Armed with a restless spirit, Marjorie Coakwell is wide-eyed and full of big dreams. For 26 years, Marjorie served and protected fellow Canadians as a Major with the Canadian Forces. This included a stint in Afghanistan. After recently retiring, Major Coakwell was presented with the Governor General’s Order of Military Merit.

Marjorie is currently enrolled full-time at Algonquin College and continues to pursue her career as an author. For someone with such a dynamic personality, the 2013 Ford Fiesta is the perfect fit!

Afghanistan Tour of Duty

While Marjorie’s husband, Rod – who is also with the Canadian Forces – was stationed in Afghanistan on a 13-month tour, her stepson was involved in an accident with her Toyota. At the time of the accident, Rod was four months into his tour and instead of replacing her car, Marjorie wanted to drive her husband’s 2008 F-150 Super Cab.

“It was when I was driving his truck that I felt closest to him,” Marjorie said. “We could talk on the phone but, in long-distance calling, there is always a delay. I could drive his truck around and feel like he was with me. It’s such a big truck and especially during the winter I could drive around and feel so safe.”

Shopping Around

With Marjorie’s husband away, she had a year to think about what her replacement vehicle would be. She loved the service she received with her husband’s truck at the local Ford dealership, where she said she was treated like “royalty.”

Marjorie spent some time test-driving import small cars such as the Mini Cooper, but came to realize that “for the same amount of money, I could get a lot more in a domestic vehicle. That was really the mindset when I started looking. I was blown away by the Fiesta.”

“I’ve gone from one extreme to the other and am totally comfortable in both. They both look great in our driveway.”

A Perfect Pair

How well does Marjorie’s Ford Fiesta complement her? “Perfectly! It’s sporty, young at heart, ready to go,” she said. “It has all the features, it suits my creativity. I’m adventurous and spontaneous and so is my car!”

With a racing leather interior and sunroof, Marjorie’s Fiesta “gets a lot of looks!”

What’s in a name?

Marjorie loves giving the special people in her life nicknames, which is why she had to find a name to personalize her Fiesta. “I was running through names and I have a girlfriend who has a daughter named Celeste. I just thought… Celesta! That works and it suits her!”

Future Plans

Marjorie and Rod have started to plan their future together, which will commence after Rod retires in less than two years. They plan on taking both of their Fords to Newfoundland, where Rod originally hails from. It’s a place that Marjorie says, “I fell in love with the first time I stepped out onto the island.” They plan on building their future home there and opening a Yacht Club. Marjorie says, “I’ve done the complicated, I’ve done the fast lane, and now I’m ready for something quiet.”

Marjorie expressed how travelling overseas with the Canadian Forces has made both her and her husband appreciative for the lives they have in Canada. “It changes your whole outlook on life … and when you get back you want to drive a really great car.”