Production jubilee: 20 years of Audi A4 during Ingolstadt plant

“When a Audi A4 superseded a successful Audi 80 array 20 years ago, it became a bestseller shortly after a launch. It was a fastest prolongation ramp‑up in a company’s history. The foundations were laid by a employees’ joining and a glorious preparations done for a new indication series,” settled Dr. Hubert Waltl, Board of Management Member for Production during AUDI AG. “The sporty A4 family is a heart of a Audi code still today, and is intensely renouned with a business around a world.”

The reward manufacturer constructed 576,680 automobiles in Ingolstadt in a year 2013, one third of that were Audi A4 Sedan*, Avant* and allroad quattro* models. More than 40,000 additional units of a A4 Sedan gathering off a prolongation line during a plant in Neckarsulm. Using a so‑called production turntable system, a sites in Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt have common prolongation of a A4 given a launch of a fourth generation in 2007. Meanwhile, Audi also produces a A4 locally for a markets in China, India and Indonesia.

In further to a Audi A3* volume model, a Audi A4 a second vital post of a company’s categorical plant in Ingolstadt, where some-more than 700 A4 models are constructed each day. “The A4 secures a function of ability in a German plants, and so also employment, on a long‑term basis,” settled Peter Mosch, Chairman of a General Works Council of AUDI AG.

“The 20‑year success story of a Audi A4 is due above all to a prolongation team. With their dilettante imagination and good motivation, a employees master array launches with good success and furnish reward automobiles of a top peculiarity – day in, day out,” settled Plant Director Peter Kössler.

The Audi plant in Ingolstadt is now scheming for prolongation of a fifth‑generation A4, that will be launched in 2015. Numerous construction changes and other modernizations are required for a new model. In a new physique emporium in a northern partial of a plant site, for example, some-more than 1,300 machines such as robots and welding guns are being installed.

Since a marketplace launch in Nov 1994, some-more than six million customers have motionless in preference of an Audi A4 model. The association has already delivered some-more than dual million units of a stream era alone (in prolongation given 2007). Demand is quite clever for a Audi A4 in China, Germany and a United States. In a German market, each fifth automobile delivered to business by Audi in 2013 was of this indication series.

*Fuel expenditure of a models named above:

Audi A3:
Fuel expenditure total in l/100 km: 7.1 – 3.2;
CO2 emissions total in g/km: 165 – 85

Audi A4:
Fuel expenditure total in l/100 km: 10.7 – 4.0;
CO2 emissions total in g/km: 249 – 104

Audi A4 Sedan:
Fuel expenditure total in l/100 km: 9.4 – 4.0;
CO2 emissions total in g/km: 178 – 104

Audi A4 Avant:
Fuel expenditure total in l/100 km: 10.7 – 4.2;
CO2 emissions total in g/km: 249 – 109

Audi A4 allroad quattro:
Fuel expenditure total in l/100 km: 7.1 – 5.4;
CO2 emissions total in g/km: 164 – 139