On ice with winners: BMW Group Classic during a GP Ice Race 2020 in Zell am See.

Munich. Chilly continue is not to everybody’s taste
though there are dual outrageous advantages to a racing eventuality for historic
vehicles on ice: low tyre wear and “natural” cooling for engines
using hot. At a weekend of 1 and 2 Feb 2020, a GP Ice Race
will be hold for a second time in a Austrian city of Zell am See.
Motor-sport classics from opposite marques and derring-do drivers
will conflict together in fascinating duels on a glacial aspect there.
BMW Group Classic is holding partial in a icy philharmonic for a first
time. Vehicles with a winner’s genetic makeup are being dispatched to
a GP Ice Race 2020, including a first-generation BMW M3 that won
a European Touring Car Hillclimb Championship twice before being
converted to a successful convene vehicle, and a MINI ALL4 Racing,
jubilant in a Dakar Rally in 2012. And a reproduction of a classic
Mini Cooper S that combined a prodigy only a few weeks ago during the
Coppa delle Alpi 2019 will also line adult during a starting grid on the
automotive ice course in Zell am See.

The GP Ice Race is a reverence to a mythological racing events that were
hold on a town’s solidified lake in any of a winter seasons between
1937 and 1974 and captivated vast numbers of spectators. The new
book will take place on a healthy ice lane during a aged airfield
where complicated racing cars piloted by countless luminary drivers compete
alongside youngtimers and classical cars to exam their eagerness in a
environment with a wintry towering backdrop.  The eventuality programme also
includes skijoring, that is one of a precursors for ice racing in
Zell am See. Daredevil skiers used to be pulled along over a icy
lane by galloping horses and after by motorcycles and cars.

BMW Group Classic is rising dual ancestral racing cars on a ice.
These winners achieved their biggest successes on really different
terrain. A first-generation BMW M3 has been purebred for a GP Ice
Race 2020, that Francis Dosières gathering to feat during a European
Touring Car Hillclimb Championship in 1988 and 1989. In a subsequent
year, a BMW M3 was converted to a convene car. And it also
demonstrated a strengths in a new discipline. Dosières’ compatriot
Patrick Artru was successful with it in a French Rally Championship
for several years. The BMW M3 is being piloted by a internal matador. The
GP Ice Race depends as a home competition for Salzburg-born DTM motorist Philipp Eng.

By contrast, silt and stones were once a domain of a MINI ALL4
Racing. In 2012, a dual French drivers Stéphane Peterhansel and
Jean-Paul Cottret gathering a automobile to feat during a Dakar Rally. This
was a initial Dakar success for MINI. Eight years later, Christian
Menzel is contrast either a MINI ALL4 Racing can gleam with
unstoppable dash on ice as good as in a desert. And Menzel has a
proven lane record of knowledge as an continuation racing driver. In
1998, he was a member of a party of drivers that won a 24 Hour
Race pushing a BMW 320d on a Nürburgring.

The reproduction of a Mini Cooper S in a convene chronicle is carrying its
second tour in a Alps within a space of only a few weeks. While
a rubber was still attack a snowy or privileged roads in December,
this time a lane is a piece of pristine ice. However, flexibility has
always been a gift of a many jaunty chronicle of a classic
Mini. After all, a Mini Cooper S won a Monte Carlo Rally in the
years 1964, 1965 and 1967.

BMW Group Classic is also presenting dual classical racing cars in Zell
am See that once combined a prodigy during a 24 Hour Race of Le Mans.
The BMW M1 entered a French continuation classical in 1981 and was an
evident eyecatcher with a surprising paintwork finish. Design artist
Walter Maurer had styled a mid-engined sports automobile with hand-painted
images of normal Munich inns and city sights. The “Tavern
Automobile” became a pitch of a tighten tie between BMW and
internal sponsors from Munich. It will be presented in Zell am See
together with a Le Mans leader from 1999: a BMW V12 LMR. With this
open-top sports car, BMW succeeded in achieving altogether feat for
a initial time with a works automobile during a world’s many legendary
continuation race.