PMSC: Laurin Heinrich and Leon Köhler secure positions one and dual during Zandvoort

The race

The dual Germans contest for a Nebulus Racing by Huber, that celebrates a entrance deteriorate in a general one-make crater with a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. Heinrich and Köhler even took adult a 16-lap competition on a Dutch Formula 1 circuit from a front grid row. At a flag, a 19-year-old from Würzburg and a 22-year-old from Kleinwallstadt in Franconia were a full 4 seconds forward of a posterior pack. 

“Pole position and attainment in a Supercup – what a ideal weekend. we was discreet with my tyres during a competition and managed to collect adult a gait a small whenever Leon got closer,” suggested Heinrich. “Laurin had a advantage in a quick corners, and we was softened in a slower ones, so we never unequivocally got a possibility to launch a critical attack. Still, I’m super happy with second place,” resolved Köhler. “As distant as I’m concerned, both are winners today,” pronounced group trainer Christoph Huber in regard of a pair. “We’ve usually softened given a commencement of a deteriorate and now we’ve been rewarded with a one-two outcome – I’m mega unapproachable of my squad.” 

For Oliver Schwab, Project Manager of a Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, a success for a Nebulus Racing by Huber group was serve explanation of a one-make cup’s winning formula: “We constantly essay to attract a best teams from a inhabitant Porsche Carrera Cups to a general Supercup. This plan has proven itself to be mark on again this year. Congratulations to Christoph Huber and his team.” 

Thanks to his lass Supercup victory, Heinrich has altered adult a leaderboard to arrange third altogether and has also extended his lead in a rookie standings. Nicolas Misslin (Pierre Martinet by Alméras) achieved a identical feat. The Monegasque won a ProAm difficulty for a fourth time and has so stretched his lead in this category. 

Behind Heinrich and Köhler, a Dinamic Motorsport motorist Simone Iaquinta distinguished his best Supercup outcome to date with third place. “I got off a line ideally and was means to immediately pass Ayhancan Güven. He afterwards pounded over a whole 16 laps though we didn’t let him clap me,” commented a fortifying champion of a Porsche Carrera Cup Italy. Porsche Junior Güven paid his respects: “Simone done a clever pierce during a start – after that, we had no genuine possibility to overtake. Still, I’m gratified to take home a points for fourth place,” emphasised a BWT Lechner Racing motorist from Turkey.

Points’ personality Larry 10 Voorde finished in fifth place. The favourite among a 10 thousands of Dutch fans was really gratified with his performance. “I pulled off a super overtaking stratagem opposite Dylan Pereira – that was illusory racing. Plus, we managed to extend my lead in a altogether sequence – what some-more could we want?” settled a reigning Supercup champion from a GP Elite squad. Jaxon Evans (Martinet by Alméras), 10 Voorde’s usually remaining opposition in a quarrel for a title, gifted a competition to forget. “I lacked a speed over a whole competition weekend. Now we have to spin my full courtesy to a culmination in Monza,” resolved a New Zealander, who finished in tenth place. As he heads to a doubleheader culmination in Italy, his opening to 10 Voorde is 25 points. 

Nevertheless, Evans could still explain a title: Fifty points are adult for grabs during a deteriorate culmination this entrance weekend – a Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup binds dual races as support to a Italian Grand Prix in Monza (10 to 12 Sep 2021).

Race 6 Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, 16 laps, Zandvoort (NL)

1. Laurin Heinrich (D/Nebulus Racing by Huber), 26:25.621 minutes
2. Leon Köhler (D/Nebulus Racing by Huber), +0.470 seconds
3. Simone Iaquinta (I/Dinamic Motorsport), +4.656 seconds
4. Ayhancan Güven (TR/BWT Lechner Racing), +5.257 seconds
5. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Team GP Elite), +6.158 seconds
6. Dylan Pereira (L/BWT Lechner Racing), +8.856 seconds

Overall sequence Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup after 6 of 8 races*

1. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Team GP Elite), 113 points
2. Jaxon Evans (NZ/Martinet by Alméras), 88 points
3. Laurin Heinrich (D/Nebulus Racing by Huber), 78 points
4. Leon Köhler (D/Nebulus Racing by Huber), 69 points
5. Ayhancan Güven (TR/BWT Lechner Racing), 54 points
6. Dylan Pereira (L/BWT Lechner Racing), 67 points

