Pure racing atmosphere during Audi’s record coming during a Nürburgring

The general motorsport spectators are energetically available a premiere of a Audi R8 LMS GT4. The indication stands for a fast-growing category for lady drivers in worldwide GT racing. Audi Sport Team Phoenix will use dual of this production-like competition cars. The new Audi Sport LMS GT4 uses approximately 60 percent of a tools from a sister highway model. There will also be a premiere for a Audi RS 3 LMS: it will applaud a initial ever coming in a Eifel enduro. Audi Sport patron racing has already built 90 editions of a entry-level competition car. So far, Audi patron teams have achieved several successes worldwide with this indication – including a category feat during a Dubai 24 Hours in January. Team Bonk Motorsport will use dual cars, while LMS Engineering will rest on another Audi RS 3 LMS for a continuation classic.

The Four Rings will also be strongly represented in a vicinity of a competition track. As a partner of a event, Audi will yield central cars for competition control. In addition, many fans can demeanour brazen to a 750-square-meter Audi Sport knowledge area in a paddock. In a loll area, visitors can follow a competition on a large screen. A loyal provide for fans are a 7 racing models on show: a Le Mans sports automobile Audi R8, an Audi V8 DTM and an Auto Union Type D consolidate some of a biggest motorsport successes of a brand. In further to this are a stream Audi RS 5 DTM, R8 LMS, R8 LMS GT4 and RS 3 LMS competition cars. Three high-performance models from Audi Sport turn off a racing automobile exhibition. In addition, a Audi Sport TT Cup will perform a fans during a weekend in a Eifel. The second of 7 events will take place in a ancillary module of a 24-hour race.

The spectators who are not on site can follow a competition on a internet. Audi offers a extensive coverage on a amicable media platforms as good as a livestream of a whole race. The radio channel RTL Nitro will promote a whole competition live in a 26-hour program.