Podium for Michael outpost der Mark and a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team during deteriorate culmination in Indonesia.

Mandalika. Strong opening during a culmination in Indonesia: the
BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team and Michael outpost der Mark (NED) have
dull off a 2021 deteriorate in a FIM Superbike World Championship
(WorldSBK) with a lectern finish. The Dutchman rode his BMW M 1000 RR
to third place in a stormy second foe on Sunday. In a initial race,
outpost der Mark had finished sixth in mostly dry conditions. Tom Sykes
(GBR) finished a dual races on a Mandalika International Street
Circuit in tenth and fifth positions. Heavy rainfall caused severe
report delays during a deteriorate finale.


In a Superpole on Saturday morning, Sykes cumulative sixth mark on the
grid with outpost der Mark in ninth place on a third row. Extremely
complicated rainfall started usually before a scheduled start of a first
foe on Saturday afternoon and a conditions finished it unfit for
any racing to take place on Saturday. The report was altered to
embody dual prolonged races on Sunday.


The start of foe one on Sunday morning was behind by 15 mins due
to a sleet shower. However, a riders were means to start on dry tyres.
Van der Mark fell behind a small during a start though worked his way
brazen to strech fifth place during a median indicate of a race. He then
forsaken down one place in a shutting phase, channel a line in
sixth position. Sykes finished a good start to pierce into fourth place and
was quickly in third. From path dual onwards, he confirmed his position
in fifth before descending behind in a second half of a foe to cross
a finish line in tenth position.


As had happened on a prior day, a sleet arrived usually as the
second foe was about to start on Sunday afternoon. The start was
behind by some-more than one and a half hours and a foe was shortened
to twelve laps. Van der Mark immediately changed adult into a tip 5 and
was concerned in a stirring duel for third place on a soppy circuit
with new universe champion Toprak Razgatlioglu (TUR / Yamaha). Van der
Mark prevailed in this battle, claiming another lectern finish to round
off a season. It was a clever finish to a weekend during that outpost der
Mark had struggled with gastrointestinal problems. Sykes fell behind a
small during a start though was behind in fifth place after a few laps. He
crossed a finish line in this position.


The races in Mandalika were a final in that Sykes and BMW Motorrad
Motorsport competed together, imprinting a finish of 3 years of
operative together. From 2019 to 2021, Sykes competed in 90 races for
a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team, claiming 6 lectern finishes and three
stick positions.


“After carrying a pleasure to knowledge such successes together in
a past years, we would like to conclude Tom on interest of BMW Motorrad”,
pronounced Dr. Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad. “I remember when we
announced a reborn World Superbike plan together during EICMA 2018
and started a good journey. Beginning with a S and implementing the
M RR, we are unequivocally grateful for his grant to a growth of
a bike. Podiums and several stick positions have underpinned his effort.”


Quotes after a Mandalika deteriorate finale.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “That
was a unequivocally relocating weekend. It was a bit of a wily start as Mickey
was flattering ill. He was unequivocally weak, so we reduced a array of laps for
him in a use event to give him a break. It was also an
romantic weekend, as it was a final weekend with Tom on a BMW.
Then we had that Saturday, when impassioned continue conditions prevented
a foe from holding place. Absolutely torrential sleet finished racing
unfit though it did give Mickey some some-more time to recover. Both
riders did a good pursuit in qualifying, with Tom in sixth and Mickey
ninth on a grid, that gave us a unequivocally good starting position for
a races. Mickey was means to modify that unequivocally good into sixth
place in a initial race, nonetheless he was struggling with aptness at
a finish of a race. He might differently have been means to do a bit
better. Tom had problems with his front tyres and afterwards fell behind to
tenth position. That was also not so gratifying for him. However, the
outcome in foe dual was unequivocally excellent. It was good to turn off the
deteriorate with a lectern for Mickey and a unequivocally good fifth place for Tom.
It’s poetic for him to get that outcome in his final foe for a team
and we would like to conclude him again for all a work he has
contributed to this plan and a successes he has available for us.
we wish him all a best for a future. we would also like to
honour Pata Yamaha and Toprak on winning a pretension – respect. It
was smashing to be here during a Mandalika International Street Circuit
on Lombok. We got a good accepting here, from BMW Indonesia too, and
a atmosphere is phenomenal. Races like this unequivocally go in the
universe championship. Overall, that was positively a gratifying season
for us. Compared to final year, we have taken a large step forward.
Mickey indispensable a bit of time to get a unequivocally good feel for a BMW, but
he constructed some good races towards a finish of a season. He
softened ceaselessly in subordinate too. We finished unchanging modifications
to a motorbike as it was a initial year with a BMW M 1000 RR for
us too. Results softened towards a finish of a year and we were able
to tighten a opening to a leaders in a races as well. It is definitely
a certain trend and we are aiming to continue in this instruction next
year. we am assured that we can afterwards take a subsequent step.”


