroc 2018 – MINI wins 2018 FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup.

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Rallye du Maroc 2018

9th Oct 2018


Rallye du Maroc 2018MINI wins 2018 FIA
Cross Country Rally World Cup



  • MINI John Cooper Works Rally motorist Jakub ‘Kuba’ Przygonski
    secures a FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup pretension during penultimate round.
  • Przygonski and co-driver Colsoul finish Rallye du Maroc
    2nd overall.
  • X-raid MINI JCW Team drivers Cyril Depres and Carlos Sainz
    any secure theatre wins in MINI John Cooper Works Buggy cars.


Munich. Rallye du Maroc –
Round 10 of a 2018 FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup –
valid to be a unequivocally noted competition for Jakub ‘Kuba’ Przygonski (POL)
and co-driver Tom Colsoul (BEL). Not usually did a MINI John Cooper
Works Rally organisation finish a competition 2nd overall, though the
volume of competition points they scored in Morroco means Przygonski’s lead
in a FIA World Cup pretension can't be overtaken and he is a *winner
of a 2018 FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup.


Taking a 2018 FIA World Cup pretension is another outrageous step for the
immature motorist from Poland, after finishing a 2017 book of FIA
Cross Country Rally World Cup in second place. With this season’s
considerable win, it also means a Przygonski and Colsoul twin have
netted MINI and MINI Motorsport partner X-raid a FIA World Cup title
6 times.


Rallye du Maroc didn’t reason any critical problems for a MINI Family
organisation pulling underneath a ensign of ORLEN Team. The famed trustworthiness and
opening of a MINI John Cooper Works Rally usually compulsory the
tranquil pulling of Przygonski and a clinical navigation direction
of Colsoul to stay on march for a pretension right adult until a finish
line of Stage 5 in a area of Fez.


Also competing within Rallye du Maroc were dual drivers of a newly
shaped X-raid MINI JCW Team. Cyril Despres (FR) and Carlos Sainz (SP),
underneath a instruction of MINI Motorsport partner X-raid, they were
putting a latest selection MINI John Cooper Works Buggy cars
by their paces in racing conditions as partial of an ongoing
growth programme heading adult to a three-pronged MINI JCW Buggy
try on a 2019 Dakar – Stéphane Peterhansel (FR) being a third driver.


Although Despres and Sainz competed for a solitary purpose of testing
their new MINI cars, both drivers had fun and were using during a very
quick gait via a 5 stages of a race. For their efforts,
both drivers netted a theatre win each. Depres finished a competition third
overall. Unfortunately, Sainz had a technical emanate during one point
during Stage 2 and it was adequate to supplement time to his finish outcome – with
a competition a tighten run affair, a additional time couldn’t be pulled back.


Jakub Przygonski:

We are so happy during winning a title; a World Cup
is entrance to Poland and Belgium. It has been a unequivocally good year for
us, not easy of march since we did roughly 100 hours in a competition car
this year, that unequivocally is a lot. We are unequivocally good and we have made
a lot of swell this year. We are so happy.


“Our MINI John Cooper Works Rally was unequivocally arguable and fast. From
a commencement here in Maroc, we were going unequivocally quick and pushing. It
was not so easy to be on a lectern here in Maroc since a tip guys
were all here and it was unequivocally like a super scurry compared to a Dakar.”


Cyril Despres:

“It was a good competition to exam a MINI John Cooper Works Buggy. We know
where we have to work and improve. We found a good gait and a good
feeling – a speed is unequivocally good.”


Carlos Sainz:

“The competition was good; not easy and good to exam a automobile and a crew.
We done a large mistake 3 days ago and, in that moment, it became
unfit to quarrel for a victory. The automobile is good, we done a lot of
exam before and a competition was ideal to realize that we are operative in
a right direction”


Sven Quandt – CEO X-raid:

“First of all, we honour Kuba and Tom on winning a FIA World
Cup. Both have softened some-more and some-more over a year to grasp a great
result. we am extraordinary how things will continue during Dakar, and can
suppose a surprise.


“With a MINI JCW Buggy, we have one year of growth behind us
and we can see we have a speed to expostulate during a front. We are
generally confident with a opening of both cars and Cyril can
be confident with a result.”


*Subject to FIA ratification


Rallye du Maroc 2018: MINI competition finish results




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