NLS 7: BMW Junior Team behind on a lectern with a BMW M6 GT3 – successful competition entrance for a new BMW M4 GT3.

Nürburg. The BMW Junior Team extends successful run during the
Nürburgring Nordschleife (GER) in a Nürburgring Endurance Series
(NLS). After recording dual wins in races 4 and five, Max Hesse
(GER), Dan Harper (GBR) and Neil Verhagen (USA) in a #44 BMW M6
GT3 remained concerned in a conflict for feat to a finish of
Saturday’s seventh race. After 6 hours of racing, they claimed the
second mark on a podium. The new BMW M4 GT3 also finished a entrance at
a seventh NLS race, driven by Philipp Eng (AUT) and Augusto Farfus (BRA).


The BMW Juniors cumulative fifth position on a grid in Saturday
morning’s subordinate session. A great, error-free opening from all
3 drivers quickly put a contingent on march for a lectern as they
battled for another win. They also set a fastest foe path with the
#44 BMW M6 GT3. Hesse, Harper and Verhagen finished second to secure
another podium, channel a line reduction than 20 seconds behind the
winning Manthey Porsche.


The new BMW M4 GT3, that is still in a exam and growth phase,
finished a racing entrance out of foe in a SP-X antecedent class.
Cars in this category have to start during a behind of a GT3 field,
regardless of their outcome in qualifying. Farfus and Eng afterwards worked
their approach adult into a tip 10 with a #55 BMW M4 GT3. Running the
tank to dull was partial of a formulation for a day, and a automobile then
rolled to a stop during a entrance to a array line once a fuel ran out in
a final minutes.


The #35 BMW M6 GT3 from Walkenhorst Motorsport also available a top
6 finish. Jörg Müller, Mario von Bohlen, Dennis Fetzer (all GER) and
Thomas Neubauer (FRA) finished in sixth position. Starting from tenth
on a grid, David Pittard (GBR) sprinted adult to second in a #34
Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW M6 GT3, before a double sip of tyre damage
knocked him and his team-mates Christian Krognes (NOR) and Ben Tuck
(GBR) a prolonged approach back. The team’s #36 BMW M6 GT3, driven by Henry
Walkenhorst, Jörg Breuer and Andreas Ziegler (all GER), crossed the
line in 14th place overall, and in second place in a SP9 AM class.


This was a initial ambience of a Nordschleife for Jake Dennis (GBR).
Having finished third in a ABB FIA Formula E World Championship
2021, he had finished his GT racing entrance for BMW M Motorsport last
weekend in a Fanatec GT World Challenge Endurance Cup and is now
aiming for his Nordschleife permit. In a seventh NLS race, Dennis
common pulling duties with Niklas Krütten (GER) in a #652 BMW M240i
Racing from a Adrenalin Motorsport Team Alzner Automotive. The duo
claimed second place in a BMW M240i class.


Reactions after turn 7 of a 2021 NLS.


Mike Krack, Head of BMW M Motorsport: “We had a
successful day all turn on a Nordschleife. Congratulations to our
3 BMW Juniors Max, Dan and Neil – they battled for their subsequent NLS
win right adult to a final path in their BMW M6 GT3 and can be very
confident with second place. The 3 gave an error-free performance,
delivering considerable explanation that they are positively one of a real
tip teams on a Nordschleife. Our new BMW M4 GT3 also enjoyed a
successful foe debut. The automobile ran like clockwork and we had no
problems during all during yesterday’s contrast or in subordinate and the
foe today. Augusto and Philipp were gay with a opening of
a BMW M4 GT3 and reliable how good a BMW M4 GT3 drives on the
Nordschleife. Overall, we are unequivocally gratified with this NLS Saturday.”


Max Hesse, #44 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Junior Team: “It was a
good six-hour foe for us. The group gave a tip opening and it was
very, unequivocally tighten during a end. Of course, it was a bit of a contrition that
we didn’t utterly conduct to squeeze a win though we will try to do that
again in dual weeks. To be honest, a Manthey guys are unequivocally strong
here during a Nordschleife. The drivers are a reigning champions in
a 24-hour foe and so we can unequivocally gratified to have kept a opening to
next 20 seconds after a six-hour race.”


Neil Verhagen, #44 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Junior Team: “When
we are so tighten to a win, it is apparently a bit bitter-sweet though I
consider we can be super happy with today. BMW Team RMG, Max and Dan and
myself, we consider we all achieved flattering most a limit that we could
today. We knew that we unequivocally need to put all together to be
rival and that is accurately what we did. So we am super happy with
a group and with my team-mates. Thank we to BMW and to everybody
concerned to make this probable since it was unequivocally not easy. We
fought over a whole foe and it was only down to a wire. Now we
keep pulling to lapse to a tip step.”


Dan Harper, #44 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Junior Team:
“Overall, we am unequivocally happy with a result. Obviously on the
behind of dual wins, a second place and even being so tighten to first
place, can be a bit unsatisfactory though we can for certain be unequivocally happy.
The group and us 3 drivers we have finished a good job, we achieved the
limit that was probable and collected good points for the
championship. And it is always good to mist some champagne.”


Philipp Eng, #55 BMW M4 GT3: “That was so most fun.
It was an honour for me to finish a entrance foe for a BMW M4 GT3
together with Augusto. The automobile drives intensely well. If we compare
it with a BMW M6 GT3, it is even easier to expostulate though a performance
is even better. The Nordschleife was a bustling place again currently and I
had a few situations with other cars though it helped that we can
pass offline with a BMW M4 GT3 too, but removing yourself
into difficulty right away. Overall, we feel that it went great. The race
was well-spoken and we would be happy to start a 24-hour foe with this
automobile right away.”


Augusto Farfus, #55 BMW M4 GT3: “It was a very
romantic day since we remember my initial rollout in Dingolfing and
after so many months, we come to a Nordschleife and we did a first
foe start with a new BMW M4 GT3. It was only great. Thanks to BMW
who did an extraordinary job, a automobile ran trouble-free. We could experience
and magnitude a speed of a automobile opposite a foe so it was a
good doctrine today. The automobile feels very, unequivocally good and we can’t wait to
be behind during a Nordschleife with a car.”


Jake Dennis, #652 BMW M240i Racing: “It was fantastic
to finally knowledge a Nordschleife. It positively lived adult to my
expectations. Everybody had warned me how formidable it is and entire
circuit is only impressive. There is not unequivocally one multiple what
creates it higher to any other, it is only 25 kilometres of challenge.
It is so on a corner and when a conditions are churned as well, as we
had them in this morning’s qualifying, it creates life even more
challenging. But that’s partial of a Nordschleife and that’s what makes
it so special. It has been a good knowledge and a BMW M240i Racing
is a good automobile to learn a circuit. And to finish second in a class
was apparently unequivocally nice.”