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“I consider Tom did a unequivocally good job. He has come behind from a a
nine-week lay-off and it was also his farewell float on a BMW M 1000
RR. So a lot of emotions for Tom. He rubbed it good well,
veteran as he is. He went out there, competent good in sixth
position and to finish adult with fifth in a final foe is covenant of
his quality. Mickey has not been feeling good all weekend and he
started unequivocally solemnly with unequivocally singular laps. In one honour we think
a sleet has substantially helped his opening this weekend since of
his earthy strength but, after a behind start, he had a clever race
one and an even stronger foe two. He usually valid that he is still a
force in a soppy and we are looking brazen to get a opportunitiy to
get these podiums also in a dry conditions. So, good pursuit by Mickey
and a whole group to finish off with a podium. In a 2021 season, we
had a ups and downs. Of march a biggest down of a year was
Tom’s critical crash. It has been utterly a cryptic year for us in
a clarity that it started so late in a unequivocally dense array and then
dual fly-aways during a unequivocally finish that came unequivocally late. But altogether it has
not been too bad. We’ve had a win and some podiums and we like to look
during a positives, and a fact that Mickey is 20-something points off
being fourth in a championship. we consider that should unequivocally be
applauded since for his initial year on a bike that’s fantastic. We
know he can usually get softened so maybe he can be in a top-3 subsequent year.
So that’s a certain for me. we wish to conclude Tom for his efforts, he
has been a good group member. Right from a finish of 2018 when we
sealed him he was a post of a team, he got a initial formula and
gathering a group into a right instruction with his experience. We hope
that he can get his possibility again in WorldSBK and infer his credentials
and, whatever he does, we wish him well. He will always be partial of
this success and this section of a WorldSBK project.”


Michael outpost der Mark, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“Race one this morning was utterly fun. At a start, it was a
bit soppy here and there and this lane has utterly a lot of hold with
slicks in a soppy patches. So we was enjoying a initial partial of the
foe and suspicion we could be battling for a front though afterwards it started
to dry flattering quick. we was battling for fifth, fourth position,
feeling good and my gait was fine though we was still not feeling well. At
a finish of a foe we was undone since we ran out of appetite and I
mislaid another position. we was unequivocally indignant about that though we had to deal
with it. Then foe dual unfortunately was deferred though it was the
right decision. When we went racing, a lane was entirely soppy and it
was still raining a small bit. we knew that a lane would have a lot
of hold and these 12 laps we consider were prolonged enough. we had a good start
and fine initial laps. It was so most fun and during a certain indicate we was
battling with Toprak. We had some unequivocally good battles on track, it
went behind and brazen and we unequivocally enjoyed it. To finish a season
with third place is incredible, it is always good to finish a season
on a lectern and generally meaningful we had so most fun. we consider the
deteriorate has been utterly good though we wish to make stairs brazen this
winter to be means to quarrel for a lectern some-more mostly and also in a dry.”


Tom Sykes, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “It was
illusory to finally get behind in a racing arena. Honestly, after the
collision that we had and a mangle of 9 weeks to come behind here to
foe we consider was a high ask and operative with a guys is always
a pleasure. we got staid in right divided on a circuit in Mandalika.
They have finished a illusory job, so to come here to this good lane at
this venue during this partial of a universe is already a pleasure and, as the
weekend progressed, to validate on a second quarrel was already quite
good, we think. Into foe one, we got a good start and we were during the
behind of a heading garland though usually couldn’t conduct that with some
stipulations we had with a package so we unfortunately forsaken behind and
afterwards finished some mistakes myself. But per foe two, fantastic. The
aspect is good in a soppy conditions. There was another check but
there was good support from a throng in a grandstand and finally
we were means to get another foe in front of those guys. we consider it
was a good foe from a philharmonic indicate of view. we enjoyed a racing
and a hold a lane offering in a wet. In general, a 2021 season
was bitter-sweet for apparent reasons. At a start, we were not quite
where we indispensable to be in terms of growth and we had some issues,
though we still was a strongest BMW rider. Donington was good for me,
Mickey and BMW. This was substantially a prominence of a season.
Development was always difficult; we attempted to do that during the
events and foe during a same time though it’s always a pleasure to work
with a guys and we gave a best. When we came to a plan three
years ago, we assimilated a illusory code and we was happy to be partial of
a BMW team. We had some good success in a initial year considering
where we were at. In year two, we unfortunately had some technical
DNFs and stuff. Unfortunately, a usually regard we have in these three
years is that we don’t consider we ever got to see Tom Sykes’s full
intensity in a race. The usually glance we have ever seen was in
qualifying. But for me and a group and especially for BMW we was really
anticipating we could get a package so we could uncover my qualifying
opening over 21 laps. That is a biggest thing we have missed in
these 3 years though we tried, had some good results, and we have to
conclude everybody concerned for a efforts and conclude a work.”