Offer for a future: Audi offers business a new environmental and sell incentive

No matter that indication or that brand: Every owners of a diesel automobile with a Euro 1 to Euro 4 emissions customary can advantage from a environmental reward during Audi. If a patron chooses a new Audi with a Euro 6 standard, he or she receives a cost advantage of adult to 10,000 euros, depending on a model. This reward is current via Germany. The aged automobile will be deregistered and scrapped.

Alternatively, Audi is creation a new offer to owners of diesel vehicles in 14 German cities and adjacent farming districts with heavily soiled atmosphere peculiarity with a change incentive. Diesel owners accept a reward when they trade in a automobile with a Euro 4 or Euro 5 glimmer standard. The cost inducement depends on a indication and amounts to adult to 9,000 euros. It is designed that a authorised business will shortly accept a minute from a Federal Motor Transport Authority entitling them to take advantage of a offers from a participating retailers.

Both sell programs request to a changeover to new cars and immature used cars from Audi, regardless of their expostulate system, either diesel, gasoline or all-electric. For immature used cars, a inducement is 75 percent of a new-car incentive. Customers can take advantage of a cost inducement by their Audi dealers as of now.

Questions about a terms and conditions of a environmental and sell inducement can be answered by Audi Customer Service (E-mail: [email protected]).