Peter Gall Quintet wins BMW Welt Jazz Award 2020. The quintet prevailed opposite a Adam Bałdych Quartet during a symphony gymnasium during Gasteig. BMW Welt Jazz Award 2022 will be following a thesis “Key Position”.

Munich. At a final unison of a BMW Welt Jazz
Award 2020 reason on Friday evening, a Peter Gall Quintet won over the
award’s eminent jury. Together with saxophonist Wanja Slavin, Dutch
guitarist Reinier Baas, pianist Reiner Böhm and up-and-coming bassist
Felix Henkelhausen, drummer Peter Gall prevailed opposite a dam
Bałdych Quartet. Ilka Horstmeier, Member of a Board of Management of
BMW AG, presented a esteem together with Anton Biebl, Head of the
Department of Cultural Affairs of a state collateral Munich.

Following a thesis “The Melody during Night”, a concerts of a BMW
Welt Jazz Award 2020 were presented during BMW Welt’s double coned
structure and for a initial time on Tuesday evenings. Having been
deferred for over a year due to a tellurian pandemic, a final
unison of a BMW Welt Jazz Award 2020 now took place during the
symphony gymnasium during Gasteig, interjection to a city of Munich.

The consultant jury said: “Both finalists convincingly brought a motto
‘The Melody during Night’ of this BMW Welt Jazz Award book to life with
a personal turn of their own. Adam Bałdych has once again proven to
be a technically and stylistically singular violinist. And a drummer
Peter Gall, who has already shown his luminosity in so many ways while
participating in a projects of others, has proven to be an
superb composer and good rope personality with his really initial work of
his own. Together with his dream team, a all-star quintet starring
Rainer Böhm, Reinier Baas, Wanja Slavin and Felix Henkelhausen, Gall
generates a undoubted intoxication of sound. As formidable and
companion a strain structures are, they are simultaneously
powerful, sparkling and simply combined to take in and enjoy. Many
elements upsurge into this try – and all fits together
fantastically as good as harmoniously. A genuine somnambulistic
‘Dreambox’ as a manuscript is titled. A sorcery box so stirring and
moving that a jury would like to honour Peter Gall and his
quintet for winning a BMW Welt Jazz Award 2020.”

Peter Gall Quintet perceived a esteem income of 10,000 Euro as good as
a prize designed by BMW Design. The curtain adult Adam Bałdych Quartet
was awarded 5,000 Euro.

In serve to a endowment and upheld by a jazz award’s partner
Bayerischer Hof, a public’s favorite was also selected. Based on
assembly votes during any performance, Adam Bałdych Quartet vehement the
guest and will therefore accept an disdainful opening during the
Night Club of a Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich.

Ilka Horstmeier, Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG,
Director of Hu-man Resources and Labour Relations, praised a skills
of a finalists: “I am gay that we were now means to reason the
final unison of a BMW Welt Jazz Award 2020 this year and celebrate
a winner. My fullest congratulations to a Peter Gall Quintet. I
would also like to appreciate a long-standing partners, generally the
state collateral Munich. Together with them, a BMW Group stands for
trustworthiness and takes a amicable and informative responsibilities
severely for already 50 years now.Therefore, it gives me great
pleasure that a BMW Welt Jazz Award will also be continued next
year. Following a thesis ‘Key Position’, a BMW Welt Jazz Award will
concentration on one of a characterizing instruments of jazz music: the
piano. It has been personification an critical purpose and has been inspiring
audiences from a really commencement with ragtime and boogie woogie over
good bigband pianists and legends of complicated jazz until now.”

“I can't consider of a city’s informative life but a BMW Welt Jazz
Award anymore. The array of concerts during BMW Welt with high-ranking
jazz ensembles gives giveaway entrance to thousands of song fans for many
years now. we am really beholden to a partner BMW for their good and
continual informative rendezvous over all those years. It fills me with
fun that by providing a symphony gymnasium for this year’s final
concert, a vast assembly could be a partial of it following the
required COVID regulations,” pronounced Anton Biebl, Head of a Department
of Cultural Affairs of a state collateral Munich.

Different from a prior years, there were usually 5 instead of
6 performances given by eminent ensembles from around a universe in
a double coned structure of BMW Welt in Jan and Feb 2020.
Besides a dual finalists, a musicians personification in a double cone
structure of BMW Welt were: Cecilie Grundt Quintet (Norway), the
Andrea Hermenau Quintet (Germany) and Reis/Demuth/Wiltgen
(Luxembourg). The sixth unison with a Giovanni Guidi Quintet
(Italy) had to be cancelled due to associated measures taken to control
a aurora virus. The Italian jazz pianist and his quintet will now
perform during BMW Welt Jazz Award 2022 following a thesis “Key Position”.

The leader of a BMW Welt Jazz Award 2020 was comparison by a
top-class jury of creditable jazz experts and connoisseurs. Chaired by
Oliver Hochkeppel (music and enlightenment match with Süddeutsche
Zeitung), a row members were: Roland Spiegel (music editor and
jazz dilettante with a Bavarian broadcaster BR-KLASSIK), Andreas
Kolb (editor-in-chief of and nmz – neue musikzeitung),
Heike Lies (musicologist with a Music and Musical Theatre Division
of a City of Munich’s Department of Culture), and Christiane
Böhnke-Geisse (artistic executive of a general jazz festival
Bingen swingt).

This year a BMW Welt Jazz Awards benefited from a kind support of
nmz – neue musikzeitung, a Department of Cultural Affairs of the
state collateral Munich, a eminent Munich oppulance hotel Bayerischer Hof
and a Munich radio hire egoFM.


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