Only Oprah could give away cars that don’t even exist yet.

Many of you may know that the current VW Beetle is one of Oprahs favorite things. But did she get mad about the upcoming end to its reign? No. She did what Oprah would do. She gave her entire audience keys to its successor: the yet-to-be-released, more aggressive 2012 VW Beetle.

Everybody and their grandma has a Beetle story. Its a living icon. So the next chapter in its redesign is no simple task. And the designers at VW didnt make it easy on themselves, choosing to evolve the vehicle into a true German-engineered performance driving machine. The 2012 VW Beetle sheds its cute look in favor of a more aggressive stance, a beefed-up engine and sleeker lines. Not to mention it sports modern driving technologies like Bluetooth, touchscreen radio, a Fender Premium Audio System, navigation and unique ambient lighting to provide a heightened driving experience.

And since the actual image of this new, high-performance Volkswagen Beetle is still under lock and key, the audience had to make due with its decidedly sportier silhouette and an IOU. Judging by crowd reaction (think: a pack of dogs), they didnt seem to mind.

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