Porsche and Diesel

Porsche has always aligned a product operation with a wishes of a business and a expostulate for technological excellence. That is because we are stepping adult a activities in a areas of hybrid record and electric mobility. By 2022, Porsche will have invested over 6 billion euros in these areas, laying a foundations for tolerable expansion – now and in a future.

Interest in hybrid models is already augmenting enormously, with variety creation adult 63 percent of all Panameras systematic in Europe. By contrast, direct for diesel models is declining: Of Porsche tellurian sales in 2017, only 12 percent were diesel models. Since February, Porsche has no longer offering any diesel models in a product range. In light of a clearly changing conditions, we have motionless not to offer any diesel drives in a future.

It is not a goal during Porsche to demonise diesel. It is, and remains, an critical form of expostulate technology. However, given that diesel has traditionally played a reduction poignant purpose for us as a sports automobile manufacturer, we have resolved that we wish to do but diesel in a future. We will of march continue to offer a existent diesel business veteran support.

With a Taycan we have launched a initial entirely electric sports automobile – done regulating CO2-neutral prolongation methods and granted with immature electricity around a Europe-wide charging infrastructure. As early as 2025, half of all new Porsche vehicles could underline an electric expostulate complement – possibly hybrid or entirely electric. That said, we also continue to concentration on optimising explosion engines as well, and there is no doubt that puristic, absolute sports cars in thought-provoking designs will continue to play a pivotal purpose in a Porsche product operation in a years to come.

Our goal is to be a technological colonize – we are honing a core of a code and consistently focusing a association on a mobility of a future.


Why is Porsche discontinuing a diesel products?

Porsche has always aligned a product operation with a wishes of a business and seeks to take a heading technological purpose in doing so. Demand for diesel models is declining, and diesel has traditionally played a delegate purpose during Porsche: In 2017, only 12 percent of a vehicles we sole were diesel models. At a same time, seductiveness in hybrid models is augmenting enormously, with a sum of 63 percent of a Panamera models granted in Europe featuring hybrid drives. Since Feb 2018, Porsche has no longer offering any diesel models in a product range, and during a finish of Sep 2018 we done a final preference not to offer any diesel expostulate systems in a future.

Did this preference arise from a stream allegations of program strategy in diesel engines, or formed on a ongoing discussions about pushing bans?

No, conjunction of these! The altered conditions on a marketplace – descending direct for diesel models and flourishing seductiveness in variety – have played a wilful role. We are honing a core of a code and consistently focusing a association on a mobility of a future. We are concentrating on 3 pillars: serve optimised explosion engines, plug-in hybrid models, and electric sports cars. 2019 Porsche launched a Taycan – a initial entirely electric sports automobile on a market.

Will a preference to pierce divided from diesel during Porsche outcome in any layoffs?

No. In fact, with a outrageous investments we are creation in electric mobility, we have total some-more than 1,500 jobs in Zuffenhausen.

Will Porsche not sell any diesel vehicles during all now?

Certified pre-owned diesel Macan, Panamera and Cayenne models will continue to be sole around a play network. However, we will stop producing diesel vehicles.

What services will Porsche offer after it stops producing diesel cars?

We take full shortcoming for all diesel vehicles supposing to customers. And of march Porsche will continue to offer a common operation of services as a use partner.

What stairs do I, as a owners of a Porsche diesel vehicle, need to take to get a giveaway program update?

Porsche dealerships have been contacting their particular business influenced by this emanate to arrange appointments for a seminar visit. The program refurbish takes around one hour and is, of course, giveaway of assign for customers. If necessary, a Porsche dealership will yield deputy mobility for this time.

Will a program refurbish have any outcome on a fuel expenditure of a vehicles? What change will a refurbish have on consumption, warranty, continuance and pollutant emissions?

With courtesy to fuel consumption, limit engine output, limit torque and CO2 emissions, a manufacturer’s specifications to date sojourn unchanged.

Can business exclude a update?

In a box of a imperative remember operation such as this, it is mandatory to implement a program update. If business confirm opposite a program update, they risk a withdrawal of their central handling licenses. This is over Porsche’s globe of change and that of a dealerships.

What recalls for Porsche diesel vehicles have taken place?

In total, there have been regulatory recalls for 5 models in Europe given Nov 2015: a Cayenne 3.0-liter V6 diesel (Euro 6), a Macan 3.0-liter V6 diesel (Euro 6), a Cayenne 4, 2-liter V8 diesel (Euro 5), a Cayenne 4.2-liter V8 diesel (Euro 6) and a Panamera 4.0-liter V8 diesel (Euro 6). The analogous program updates for a Cayenne 4.2-liter V8 diesel (Euro 5) and a Cayenne 4.2-liter V8 diesel (Euro 6) are now in a routine of being released; for a other vehicles mentioned, a technical solutions have already been authorized by a German Federal Motor Transport Authority, and Porsche is bringing a influenced vehicles to a workshops for a giveaway update.

Consumption data

Cayenne S Diesel Platinum Edition: Fuel expenditure total 8.2 – 8.0 l/100 km; CO2-emissions 215 – 209 g/km