PMSC: Lights-to-flag feat for Dylan Pereira in Belgium’s Ardennes

Race 7

“As a Luxembourger, this was a home competition for me. To win in front of my fans, partners and family feels fantastic. we done a slight mistake shortly before a end, though we managed to urge myself good from Ayhancan Güven,” pronounced Pereira.

Over a whole eleven-lap race, Pereira led a margin in his 485 hp Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. After a start, a 22-year-old primarily pulled transparent of his pursuers. Güven took adult a competition alongside Pereira on a initial grid row, though had to deflect off Evans when a lights went out. Over a march of a race, a Turkish rookie managed to shake Evans off and digest a opening to Pereira. Shortly before a finish, spectators in a Formula 1 grandstands were treated to some retaining action: In a final lap, Güven done several attempts to waylay a lead from Pereira. The vehicles touched, though Pereira hold clever and was a initial over a finish line. “My third lectern outcome so distant this deteriorate is terrific. we put a lot of vigour on Dylan Pereira towards a end, though he shielded himself brilliantly and deserved to win,” pronounced Güven.

Dylan Pereira withstood each conflict by Ayhancan Güven and shielded his initial position

Porsche Junior Evans was gay with his race, with a 22-year-old climbing a lectern for a initial time this deteriorate during a storied Belgian racetrack. “I’m unequivocally thrilled. My start was good and we managed to kick Larry 10 Voorde in a scurry to a initial corner,” announced Evans. Taking a dwindle behind a New Zealander were Larry 10 Voorde (NL/MRS GT-Racing), Florian Latorre (F/Fach Auto Tech) and Tio Ellinas (CY/Momo Megatron Lechner Racing).

A three-way quarrel ensued for seventh place on a 7.004-kilometre circuit. Ultimately, Jaap outpost Lagen (NL/martinet by ALMÉRAS) prevailed followed by a reigning Supercup champion Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing) and Porsche Junior Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing). “All in all it was a formidable weekend. The speed simply wasn’t there. In a competition we strong on progressing my position. Later, it got unequivocally heated among a midfielders,” settled Andlauer. Denmark’s Mikkel Pedersen (Dinamic Motorsport) dull off a tip 10 finishers. In a ProAm class, Roar Lindland (pierre martinet by ALMÉRAS) cumulative feat for a seventh time this season. In this classification, a Norwegian kick Philipp Sager (A/Dinamic Motorsport) and Clement Mateu (F/pierre martinet by ALMÉRAS).

After turn seven, a conditions in a championship continues to be cutthroat. Porsche Junior Andlauer stays in a lead with 92 points, though is tied for points with his teammate Ammermüller. Both have won dual rounds, though Andlauer has some-more second-place finishes to his credit. Third is assigned by Güven with 76 points. The youngster from Istanbul is also a best motorist in a rookie classification. In a ProAm class, Lindland ranks initial (120 points). For turn 8 of a deteriorate subsequent week (6-8 September), a Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup travels to a north of Milan. Gianmarco Quaresmini is quite looking brazen to a competition during a Royal Park of Monza. The 23-year-old Italian comes from Brescia and competes for Dinamic Motorsport, that is formed in a Italian provincial collateral Reggio Emilia.

Result Spa-Francorchamps, competition 7 of 10

1. Dylan Pereira (L/Momo Megatron Lechner Racing)
2. Ayhancan Güven (TR/martinet by ALMÉRAS)
3. Jaxon Evans (NZ/Fach Auto Tech)
4. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/MRS GT-Racing)
5. Florian Latorre (F/Fach Auto Tech)
6. Tio Ellinas (CY/Momo Megatron Lechner Racing)
7. Jaap outpost Lagen (NL/martinet by ALMÉRAS)
8. Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing)
9. Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing)
10. Mikkel Pedersen (DK/Dinamic Motorsport)

Points standings after 7 of 10 races

Drivers’ classification
1. Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing), 92 points
2. Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing), 92 points
3. Ayhancan Güven (TR/martinet by ALMÉRAS), 76 points


First ever stick position in a Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup for Dylan Pereira: At a Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in a Wallonia segment of Belgium, a 22-year-old clocked a fastest subordinate time on Saturday. “For a final 4 years I’ve dreamed about a stick position in a Supercup. It creates me even happier that we succeeded on my favourite racetrack. we got my tyres to a optimal heat and had frequency any trade in front of me. The conditions were perfect,” pronounced Pereira. Lining adult alongside a Luxembourger on a initial grid quarrel is Ayhancan Güven. Larry 10 Voorde planted his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup on position three.

Under blue skies and in temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius, Porsche Junior Jaxon Evans was a initial to uncover tip form: early in a subordinate session, a 22-year-old surfaced a time sheets on a 7.004-kilometre circuit. In a retaining final phase, however, Michael Ammermüller became a one to beat. The two-time Supercup champion remained during a tip of a margin until shortly before a finish of a 30-minute session. Switching to uninformed tyres, times tumbled among a 32-strong field, with one best path incited after a other. First 10 Voorde led a pack, followed by a rookie Güven. On his final prohibited lap, Pereira undercut both of his rivals with a time of 2:22.508 minutes, with a 22-year-old shred 0.227 seconds off Güven’s effort. “In a final dilemma we mislaid a small time unfortunately. Still, second place is a good outcome for a race,” pronounced Güven.

The best mark on a second grid quarrel is assigned by 10 Voorde. The Dutchman finished a Ardennes rollercoaster in a time of 2:22.744 minutes. “On my fastest path we got slight oversteer in Eau Rouge. With a perspective to a championship, it’s a good starting position,” pronounced 10 Voorde. Porsche Junior Evans was confident with fourth place. “I wasn’t totally happy with a giveaway practice, though we was extremely faster in a subordinate and I’m now looking brazen to a race,” pronounced a New Zealander. Ammermüller dull off a tip five. 

Position 6 is assigned by Tio Ellinas forward of Florian Latorre and Berkay Besler. The stream personality of a championship, Porsche Junior Julien Andlauer, finished a subordinate on P9. “Unfortunately, that was one of my weakest subordinate performances this season. Just as my temperatures were during a ideal heat we done several mistakes. We’ll now take a good demeanour during how we can improve. Still, a lot is probable and each indicate depends towards a championship,” settled Andlauer. Lining adult alongside him in tenth place is Jaap outpost Lagen. Pole position in a ProAm sequence was cumulative by a Norwegian Roar Lindland.

Round seven

Round 7 of a Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup gets underway on Sunday during 12.30pm internal time. Eurosport televises a competition live in over 60 countries. Sky covers a general one-make crater in Great Britain and Italy, with Sport1 broadcasting in Germany. Fans can also watch a competition live around a central Formula 1 streaming use (F1 TV).

Qualifying Spa-Francorchamps

1. Dylan Pereira (L/Momo Megatron Lechner Racing), 2:22.508 minutes
2. Ayhancan Güven (TR/martinet by ALMÉRAS), 2:22.735 minutes
3. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/MRS GT-Racing), 2:22.744 minutes
4. Jaxon Evans (NZ/Fach Auto Tech), 2:22.748 minutes
5. Michael Ammermüller (D/BWT Lechner Racing), 2:22.787 minutes
6. Tio Ellinas (CY/Momo Megatron Lechner Racing), 2:22.862 minutes
7. Florian Latorre (F/Fach Auto Tech), 2:22.866 minutes
8. Berkay Besler (TR/MRS GT-Racing), 2:22.915 minutes
9. Julien Andlauer (F/BWT Lechner Racing), 2:23.005 minutes
10. Jaap outpost Lagen (NL/martinet by ALMÉRAS), 2:23.068 minutes