Porsche partners with iRacing for new World Championship Series

At a “Porsche iRacing World Championship Series”, 40 participants from opposite nations will foe in a 911 GT3 Cup. They are competing for sum esteem income of US$100,000. The foe runs over 10 racing weekends and takes place exclusively online. Qualification starts in Jan 2019, with a championship using over several months via a year.

“Porsche is some-more and some-more concerned with esports and racing simulations. Putting together a universe championship like this one is critical justification of a augmenting joining to a sport,” comments Dr. Kjell Gruner, Vice President Marketing during Porsche. To coordinate a event, a Zuffenhausen-based sports automobile manufacturer collaborated with iRacing, a heading provider of picturesque online racing simulations that has been putting on universe championships for 10 years. The foe will take place underneath this pretension for a initial time, as a totally new array with competitors racing from all around a world, joining by a iRacing service.

Porsche iRacing World Championship Series, 2018, Porsche AG

Porsche is some-more and some-more concerned with esports

The beginning represents a high indicate so distant in a partnership between a dual companies, that have been operative together given 2017, focusing on a picturesque doing of Porsche motorsport vehicles and online racing. Porsche and iRacing have also collaborated on several live tournaments where racers contest from a same location. This includes a Porsche SimRacing Trophy, that drew 40 participants when it was hold during a Nürburgring in Sep 2018, and a Porsche SimRacing Summit, where 32 make-believe racing drivers will contest during a Porsche bureau in Leipzig on 15 and 16 December.

Porsche iRacing World Championship Series, 2018, Porsche AG

Keen spectators can follow all 10 rounds of a “Porsche iRacing World Championship” Series on YouTube (www.youtube.com/iracing-esports-network), with additional promote channels to be announced.