Nissan: The all-new 2018 Nissan LEAF product overview: embodying Nissan Intelligent Mobility

  • Greater operation and modernized technologies make new LEAF a ultimate electric vehicle
  • 2018 LEAF offers a longer operation during a rival cost – with stronger performance, distinguished new settlement and cutting-edge technologies
  • Since a launch in 2010, LEAF has been a #1 affordable, mass prolongation EV in a world
  • LEAF’s modernized ProPILOT™ Assist and e-Pedal technologies offer a demeanour into a destiny of Nissan Intelligent Mobility

LAS VEGAS, NV/MISSISSAUGA, ONT. – The all-new Nissan LEAF sets a new customary in a flourishing marketplace for mainstream electric vehicles by charity business larger range, modernized technologies and a energetic new design.

Drivers will feel some-more confident, vehement and connected interjection to a new Nissan LEAF’s ProPILOT™ Assist motorist assistance technology, e-Pedal, augmenting appetite and range, and softened refinement, comfort and convenience.

The new, zero-emission Nissan LEAF embodies Nissan Intelligent Mobility, a company’s proceed to changing a proceed cars are driven, powered and integrated into society. The 3 pivotal aspects of Nissan Intelligent Mobility exemplified by a new Nissan LEAF are Nissan Intelligent Driving, Nissan Intelligent Power and Nissan Intelligent Integration.

Nissan Intelligent Driving
Headlining a new LEAF’s Nissan Intelligent Driving record are ProPILOT™ Assist and e-Pedal and a company’s heralded Nissan Safety Shield. ProPILOT Assist is a single-lane pushing assistance technology. Once activated, it can automatically control a stretch to a automobile in front, regulating a speed preset by a motorist (between about 29 km/hr and 100 km/hr).

It can also assistance a motorist expostulate and keep a automobile centred in a lane. If a automobile in front stops, a ProPILOT Assist complement will automatically request a brakes to pierce a automobile to a full stop if necessary. After entrance to a full stop, a automobile can sojourn in place even if a driver’s feet is off a brake. If trade restarts, a automobile will resume pushing when a motorist touches a switch again or simply presses a accelerator to activate ProPILOT Assist. All these functions can significantly revoke highlight when pushing on a highway in both complicated and issuing traffic.

Another creation that enhances a LEAF’s pushing knowledge is a e-Pedal, that is charity as customary apparatus on all class levels. It allows a motorist a morality of accelerating, decelerating and interlude a automobile by regulating a accelerator pedal alone — a insubordinate creation that can change a proceed people drive.

By simply releasing a accelerator, a automobile will come to a well-spoken and finish stop but a need to press a stop pedal. With a deceleration rate of adult to 0.2g, a e-Pedal eliminates a need for drivers to constantly pierce their feet from a accelerator to a stop pedal to delayed down or stop. This helps revoke tired and boost enjoyment.

Studies by Nissan in Japan, Europe and a U.S. have shown that a LEAF’s e-Pedal reduces a series of times a motorist contingency request a brakes while travelling in heavily undiluted traffic. While a required stop pedal contingency still be used in assertive braking situations, a e-Pedal lets drivers use a singular pedal for some-more than 90 percent of their pushing needs.

Along with ProPILOT Assist and e-Pedal, a new LEAF is versed with a set of modernized reserve technologies including Intelligent Lane Intervention, Lane Departure Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Intelligent Around View Monitor including relocating intent detection.

Nissan Intelligent Power
The focal indicate of Nissan Intelligent Power in a new LEAF is a e-powertrain, that offers softened appetite potency and augmenting torque and appetite output. The new e-powertrain delivers an exhilarating, linear pushing opening with a appetite outlay of 147 horsepower, 40 per cent some-more than a previous-generation LEAF. Torque has been augmenting 26 percent to 236 lb-ft, ensuing in softened acceleration.

Existing LEAF drivers already suffer a present response and linearity of opening as they navigate a city. The new LEAF’s softened acceleration will boost delight even further. Even with a additional appetite output, a new LEAF’s pushing operation has been increased. The car’s new lithium-ion battery container delivers an estimated operation of 241 kilometres1, that should prove a daily pushing needs of a infancy of LEAF owners.

