Yves Ouellette’s 2013 Mustang Boss 302 always gets noticed. Its colour — Gotta Have It Green — along with its powerful, roaring Coyote Engine, make sure the Boss gets respect on the roads. Out of the 482 models built in this clover-like colour, Yves owns the last one off the production line. Maybe it’s the Luck of the Irish?

Factory certification for the Boss

East Coast beginnings

Yves grew up in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, and has always had an affinity for the blue oval. “Even when I was a young kid, I always liked Mustangs and certain Fords,” Yves said. “The style was there and to my taste.”

This might come as a surprise, as Yves’ father was always a Chevy boy. “But over the years, we got him converted over to Fords as well,” said Yves with a laugh.

An epic collection

Yves says his Ford journey started in 1978 when he bought a brand-new Thunderbird. That same year he also bought a Ford Granada. Since then, Yves claims the number of Ford vehicles he has owned is “in the 50s.”

When it comes to choosing his Fords, Yves said, “A lot of it has to do with the dealership that has helped with the service, maintenance and their accountability for the vehicle.” He has very high praise for the Marigold Ford dealership in Whitby, Ont.


Yves’ favourite Ford to date is his current 2013 Boss 302. “So far, it’s captured my heart.  … Well, my ’72 Boss 429 is also in that category too!” he says.

The 2013 Boss is Yves sixth Mustang. Model years of his other Mustangs are 1968, 1972, 1999, 2005 and 2012.

The Mustangs in the stable … or driveway, if you will. “From the classic Mustangs to now, there is a big difference in the ride,” Yves says. “I still like the early-style Mustang, but ride wise, the newer ones are a lot more comfortable.”

There’s some serious power in there

The best game you can name

A true Canadian, Yves is passionate about hockey. As a youth he moved to Ontario to play with the Barrie Flyers (now Barrie Colts) for two seasons. After his playing days, Yves served in the Armed Forces until 1976, and then worked for Ontario Hydro (known today as Ontario Power Generation). Yves still maintains his love for hockey and volunteers as a referee at Future Stars minor hockey games in his free time.

Driving funds through Cruise Nights

Yves has found a great way to combine his two passions – cars and philanthropy.  Four years ago he took over the Road Legends Cruisers (Southern Chapter) Cruise Ins. In addition to showcasing their classic cars, participants of the Cruise Ins help to raise money for Grandview Children’s Centre. Last summer, the Road Legend Cruisers raised $7,200 for the centre, which supports children with special needs.

“Once (giving back) gets in your blood, it’s like an addiction,” says Yves. “I’ve met so many generous people, its unbelievable! They put a lot of money into their cars but they still give back to the charity. It’s a big family, a real big family.”

Wearing the Green

By owning a 2013 Mustang Boss, Yves is “wearing the green.”

“It’s a number car, it’s the last one being built, and they are not building anymore after this year!”