"Project Gold“

A classical physique is a starting indicate for a automobile that will eventually turn a truly singular square – fabricated in a Porsche Classic seminar and individualized by a sports automobile manufacturer’s designers. Porsche Newsroom accompanies a “Project Gold” right from a start via a particular prolongation steps. The array starts with “the Vision”.

The vision. Found and risen.Play

Back then, hollow-spoke aluminium wheels were an creation in a automotive industry. Today, high-tech meets craftsmanship. When adding a finishing touches to a black rims as partial of “Classic Project Gold”, a tip cloak of black paint is precisely private regulating a laser, thereby mapping out a golden lines of a design. The Newsroom offers a glance behind a scenes of this unusual work step.

The refinement. Lacquer and Laser.Play

Part 3 can be seen here on Aug 3, 2018.