The new battery settlement adds energy-storage ability but augmenting a size. The battery container occupies a accurate same measure as that of a previous-generation LEAF. The particular dungeon structure of a laminated lithium-ion battery cells have been improved, representing a 67 percent boost in appetite firmness contra a strange 2010 LEAF model.

Another pivotal engineering alleviation for a lithium-ion battery container is a use of extended electrode materials with revised chemistry, ensuing in aloft appetite firmness while contributing to larger battery continuance on assign and discharge.

For those who wish some-more fad and performance, Nissan will also offer a new aloft power, longer operation chronicle during a aloft cost for a 2019 indication year.

Nissan Intelligent Integration
The new LEAF links drivers and vehicles by a user-friendly NissanConnectSM underline NissanConnectSM technologies permitted on a 2018 Nissan LEAF embody Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as good as a updated EV specific NissanConnect EV Services telematics.

A newly designed interface on a Nissan LEAF smartphone app allows users to guard a vehicle’s state of charge, report charging to advantage from optimal electricity rates, find a nearest charging station, and pre-heat or cold a automobile before removing in.

Chassis and body
When it comes to opening and agility, a new LEAF excels. To compare a softened outlay of a electric engine and inverter, Nissan engineers extended a car’s horizon for softened stability. Heavy components, including a battery, are placed in a centre of a body, assisting grasp smaller bend moments of sluggishness compared with front-engine vehicles and thereby improving directional stability, enabling smoother cornering.

The new LEAF’s electric appetite steering complement has a some-more linear feel that enhances confidence, generally on highways, with extended feedback from a highway surface. This is interjection to a program upgrade, new control proof operative in and with a steering angle sensor, and a 10 percent boost in steering torsion bar stiffness. Additionally, a urethane strike stop for a back cessation has been transposed by a rubber stop to revoke shocks and bumpiness when pushing on disproportionate roads.

The new LEAF also comes with Active Ride Control for some-more accurate electric engine torque control era when cornering, shortening quivering while concurrently improving float peculiarity and steering control.

Exterior design: neat conformation and “cool tech attitude”
The new LEAF’s settlement expresses Nissan’s forward-thinking opinion and a pioneering proceed to replacing a world’s best-selling electric vehicle. It is desirous by a IDS Concept car, initial shown during a 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

The sporty, eye-catching physique represents a car’s energetic personality. The truth behind a extraneous settlement was to demonstrate purify and elementary lines and a strong and neat silhouette, formulating a feeling of a high-tech device. The plane impression line, a bumper, and a distinguished highlights in a reduce partial of a physique stress a reduce centre of gravity, giving a onlooker an intrinsic feeling that it’s flexible and fun to drive.

The signature V-Motion grille, a rebound light signature and a floating roof stress a participation of Nissan code design, giving a LEAF an coming identical to other Nissan models, such as a renouned Rogue.

A clear-blue 3D filigree settlement with a “freezing” motif, on a flush aspect inside a V-Motion grille, expresses a LEAF’s aberration as an EV. The new LEAF has customary LED headlights and signature LED daytime using lights. More automatic sum and a floating signature pattern demonstrate a high-tech feel, while prominence and reserve are softened by enhancing brazen enlightenment coverage, optimally balancing settlement and functionality.

The back multiple lamps underline a singular signature that’s simply tangible from a distance. A spoiler integrated in a window graphics gives a new LEAF an impressive, sporty look. The low hood blends exquisitely into a windshield and floating roof, formulating a neat conformation that creates atmosphere flow.

The underfloor and a diffuser-type back fender mix to grasp reduced drag and 0 lift, ensuing in softened automobile stability. Thanks to a aerodynamic physique styling, including a back fender with a definite bend and aero-design wheels, a new Nissan LEAF has a 0.28 fellow of drag.

The angle of a charging pier during a front has been reconfigured for larger convenience, vouchsafing a patron bond a charging wire but tortuous down. Ergonomic contrast by Nissan shows that this new 45-degree angle allows drivers of all heights to simply and absolutely bond a charger.

Interior design: reward ambience with a clean, relaxed, high-tech feeling
The new LEAF’s cabin facilities roominess and honesty with a brand’s “Gliding Wing” settlement denunciation used as a framework. The redesigned motorist information arrangement has a simple, light pattern but extreme decoration. It focuses on visibility, formulating a tasteful, understated demeanour and feel with both glorious expanse and functionality.

