After he opened his HomeLife Capital Realty in Ottawa in 2009, Shane Silva needed a suitable vehicle. He found that in his 2008 F-150 FX4.

Armed with ample cargo space and versatility, the truck also plays an important role advertising for the company. Wrapped in the HomeLife Capital Realty logo, Shane’s truck makes a huge statement.

“When people see a truck like that driving around, they know we’re pretty serious about our business,” he says.

F-150 Hood

Shane’s truck makes a statement

Ford Fits

There also might be an underlying reason why Shane chose the truck for his business – his wife Lesley is a “truck girl.” When the pair first met, in 1986, Shane owned a 1982 F-150 Lariat. At the time, Lesley had said to Shane, “One of the best things about you is your Ford truck.”

Shane and Lesley have been married for 24 years now and have two daughters, Kaitlynn and Deana, who are both Air Cadets. The truck is comfortable for everybody, including Flash and Nibs, the family’s Boston Terriers.

It started with a 1984 Mustang GT…

Shane has had a relationship with Ford since he first started driving.

“My dad owned Buicks and Oldsmobiles,” he said, “(But) my first brand-new car was a Ford Mustang GT. I bought it in 1984. That was a very fast car – It was red with a black stripe.”

Advertising on-the-go

Used in local parades, Shane calls his truck “a rolling billboard.” Because of that, Shane says he has to be a role model on the road. And with such model citizen driving habits, it’s fitting that the charity of choice for Shane’s brokerage is the National Capital Area Crime Stoppers.

“We wanted to do something more local, we wanted to help out in our area,” he says. “Crime Stoppers were looking for some help and support. Not only financially but some help on the ground. The goal of the HomeLife Capital Realty Brokerage in Ottawa is to help keep the community safe.”

The tailgate of Shane’s truck even says that Homelife Capital Realty is a proud sponsor of Crime Stoppers.

F-150 tailgate

Shane refers to his truck as a “rolling billboard.”


While most despise driving in the winter, his F-150 allows Shane to enjoy it.

“Winter here is the best,” he says. “We have some pretty wicked snow storms here in the winter and the snow gets pretty high in some places. Having the 4×4 is pretty awesome!”

During a recent trip to Home Depot, Shane and Lesley weren’t planning on buying a snow blower, but it happened to be on sale. They purchased it and packed it in the back of the truck. “I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing,” Shane said. “Impulse buying when you have the space to bring it home. It’s super, super convenient.”

Customer Service

Because he owns his own company, Shane knows all about good customer service. And that’s what he got at Rockland Ford. “I actually have a lot of friends who work for Rockland Ford. The folks there are super, super helpful. Not only do they do the work but they clean the vehicle too – they’re just exceptional. It’s worth the drive.”

Part of the Family

For Shane, Ford has become part of his family. “Ford trucks have been around the time we first started. Lesley and I have been married for 24 years now and one of the first things she liked about me was my Ford truck.

“We’ve always had a place in our hearts for pickup trucks.”