Open-top pushing fun in extroverted style: The new MINI Sidewalk Convertible.

Munich. Winter is on us and subsequent open is already
being awaited with good anticipation. MINI is doing a share in this
honour and presents a quite disdainful event to enjoy
pushing pleasure but a bound roof over your head. With its
particular pattern and apparatus features, a new MINI Convertible
Sidewalk offers ideal conditions for creation an extroverted appearance
in civic traffic. The innovative and precisely concurrent colour and
element judgment of a new book indication sets uninformed highlights for
particular impression and extemporaneous joie de vivre. The new MINI
Convertible Sidewalk will be accessible worldwide from Mar 2020.
There are 3 engine versions for a book indication of a open-top
reward tiny car.

Variants of a extraneous paintwork, soothing tip design, edge styling and
interior apparatus grown generally for a book model, as well
as countless specific pattern accents, give a new MINI Convertible
Sidewalk a observable charisma. The fluent extraneous and the
stylish ambience in a interior make for a quite romantic and
hallmark MINI alfresco experience. With a MINI Convertible Sidewalk,
a normal British reward automobile manufacturer has once again
total an appealing multiple of MINI customary go-kart feeling and
disdainful aptitude to yield a singular open-top pushing experience. An
book indication of a same name of a initial open-top MINI generation
already heightened open-top pushing fun considerably. The direct
prototype of a stream open-top four-seater, a MINI Convertible
Highgate, also ranks among a tip indication highlights of a British
reward brand. 

Exclusive paintwork, singular soothing tip design, special light
amalgamate wheels.

In a stream era too, a MINI Convertible is a only
open-top indication in a reward tiny automobile segment. In serve to its
well-developed position in a automotive market, a new MINI
Convertible Sidewalk also offers an additional hold of exclusivity. Thanks
to a Deep Laguna lead physique paint finish presented for a first
time with a book model, it is now recognisable. The
fluent blue tinge accentuates a absolute surfaces of a vehicle
quite intensively. The sporty impression of a open four-seater
is additionally emphasised by a model-specific carp stripes with
resisting colour edges. On request, a extraneous paintwork Midnight
Black metallic, White Silver metallic, Enigmatic Black metallic,
Moonwalk Grey lead and Thunder Grey lead are also available
for a new MINI Convertible Sidewalk. The extraneous counterpart caps are
always embellished in physique colour.
The MINI Yours Softtop
Sidewalk offers insurance opposite flood or when a object is
simply violence down too strongly. The chronicle of a entirely automatic
weave soothing top, specifically designed for a book model, that can
be non-stop or sealed electrically and roughly silently in 18 seconds,
facilities an artistically woven-in arrow striking in a particularly
high-quality finish customary of MINI Yours. The 17 in. light-alloy
Scissor Spoke 2-tone wheels of a new MINI Convertible Sidewalk are
also a model-specific pattern feature. A serve grant to the
model’s observable coming is done by a side indicator bezels,
famous as side scuttles, that bear a “Sidewalk” indication designation.

Characteristic interior ambience: disdainful MINI Yours leather
upholstery, specific interior surfaces.

The book indication facilities brushed aluminium doorway sills temperament the
“Sidewalk” lettering. Inside, a occupants lay on seats in
a disdainful MINI Yours Leather Lounge Sidewalk variant. Their
anthracite-coloured leather surfaces are total with contrasting
seams in Petrol and Energetic Yellow. In addition, braided piping in
Petrol and a “Sidewalk” trademark supplement touches of individual
style. The doormats have relating dim Petrol surrounds and Energetic
Yellow seams.

The interior surfaces of a new MINI Convertible Sidewalk also have
a model-specific design. The backlit musical trim on a passenger
side in Piano Black is total with accents in petrol and silver. In
addition, a elliptical doorway trim is in Petrol. The sports leather
steering circle with a watchful “Sidewalk” trademark during the
bottom and resisting seams is a serve prominence in book model’s interior.

In and with a Sidewalk Chili apparatus package, a edition
indication also facilities LED headlamps, LED haze lamps, a interior
lighting package as good as a MINI Driving Modes, involuntary air
conditioning, a height-adjustable front newcomer chair and a storage package.

Driving fun done to measure: Three engines to select from.

The expostulate operation for a new MINI Convertible Sidewalk is done adult of
3 petrol engines with MINI TwinPower Turbo technology. The new
MINI One Convertible Sidewalk (combined fuel consumption: 5.5 – 5.4
l/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 125 – 122 g/km) generates an output
of 75 kW/102 hp from a 1.5 litre 3-cylinder engine. The new MINI
Cooper Convertible Sidewalk (combined fuel consumption: 5.4 – 5.1
l/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 123 – 116 g/km) is also powered by a
1.5 litre 3-cylinder engine that produces 100 kW/136 hp of power. The
141 kW/192 hp 4-cylinder engine of a new MINI Cooper S Convertible
Sidewalk provides a sportiest uninformed atmosphere knowledge (fuel consumption
combined: 6.5 – 5.4 l/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 147 – 123 g/km.

All engines are total with a 6-speed primer gearbox as standard. A
7-speed Steptronic delivery with double purchase is optionally
accessible for a new MINI Cooper Convertible Sidewalk and a new
MINI Cooper S Convertible Sidewalk. Alternatively, a new MINI Cooper
S Convertible Sidewalk can also be versed with a 7-speed Steptronic
Sport delivery with double clutch, that provides even faster gear
shifts and can also be operated regulating paddles on a steering wheel.
As a serve serve to a customary equipment, a far-reaching operation of
options is accessible for all engine variants of a book indication to
yield additional comfort, pushing fun and extemporaneous alfresco pleasure.


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