Pack Mentality: Chevrolet’s Tips for Travelling with a Pet

Pack Mentality: Chevrolet’s Tips for Travelling with a Pet






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Oshawa, Ontario (Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014) – Michael Morgan of Seattle has a really elementary order when it comes to travel: If his dog Myles, a 25-pound Puggle, isn’t welcome, conjunction is he.

The 35-year-old genuine estate investment executive is among a 62 percent of Americans who possess during slightest one pet, according to a Humane Society of a United States, and interjection to a common $50 billion they spend annually on their four-legged family members, destinations once off boundary now acquire respectful pets.

In fact, a investigate final year by AAA and a vital hotel sequence suggested some-more than half of U.S. dog and cat owners pronounced they take their cats and dogs when they travel.

So either it’s a scenic colour debate or a holiday tarry to relatives, it’s reigning cats and dogs in Chevrolets this fall.

Before we go, there are some things to cruise according to pet experts.

Travelling with dogs

Not all canines can hoop highway trips, so it’s best to take a few use runs before a vital journey.

Restrain dogs during automobile trips for their reserve and yours. Options embody restraints, pet carriers and load barriers. The Chevrolet Equinox’s atmospheric load area can accommodate a good-size pet conduit and consumers can find specialized pet restraints for use in behind seats. Never let a pet float in front since it could be severely harmed or killed if an atmosphere bag deploys.

  • As with children, never leave any pet alone in a car. On a warm, balmy day, even with a windows open, a parked automobile can turn dangerously prohibited in no time, and heatstroke can develop. In cold weather, pets can knowledge hyperthermia. Furthermore, unattended pets can be stolen. If we see a pet in distress, Equinox owners with active OnStar can warning a authorities or animal control.
  • For dogs with stress issues or who bellow a lot, try a gnaw provide to keep them occupied. Chewing and beating are really balmy to dogs, and might assistance yours relax. The discretionary cargo organizer in a Equinox has space for toys and treats, as do a mixed storage pockets in a doors.
  • Identify dog-friendly restaurants, hotels and dog parks on your transport route. For OnStar subscribers, an confidant can assistance locate pet-friendly establishments.
  • Some people snacks – like chocolate – can be deadly to dogs. If your dog gets into something dangerous, OnStar can bond we with Poison Control or send we to a nearest puncture vet.
  • Once we strech your destination, safeguard that your dog is kept on a control during all times as a new vicinity can be treacherous to your pet.  Keeping a dog leashed will safeguard a reserve until a new vicinity turn some-more familiar.

Before a fur flies

Here are some prep stairs to assistance safeguard a good trip.

  • Make certain your pet is stream on vaccinations and, depending on where you’re headed, get additional ones to strengthen opposite new threats such as dog Lyme disease. Find and module a series of a 24-hour puncture vet. That way, he or she is no some-more than a voice authority away, interjection to a Equinox’s accessible MyLink infotainment complement when interconnected with a concordant mobile device.
  • In box we turn distant from your pet, lift a stream photo. A microchip is also a good idea, as good as a collar with a dungeon number. Never concede your dog to leave a automobile but a collar, ID tab and leash.

Travelling with cats

Scratch these equipment off a list before we transport with felines:

  • Use a pet conduit or load barrier. Unrestrained pets can be harmed in a pile-up or poise a risk of damage to other automobile occupants.
  • Familiarize your automobile by permitting your cat to impertinence massage and spread its scent.  Or try fixation a bed, sweeping or a towel inside a car.
  • Consider make-up a unstable spawn box, collapsible food and H2O bowls and sly initial assist kits. An aged scratching post we won’t mind dispatch can also assistance keep cats calm.
  • To assistance forestall dehydration, generally on summer trips, try frozen a play of H2O that cats can lick to keep cool. It is a reduction disorderly choice for roving with water.  ​
  • If your pet can’t join you, a behind newcomer can video discuss behind home or to a kennel, pleasantness of a accessible built-in OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot tie in a 2015 Equinox. Up to 7 concordant inclination can bond to a 4G LTE tie during one time, permitting a whole family to check in.

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