Customers will immediately conclude a signature colourful blue stitching, an symbol of Nissan EVs, in a seats, doorway trim, armrest and steering wheel. The blue, bright automobile start/stop symbol and change doorknob finisher emanate a cool, high-tech feeling.

Through a courteous settlement of a centre console and switchgear, a new LEAF gives drivers a information they need where they need it. This helps them concentration on what unequivocally matters a many – an beguiling drive. When a automobile is activated, a start-up film is displayed, giving a motorist a clarity of fad about pushing an electric car.

Monitors and switches have also been redesigned for smart, stress-free operation. Most important is a multiple of an analog speedometer and a multi-information display. On a left side, a 7-inch, full-colour, thin-film transistor (TFT) arrangement shows a appetite sign scale by default. The motorist can uniformly change a information that is displayed.

The centre arrangement has a shade with a flush-surface settlement permitting a motorist to simply work audio and navigation systems and bond to smartphones intuitively with usually a fingertip. The arrangement shows a Safety Shield technology, a vehicle’s state-of-charge and a appetite gauge, as good as audio and navigation complement information.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have been total to a infotainment complement in cars versed with a navigation system. The audio and navigation functions can be mutated with a steering switch, but holding hands off a steering wheel.

Overall interior peculiarity has also been enhanced. A matte chrome finish with a high-quality feel has been practical to a edge of a steering wheel, wrapped in genuine leather, and a centre display, creation for unchanging liughtness and peculiarity of any steel finisher. Matte and silken shades of black have been delicately practical in a atmosphere conditioner control row and a opening grille, formulating an advanced, accurate interface and a gentle cabin – like a high-quality vital room with relaxing density and regard total during their best.

Using NissanConnect, a pivotal partial of Nissan Intelligent Integration, a motorist can hunt for invariably updated information such as a plcae and handling hours of giveaway charging stations and charging hire availability. Owners can also entrance their smartphone to check a car’s battery status.

The comfort and serenity of a new Nissan LEAF broach a unequaled ride. Even during highway speeds, a new Nissan LEAF’s cabin stays really quiet. Along with producing rebate drag, aerodynamic upgrades and extraneous refinements have led to a rebate in breeze noise.

Other noise-reduction measures embody optimization of a redesigned inverter’s constructional rigidity, and a noise-isolating cover on tip of a PDM. The sound from a electric engine itself has also been reduced, even as it generates some-more torque and appetite than ever before.

The front console has been totally redesigned. The twin crater holders, in a tandem configuration, are now between a driver’s chair and front newcomer seat. This allows for a new stowage area during a bottom of a centre console – ideal for a smartphone or wallet – as good as an simply permitted appetite switch, a 12-volt appetite opening and a USB port. This new and ergonomic centre console settlement gives easier entrance to a controls and switchgear in a reduce portion.

Energy-efficient air-conditioning and heating systems yield towering comfort inside a cabin for all occupants. A smartphone app provides preference facilities such as remote pre-conditioning of a vehicle’s interior heat and wireless remote charging.

While a appetite ability of a lithium-ion battery container has been significantly increased, a cabin’s interior measure sojourn radically unvaried and absolutely accommodate 5 people. What’s more, a back load area has been redesigned to yield augmenting luggage space, charity 668L (23.6 cubic feet) of permitted storage. The block space, with bumps private as most as possible, allows larger space utilization, augmenting preference and usability. The back load space can now accommodate dual vast suitcases or 3 medium-sized, airline carry-on suitcases. It also allows for easier charging wire storage.

Colour design: a lineup that meets customers’ tastes
The new LEAF’s palette of colours offers business a far-reaching operation of options according to their tastes. It is permitted in 7 physique colours, including a two-tone finish.

Moving to a interior, a purify settlement ethos extends to a colour options. An all-black interior gives an atmosphere of cold sophistication, discreetly extended by lighter accents on a seats, as good as a blue stitching on a steering wheel, seats and executive armrest.
The new LEAF goes on sale Oct. 2 in Japan. It is slated for deliveries in a North America and Europe in early 2018. It will be sole in some-more than 60 markets worldwide.

2018 Nissan LEAF specifications (Canadian model)
Specifications are formed on a latest product information permitted during a time of release. Specifications for other regions will be announced during a start of sales.





1. Projected MY18 EPA operation of 241 kilometres. Actual operation might change formed on pushing conditions. Use for comparison only.