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TORONTO, Ontario – Jun 15, 2021 – TOYOTA GAZOO Racing distinguished a 100th World Championship sportscar competition with a one-two feat for a new GR010 HYBRID Hypercar in a 8 Hours of Portimao following a flawless opening in Portugal.

After blank stick position on Saturday, a group responded in character to win a second turn of a 2021 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) and acquire a 32nd feat from 100 races in a series.

Sébastien Buemi, Kazuki Nakajima and Brendon Hartley, in a #8 GR010 HYBRID, won a race-long conflict with their team-mates to take feat by 1.8secs from World Champions Mike Conway, Kamui Kobayashi and José María López in a #7 sister car.

With a second win from dual races in 2021, following feat in a season-opening 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has extended a teams’ World Championship lead to 22 points. In a drivers’ standings, a #8 organisation reason a 20-point advantage over #7 with 4 races remaining.

Following an sparkling Hypercar conflict during Spa final month, WEC’s initial revisit to Portugal witnessed another tighten battle. Every second counted from a impulse Sébastien took a start behind a stick position Alpine with José in third.

Only 10 seconds distant a tip 3 during a initial fuel stops. Sébastien afterwards quickly lead when a #36 stopped earlier. The Alpine requires additional array stops over a 8 hours due to a smaller fuel tank, though hence advantages from a lighter fuel bucket and shorter stops.

When Mike and Brendon took over their particular cars during a initial motorist changes, shortly before a two-hour mark, an impossibly tighten competition grown during a front. Only 10 seconds distant a tip three, led by a Alpine from a #7 and #8 GR010 HYBRIDs, after 75 laps.

Early in his stint, Brendon was behind badly behind an LMP2 car, usually as Sébastien had been earlier, and this cost a #8 automobile second place. Mike was means to pass though during a subsequent fuel stops, Brendon reclaimed a advantage by pitting a path earlier. Then he again mislaid out to Mike due to complicated traffic.

As half widen approached, Kamui and Kazuki took over pushing duties with a full array stop advantage over a Alpine. That meant Kamui lead by 10secs from Kazuki.

The group therefore seemed to have a competition underneath control until an LMP2 automobile got stranded in a sand with usually underneath 3 hours remaining. As a consequence, a reserve automobile sealed adult a margin and brought a Alpine behind into contention.

When racing resumed with two-and-a-half hours remaining, a Alpine shortly took second from Kazuki and pressured personality Kamui before pitting. The GR010 HYBRIDs responded and rebuilt their advantage. The #7, in Jose’s hands, emerged as a personality brazen of Sébastien, who was saving fuel.

A full march yellow slowed a competition with 30 mins to go and José brought a #7 in for a brief fuel stop. He returned to a line usually 3 seconds behind Sébastien in a #8, environment adult a moving finish. When José sealed adult to a #8 car, group process authorised him a eventuality to take a lead and lift away. However, Sébastien was means to stay directly behind so José was asked to retreat a sequence as per protocol.

Sébastien therefore crossed a line to take a #8 GR010 HYBRID’s second win of a deteriorate and say a 100% winning record, with José following directly behind and a #36 Alpine 1min 8.597secs serve behind after 300 laps. Hypercar conflict will resume in Monza, Italy on 18 July.

Hisatake Murata, Team President

“A one-two feat is a ideal approach to applaud a 100th World Championship race. Thank we to a drivers, engineers and mechanics for doing a good job. We had to quarrel for this win and it was sparkling to see a tip 3 Hypercars battling for each tenth of a second. There was no room for mistakes from anyone; we was gratified to see us work as one team, giving a limit though error. Well finished to Alpine as well, who followed adult their considerable subordinate with a large plea in a race. We enjoyed competing opposite Glickenhaus for a initial time as good and we demeanour brazen to a battles to come. The Hypercar category is unequivocally entrance to life and we design a fans can suffer many tighten fights in a subsequent races. After all a contrast during Portimao, this was indeed a initial WEC competition in Portugal. Thanks to everybody there for creation a teams acquire and delivering a protected event. Now we demeanour brazen to Monza, where we won a initial World Championship competition in 1992. We wish to put on another good competition and repeat that result.”

Mike Conway (GR010 HYBRID #7)

“I consider we all gathering unequivocally good today. It could have left a few opposite ways depending on competition circumstances. Car #8 did a good fuel saving during a start of a competition and went a tiny longer than us; they did good to open adult their strategy. When a full march yellow came during a finish that authorised us take a fuel stop and remove reduction time than normal, that was a propitious break. we suspicion a automobile was a little bit quicker all day though that’s a approach it works out sometimes, unfortunately. It’s a one-two for a group that is a priority.”

Kamui Kobayashi (GR010 HYBRID #7)

“My army were good and we had good pace. It was tough in a trade and we got a bit assertive on a array line entrance for my fuel stop that gave a group a shock though luckily we managed to delayed down in time. We had been struggling a bit in use and worked tough to find a gait in a competition so we am happy with a speed we showed today. It was a empathize that we indispensable a dash of fuel in a final mins since this is what mislaid us a competition in a end. The group did a good pursuit and a automobile organisation achieved unequivocally well, usually we weren’t means to win a competition though a one-two for a group is a good result.”

José María López (GR010 HYBRID #7)

“Eight hours here with a trade is a tough competition and we did over 4 hours in a automobile so it was a tough day. we am happy with a pursuit that we did as a group to get a one-two. We didn’t have a one-lap gait this week since Alpine was quicker, though with teamwork and potency we bounced behind and took an critical outcome for a team. On a automobile we am unequivocally happy with a pursuit of a engineers, array crew, Mike, Kamui and myself. We were heading absolutely before a reserve car, though that altered things. We had a gait currently though it wasn’t to be.”

Sébastien Buemi (GR010 HYBRID #8)

“I am anxious that we managed to win a competition currently after a large fight. We were on a opposite plan to automobile #7 and that done a difference. From a initial army onwards we was means to do a path longer and still be in a fight. When a reserve automobile came out, that helped us to equivocate a dash of fuel after in a competition and this was a pivotal moment. we was perplexing to widen a fuel and stay on a pace. Then we were detrimental with a full march yellow since differently automobile #7 would have been serve behind after a splash, though that’s racing sometimes.”

Kazuki Nakajima (GR010 HYBRID #8)

“As a 100th competition in a World Championship it is good to finish with a one-two. It was a unequivocally parsimonious competition and everybody pushed as tough as possible; conjunction automobile could do some-more to get a win. Congratulations to a group for this one-two. It is always good to win a competition after such a large effort. It is too early to pronounce about a World Championship though it’s good to have a tiny advantage. we am happy with a outcome and a group performance.”

Brendon Hartley (GR010 HYBRID #8)

“We unequivocally had to work for this win. Traffic played a large part. The LMP2s were unequivocally formidable to pass – we indispensable them to assistance us out, that they generally did. we consider we played a unequivocally good vital competition since we could keep adult a gait notwithstanding a longer stints. It was a good group effort. Even with all those opposite strategies, we saw a dual cars were distant by zero in a final 20mins. We fought a whole approach with #7 though in a finish usually one automobile can win and it was a one-two that is good for TOYOTA GAZOO Racing.”

8 Hours of Portimao results:

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