Paving a approach for tolerable mobility: bp, BMW Group and Daimler Mobility announce successful shutting of transaction that creates bp third shareholder of Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS)

  • DCS offers attention streamer solutions to yield EV drivers with
    seamless entrance to some-more than 300,000 charging points in 30
  • bp will yield DCS business entrance to an additional 9,000
    charging points opposite Europe including ultra-fast charging and
    together with DCS, will rise new integrated offers for fleets –
    including fuel and assign services
  • Globally, bp aims to grow its network of open EV charging
    points by 2030 to over 70,000 worldwide


London/Munich/Stuttgart. bp has turn a third
shareholder of Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS) following the
successful shutting of a MA transaction. bp gained a 33.3% stake
as partial of a collateral increase. BMW Group and Daimler Mobility AG
sojourn shareholders owning a 33.3% interest each.

Electrification is during a heart of bp’s proceed to mobility. All
3 shareholders of DCS share an aspiration to expostulate electrification
brazen and pave a approach for tolerable mobility.  bp is rapidly
flourishing a charging businesses around a universe and aims to have over
70,000 open assign points by 2030.

DCS’s services are essential for a foundation strategies of
a automotive industry. The association works with reward and high
volume OEMs to confederate a charging solutions into a vehicles’
handling systems and a OEMs’ digital ecosystems. Digital Charging
Solutions GmbH stands behind a CHARGE NOW code in a YOUR NOW
Joint Ventures of BMW Group and Daimler Mobility AG and operates
charging services such as “Mercedes me Charge”, “BMW Charging” and
“MINI Charging”.

DCS already provides unequaled entrance to charging infrastructure with
a coverage of some-more than 85% in 29 European countries.

Following a successful transaction, EV drivers can demeanour brazen to
extended coverage and charging preference as they benefit entrance to an
additional 9,000 quick and ultra-fast charging points (more than
150kw) by bp’s European charging network – Aral Pulse in Germany
and bp beat in a UK. Both bp and DCS will yield entrance to
modernized charging services such as Plug Charge that enables a
seamless charging knowledge shortening a need for apps or charging
cards – primarily accessible on Aral Pulse ultra-fast chargers in
Germany from Q1 2022.  

And to support a transition of businesses and fleets to electric
mobility, business business can design entrance to a 360° resolution for
electric and hybrid fleets that includes new and innovative charging
services over fueling, ringing and soaking offers.

Richard Bartlett, bp comparison clamp president, destiny mobility
solutions said: “Our aim is to make charging as accessible as
refuelling during a siphon – fast, arguable and rarely integrated with the
car handling complement to yield a good patron experience. We’re
vehement to have finished this transaction and demeanour brazen to working
with a partners to continue to yield EV drivers with entrance to
accessible charging where they need it.”

„We are gratified to acquire bp as a clever partner who shares our
prophesy to pull electrification. By combining this strategic
partnership with one of a biggest appetite companies in a world,
we will yield drivers with augmenting entrance to a accessible and
seamless charging ecosystem wherever and whenever they need it,
contributing to a electric mutation of a society”,”
pronounced Gero Götzenberger, Director for Strategy and Digital Mobility
Solutions, Daimler Mobility AG.

“This partnership brings a streamer charging network a outrageous step
forward. Especially a foundation of fleets and swift management
will see a extensive boost – we will jointly expostulate innovation,
boost a patron concentration and accelerate CO2 reduction.
We acquire bp as a clever and on-going partner”, adds Rainer
Feurer, Senior Vice President of Investments during a BMW Group. 

Jörg Reimann, CEO Digital Charging Solutions GmbH: “We are really
vehement to have bp as vital partner and shareholder during a same
time. Our business models are rarely complementary. We yield access
to a largest network of charging points in Europe – now we are
conceptualizing and delivering higher services for a stream and destiny customers.”






Daimler Mobility AG:
Michael Kuhn, +49 160 861 4768, [email protected]

BMW Group:
Dr. Britta Ullrich, +49 151 601 18 364, [email protected]


bp press bureau London, [email protected] Switchboard: +44 (0)
207-496-4000; Tel: +44 (0) 207-496-4076 or +44 7919 217511


Digital Charging Solutions GmbH:
Meret Ginten, +49 160 967 488
79, [email protected]



Further information from Daimler is accessible at: and


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tellurian mercantile conditions, in sole a decrease of approach in our
many critical markets; a decrease of a refinancing
possibilities on a credit and financial markets; events of force
majeure including healthy disasters, pandemics, acts of terrorism,
domestic unrest, armed conflicts, industrial accidents and their
effects on a sales, purchasing, prolongation or financial services
activities; changes in banking sell rates and tariff regulations;
a change in consumer preferences towards smaller, lower-margin
vehicles; a probable miss of acceptance of a products or services
that boundary a ability to grasp prices and sufficient implement our
prolongation capacities; cost increases for fuel or tender materials;
intrusion of prolongation due to shortages of materials, labor strikes
or retailer insolvencies; a decrease in resale prices of used vehicles;
a effective doing of cost-reduction and
efficiency-optimization measures; a business opinion for companies
in that we reason a poignant equity interest; a successful
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relating to car emissions, fuel economy and safety; a resolution
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refurbish these forward-looking statements given they are formed only on
a resources during a date of publication.

