One-two outcome for BMW during a 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps – Walkenhorst Motorsport wins forward of ROWE Racing.

Spa-Francorchamps. After a long, tough 24-hour race, there was
uncontrollable fun for a BMW teams. Walkenhorst Motorsport and ROWE
Racing available a one-two outcome for BMW during a 70th
book of a 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps (BEL). BMW works
drivers Philipp Eng (AUT) and Tom Blomqvist (GBR) surfaced a podium
with their team-mate Christian Krognes (NOR), triumphing after 511
laps in a #34 BMW M6 GT3. This was a lass Spa feat for the
Walkenhorst Motorsport team, that was competing in a PRO Cup for
a initial time.


The ROWE Racing #99 BMW M6 GT3 crossed a line 10 seconds after the
leader to explain second place. The 3 BMW works drivers Jens
Klingmann (GER), Alexander Sims (GBR) and Nick Catsburg (NED) rounded
off a one-two outcome for BMW. This success outlines a 24th
altogether win for BMW during a 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, and the
initial one-two outcome given 1997. BMW is by distant a many successful
code in a story of a mythological race. BMW has claimed 3 wins
in a final 4 races during Spa (2015, 2016 and 2018).


This year’s competition was characterised by countless yellow dwindle and safety
automobile periods, and was red-flagged for scarcely dual hours after a serious
night accident. The ROWE Racing #98 BMW M6 GT3 started from
27th position and was also concerned in a conflict for
feat for a substantial period. However, Marco Wittmann (GER),
Jesse Krohn (FIN) and BMW Motorsport Junior Ricky Collard (GBR) had to
retire overnight due to a technical issue. The fourth BMW M6 GT3 to
compete, a #36 Walkenhorst Motorsport car, was in movement in a AM
Cup. The pushing party of Henry Walkenhorst (GER), Ralf Oeverhaus
(GER), Anders Buchardt (NOR) and Immanuel Vinke (GER) cumulative fifth
place in category and finished 38th overall.


Reactions to a 24-hour competition during Spa-Francorchamps:


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):

“Congratulations to a Walkenhorst Motorsport group on their victory
in a 24-hour competition during Spa-Francorchamps. After 2016, this is now the
second time that a BMW M6 GT3 valid unbeatable during a world’s
largest GT race. We are unequivocally unapproachable of this – once again, it underlines
a competitiveness of a GT3  – a flagship in a patron racing
range. This 24th delight has cemented a position as the
many successful manufacturer by distant during a Spa 24-hour race. we was
quite tender by a approach in that Philipp Eng, Tom Blomqvist
and Christian Krognes cumulative their victory. Just like a whole crew,
this contingent finished no mistakes, stayed out of difficulty and were in the
heading container from a start. The plan during a countless yellow
dwindle and reserve automobile phases was also ideal. This is only a kind of
opening compulsory to come out on tip during such a tough endurance
classic. The fact that Jens Klingmann, Alexander Sims and Nick
Catsburg also reached a podium, finishing second in a ROWE Racing
BMW M6 GT3 and completing a one-two result, creates a 70th book of
a 24-hour competition during Spa only perfect. Now we can celebrate.”


Philipp Eng (#34 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport,
1st place):

“That is only unbelievable. we am simply gay to have won the
competition for a second time, brazen of such a parsimonious margin with these great
drivers and cars. Our BMW M6 GT3 ran impossibly good – and my two
team-mates were legendary. There is so most going by my head
right now. we am vivacious for a whole Walkenhorst Motorsport crew
and for a BMW Motorsport guys here during a circuit and in Munich. Now
we am looking brazen to a cold drink.”


Tom Blomqvist (#34 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport,
1st place):

“Words can't report my feelings. Who would have suspicion during the
commencement of a competition that we could unequivocally win it? Not one single
mistake by a team, not one problem with a automobile over a whole week
– it’s unbelievable. What this tiny group has finished is only fantastic.
It is one of my special moments, to suffer such a prodigy with a team
like this is only incredible.”


Christian Krognes (#34 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport,
1st place):

“This is crazy! we would never have suspicion this when we came here. But
we believed in a group and we had dual illusory team-mates in Tom and
Philipp that we could rest on. What Philipp pulled out of a shawl in
a final dual hours was only fantastic. we have been with this group for
dual years, especially on a Nordschleife. It is a immature and inspired
team; they all wish to win and this came to delight here.”


Jens Klingmann (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing, 2nd place):

“I consider that second place was a best we could have achieved. we am
quite happy for a BMW family. First and second for BMW
Motorsport – who would have suspicion we would conduct that before the
race? This is a toughest GT competition in a world, and we can all be
unapproachable of a achievement.”


Alexander Sims (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing, 2nd place):

“I’m unequivocally gratified to be behind on a podium. we won it with Maxime
Martin and Philipp dual years ago. I’m very, unequivocally unapproachable of all a ROWE
Racing guys and BMW Motorsport. They did an overwhelming pursuit with this
one-two victory. It’s a contrition it wasn’t a initial place for us though I’m
very, unequivocally gratified with second place and unapproachable of what we achieved.”


Nick Catsburg (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing, 2nd place):

“Finishing second is never that nice, honestly. But losing against
another BMW creates adult for it. I’m really, unequivocally happy to be on the
lectern and happy for BMW for a one-two. BMW won in 2015, in 2016 and
now again in 2018. we consider we are doing something right here.“


Marco Wittmann (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing, DNF):

“We started a competition good and changed adult from 27th place to second. The
group and a drivers were doing a good job. It’s a shame, since we
had a fastest automobile on a lane before a problems started. But
competition is like that sometimes, even if it’s tough to accept. On the
certain side, BMW still has something to applaud here.”


Jesse Krohn (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing, DNF):

“I have churned feelings. we am unequivocally happy for BMW for a one-two
outcome and for my group to finish second though on a side, we didn’t
have a luck. We had a good run and a group had a good strategy
putting us from 27th on a grid to second place before the
issues. We would have been only removing to a indicate of a competition that
would have been clever for us so it’s unequivocally a contrition that we were
denied a possibility to quarrel for a win.”


Ricky Collard (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing, DNF):

“It’s a large shame. We had some really, unequivocally good stints and
good gait – only before a retirement, we were a fastest automobile on
track. The stairs brazen we’ve finished this year have been massive. It
was my initial 24-hour competition in a GT3 car, and for a prolonged time it was
going unequivocally well.” 


Overview of BMW M6 GT3 motorist line-ups:


#98 BMW M6 GT3 – ROWE Racing:

Marco Wittmann (GER)

Jesse Krohn (FIN)

Ricky Collard (GBR)


#99 BMW M6 GT3 – ROWE Racing:

Jens Klingmann (GER)

Nick Catsburg (NED)

Alexander Sims (GBR)


#34 BMW M6 GT3 – Walkenhorst Motorsport:

Tom Blomqvist (GBR)

Philipp Eng (AUT)

Christian Krognes (NOR)


#36 BMW M6 GT3 – Walkenhorst Motorsport:

Henry Walkenhorst (GER)

Ralf Oeverhaus (GER)

Anders Buchardt (NOR)

Immanuel Vinke (GER)