Prizes from Fiat for the winners of the ‘Design, Future, Accessibility’ contest

  • Sebastian, Thanos and Antonio are the winners of the ‘social contest’ by ACEA in collaboration with the Fiat Brand
  • The prize is a stay in Turin to see the Fiat Style Centre up close, one of the world’s most prestigious automotive design locations
  • The three young winners were welcomed by Roberto Giolito, Vice President Design Fiat Chrysler EMEA


Today in Turin, Roberto Giolito, Vice President Design Fiat Chrysler EMEA, welcomed the three winners of the ‘Design, Future, Accessibility’ contest launched in November by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) in collaboration with the Fiat Brand, to the Fiat Style Centre.


The Greek Thanos Pappas, German Sebastian Grenzhäuser and Italian Antonio Paglia were thus given a unique experience in one of the world’s automotive design capitals, exchanging ideas with the Fiat Style Centre team, who judged their works as the most stimulating and comprehensive of those entered in the contest.


Sebastian, Thanos and Antonio’s ideas, together with those of the other entrants, arrived at the ‘Our Future Mobility Now’ (OFMN) Facebook page. This project was created by ACEA with the aim of delving into the issues linked to the mobility of the future and its sustainability, and a target of involving young people throughout Europe.


The contest promoted by ACEA and Fiat came to be within the OFMN project, in order to raise the awareness of young people in relation to one of the crucial aspects of the mobility of the future: accessibility, in all its forms. This was done with the aim of highlighting and employing the talents of the many young people who are passionate about mobility.


The initiative was launched ‘live on the web’ from Fiat’s Google Plus and YouTube channels, with Roberto Giolito and the designers of the Fiat Style Centre providing ideas, reflections and their concept of ‘Design, Future, Accessibility’. It saw the enthusiastic participation, above all, of young people between 18 and 34, from all European countries, mainly male, but with a significant female presence among the entrants aged under 34.



All the projects which reached the dedicated Facebook page were then assessed by the same Fiat designers according to criteria of originality, inspiration and the capacity to foresee future scenarios. Sebastian, a creative from Hamburg, the young graphic designer Thanos and Antonio, an architect and designer from Milan, emerged as the winners and the doors of the Fiat Style Centre were opened to them today. They had a genuine full immersion formation experience. The three went on to visit the captivating and revamped Turin Automobile Museum.


This concludes another significant initiative seeing the participation of ACEA and Fiat web community, global bodies united both in the effort to envisage the mobility and sustainability of tomorrow and in the desire to highlight talent, above all of the young, the foundation of the world of tomorrow.



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Turin, 19 February 2014