Daimler Mobility during a Glance
In further to
Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG, Daimler Mobility AG is one of
a 3 business groups of Daimler AG. It has about 11,650
employees and specializes in financial and mobility solutions. Its
products operation from leasing, financing, and word products to
innovative swift government systems and app-based mobility services.
As a financial services provider, a business multiplication supports the
sales of a Daimler Group’s automotive brands worldwide. In Germany,
Mercedes-Benz Bank AG, partial of a Daimler Mobility division, is one
of a country’s streamer automotive banks. It provides around one
million business with financial space as good as call-money and
fixed-interest-rate accounts in a approach banking business. The
product operation is supplemented by stretchable mobility services such as
Mercedes-Benz Rent and EQ subscriptions, that capacitate an uncomplicated
and stretchable entrance into electro mobility. Through a subsidiary
Athlon, Daimler Mobility is represented in a blurb fleet
government shred as good as in car leasing in Europe. The
association manages some-more than 400,000 vehicles in total. As a strategic
investor, Daimler Mobility also participates in a business potential
of digital mobility solutions by a holdings. The concentration is on
a impasse in a YOUR NOW corner ventures, that are grouped into
CHARGE NOW. These pillars mix ride-hailing, carsharing, and
parking services with multimodal platforms and a charging of
electric vehicles. Daimler Mobility’s portfolio also contains holdings
in a limousine ride-hailing use StarRides in China and the
chauffeur and concierge use provider Blacklane. In 2020, Daimler
Mobility financed or leased around 50 percent of a vehicles sole by
Daimler worldwide. This corresponds to a agreement volume of €150.6
billion. In 2020, a business multiplication generated income of €27.7
billion and achieved EBIT of €1.4 billion. Daimler Mobility operates
in 39 countries.




BMW Group
With a 4 brands BMW, MINI,
Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, a BMW Group is a world’s leading
reward manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles and also provides
reward financial and mobility services. The BMW Group production
network comprises 31 prolongation and public comforts in 15
countries; a association has a tellurian sales network in some-more than 140
In 2020, a BMW Group sole over 2.3 million
newcomer vehicles and some-more than 169,000 motorcycles worldwide. The
distinction before taxation in a financial year 2020 was € 5.222 billion on
revenues amounting to € 98.990 billion. As of 31 Dec 2020, the
BMW Group had a workforce of 120,726 employees.
The success of
a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term meditative and
obliged action. The association set a march for a destiny during an
early theatre and consistently creates sustainability and efficient
apparatus government executive to a vital direction, from the
supply sequence by prolongation to a finish of a use proviso of all


bp’s purpose is to reimagine appetite for people and a planet. It has
set out an aspiration ‎to be a net 0 association by 2050, or earlier and
assistance a universe get to net zero, and a ‎strategy for delivering on that
ambition. Electrification is during a heart of bp’s preference and
mobility plan and a association aims to grow a network of public
EV charging points by 2030 to over 70,000 worldwide. They currently
have around 9,000 charging points in Europe and a UK network bp
beat is already a many used EV charging network in a UK. The
association is also fast flourishing a network of ultra-fast chargers and
skeleton to have around 250 ultra-fast chargers handling during bp retail
sites in a UK and 500 ultra-fast charging points opposite a Aral
sell sites in Germany by year end.. Its patron and products
multiplication has over 20,000 branded sell sites in 21 countries and more
than 11.5 million patron touchpoints per day. For some-more information

About Digital Charging Solutions GmbH

Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS) develops charging solutions for
vehicle manufacturers and swift operators, creation it one of the
world’s many critical drivers of a transition to electromobility.
The full-service white tag solutions of DCS concede OEMs and fleet
operators to comprehend their electromobility strategies, since with
integrated digital solutions, a association creates charging during charging
stations easy, protected and comfortable. With  some-more than 300,000 charging
points in 30 markets and cross-border charging, Digital Charging
Solutions GmbH offers entrance to a largest charging network in
Europe. Since a commencement of 2019, Digital Charging Solutions GmbH
has been partial of a mobility corner try between a BMW Group and
Daimler AG. CHARGE NOW is a code of DCS and partial of this joint
venture, that aims to strengthen tolerable mobility worldwide
together with a other verticals FREE NOW, SHARE NOW and REACH NOW.