*Full formula and altogether classifications:

The qualifying

Surprise during a entrance of a Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup during a Circuit Zandvoort. The Nebulus Racing by Huber patrol has sealed out initial grid quarrel for spin 6 on a Formula 1 racetrack in a Netherlands. Laurin Heinrich from Germany, one of a rookies in a general one-make crater with a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, cumulative stick position, with a second grid mark claimed by his German teammate Leon Köhler. Taking adult a competition on Sunday from position 3 is Ayhancan Güven (BWT Lechner Racing). The Porsche Junior from Turkey shares a second grid quarrel with Italy’s Simone Iaquinta (Dinamic Motorsport). Larry 10 Voorde (Team GP Elite), a stream points’ leader, competent on fifth place. The Dutchman tackles a competition 4 places forward of his closest opposition in a quarrel for a title, New Zealander Jaxon Evans (Martinet by Alméras).

“That was a ideal qualifying. My second path was a fastest. we consider we would’ve been even quicker on a second set of tyres towards a finish of a session, though during that point, a lane was already really dirty,” pronounced polesetter Heinrich, describing a conditions of a totally renovated Formula 1 circuit during a North Sea coast. Almost each small mistake here ends adult in a sand trap. When a cars lapse to a track, they lift little pebbles with them, eventually compromising a hold of a tyres.

Heinrich’s teammate Köhler was one of a few drivers who managed to post a softened time on his second shot notwithstanding a deteriorating lane conditions. “I altered a setup of my automobile between a initial and second attempt. That worked most better,” suggested Köhler, who now ranks sixth in a standings. Porsche Junior Güven skeleton to launch a retaining three-way quarrel with a dual drivers from Nebulus Racing by Huber from third place: “Obviously we wanted more, though P3 is still a good starting position. Let’s see what we can do in a race.”

The subordinate event did not run too uniformly for championship personality Larry 10 Voorde. “We attempted something during a commencement and it didn’t work. We altered a setup and we managed to urge to fifth place on a dirtier lane – that roughly feels like stick position,” claimed a fortifying Supercup champion.

Laurin Heinrich creatively comes from a digital sim racing stage and contests his initial full deteriorate in a Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. The 19-year-old from a German city of Würzburg is one of a supposed rookies during a circle of a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup. These youngsters accept support from a Supercup organization via a season, that includes coaching and special aptness training. The rookies also accept tips and recommendation from gifted professionals, including winners of a Le Mans 24-hour race. At a finish of a year, not usually a fastest rookie is awarded. The Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup also gives a leader of an inner comment a possibility to take partial in training sessions and races on a Nürburgring-Nordschleife. The aim is to secure a accede to contest a 24-hour competition on a famous German racetrack.

A car that has already won a continuation classical on a perfectionist Nordschleife will be showcased to tens of thousands of fans during a Circuit Zandvoort this weekend. On Sunday, a Manthey Racing team’s Porsche 911 GT3-R – famous as “Grello” by fans – will spin demo laps with ancestral racing cars from a Porsche Museum and special Porsche highway cars on a Formula 1 circuit during a Dutch North Sea coast.


Round 6 of a Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup over 15 laps on a Zandvoort Formula One lane kicks off on Sunday (5 Sep 2021) during 12:10 pm CEST. The streaming use and several TV channels yield a live broadcast. For serve information on broadcasting stations visit:

Fans can also follow a Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup during any time on amicable networks Twitter (@PorscheSupercup / @PorscheRaces), Instagram (@PorscheSupercup) and Facebook (@PorscheSupercup).

Result Qualifying, spin 6 Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, Zandvoort (NL)

1. Laurin Heinrich (D/Nebulus Racing by Huber), 1:36.387 minutes
2. Leon Köhler (D/Nebulus Racing by Huber), +0.154 seconds
3. Ayhancan Güven (TR/BWT Lechner Racing), + 0.301 seconds
4. Simone Iaquinta (I/Dinamic Motorsport), + 0.334 seconds
5. Larry 10 Voorde (NL/Team GP Elite), + 0.334 seconds
6. Dylan Pereira (L/BWT Lechner Racing), + 0.398 seconds

Find a full subordinate outcome here.