Project 356 World Rally Tour: Antarctica

After a check of scarcely dual years, Renée Brinkerhoff is scheming for a final theatre of her Project 356 World Rally Tour with her loyal 1956 Porsche 356 A. The pledge convene motorist has already raced a classical sports automobile on 6 continents, on any form of turf – an impassioned attempt for any individual, let alone one pushing in a classical 65-year-old racer. She is now looking to check off a final land mass by putting a Porsche to a ultimate test, traversing 587 kilometres – 356 miles – in Antarctica.

The munificent bend of a racing team, Valkyrie Gives, aids women and children during risk, with a special concentration on finale child trafficking.

“While we are intensely unapproachable of completing any continuation convene we’ve entered, a loyal idea has been for a racing efforts to turn a worldwide visible that supports a outspoken office to finish child trafficking,” says Brinkerhoff. “We’ve had a idea to mangle barriers and set new annals and we’re carefree a Antarctic speed will do only that.”

The 356 is already in movement to Chile around boat from a seminar in a UK and, on arrival, will be air-shipped to a impassioned conditions that wait during a Union Glacier in Antarctica. Brinkerhoff and a Valkyrie Racing group will event in Chile during a finish of November, and if a continue cooperates a subzero scurry will start in Antarctica on 5 Dec and should be finished before a finish of a year. The long-awaited tour was pushed from late 2020, and a some-more than 18 months of formulation has also authorised a naturally-aspirated prosaic 6 356 to bear a finish re-engineering for a fraudulent terrain.

“Success for Renée and her automobile will come from a courteous change of suitable record we’ve added, and a mass rebate implemented,” says Kieron Bradley, Senior Chassis Design Engineer for a plan and a used impassioned path-finder in his possess right. Bradley transposed a back tyres of a automobile with sleet tracks, and a span of skis were trustworthy to a front along with a specialised prop and cessation system. For stabilisation, a 356 will use a single-arm cessation with coilover shocks for both a marks in a rear.

Jason de Carteret

While a further of skis and marks has increasing a altogether mass of a 356 – an emanate since a low weight is pivotal to pushing over a ice rather than falling in – the mass per block inch, or footprint, has been reduced to reduction than 4 per cent of a customary circle displacement. “The ski we’ve combined contingency do 40 – 50 per cent of a work, by compressing and prepping a sleet for a lane section to follow over, with a underside blade running a direction. This ensures a marks will not submarine underneath a light snow,” explains Bradley.

Snow tracks and a span of skis

An additional suspicion that Bradley had to cruise was that a skis and marks contingency be simply removable so that peaked ice tyres can be re-fitted with no circle fixing changes necessary. A pneumatic inflatable jack will be used to make a change. Joining Brinkerhoff in a 356A for a frigid trek will be British path-finder Jason de Carteret, who will act as navigator. De Carteret has led some-more than 50 expeditions, including to both a North and South Pole, and together with Bradley he has claimed dual universe annals for a fastest overland tour to a South Pole travelling in a Thomson Reuters Polar Vehicle, that they designed.

“As mostly has been a box when holding on a new turf in my 356, we have had no event to exam a car,” says Brinkerhoff. “The exam will come when we are during Union Glacier and we are really carefree a new pattern will infer itself in spades. As we have been told by Jason and Kieron, there is no turf on earth like Antarctica and therefore no place where a loyal exam can be taken.”

An speed and a charitable effort

The Project 356 World Rally Tour is both an speed and a charitable effort, and a Dec 2021 plea completes a ultimate try by one woman, one automobile and one tellurian idea to assistance finish child trafficking. Through Valkyries Gives, a munificent arm of her racing team, Brinkerhoff has lifted tighten to half a million dollars, with 100 per cent of a deduction benefitting victims of trafficking around a world. By a conclusion, Brinkerhoff will have driven tighten to 32,000 kilometres over all 7 continents, partaking in continuation rallies such as Peking-to-Paris, a East African Safari Classic Rally and La Carrera Panamericana.

Prior to starting her convene career in 2013, during a age of 57, a Coloradoan attended classes during a Porsche Track Experience where she had a Chief Driving Instructor – and America’s many flashy continuation racer – Hurley Haywood in a newcomer seat. “He kept me out there and kept holding me around a track, and that was such a certainty booster,” remembers Brinkerhoff.

UK-based Tuthill Porsche has played a technical credentials purpose in scarcely all of Brinkerhoff’s continuation rallies, and Valkyrie Racing has also prepared sustainability measures, such as solar panels on a notch bar, to safeguard a whole Project 356 World Rally Tour is CO positive.


More about Valkyrie Racing and Valkyrie Gives.

Valkyrie Racing/Valkyrie Gives would like their supporters worldwide to join them in Antarctica and be partial of a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience. For a smallest concession of 356 US Dollars, supporters can have their name stamped inside a hood of a classical racer. Donations can be done directly to