Nissan Opens Game-style Promotion Website "THE PLANET ZERO" to Experience Zero-emission Society



Nissan Opens Game-style Promotion Website “THE PLANET ZERO” to Experience Zero-emission Society

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today opened a game-style promotion website, ‘THE PLANET ZERO’, where users can experience a zero-emission society in an understandable way, as part of its comprehensive approach for realizing a zero-emission society.

Targeted at people from a wide range of age, focusing around high school and college students, ‘THE PLANET ZERO’ is a game-style website for making users enjoy leaning a zero-emission society which Nissan aims for and the value and the appeal EV will bring about.

Unique characters designed to look like solar power and wind power generation systems including one created based on zero-emission mobility, named ‘PLUG’, appear in the website. Set in the neo-futuristic, zero-emission world, users can experience a mechanism of zero-emission beating games with these original characters.

There are initially four stages in this game and more stages will be added later as needed. With secret commands, one can enjoy the game many times.

In addition, a user-participatory website, ‘FLIP BOOK STUDIO’ also opened on ‘THE PLANET ZERO’. Users can contribute and view flip book animation with ‘PLUG’ on this website. It will collect flip book animation of ‘PLUG’, which can be expressed with only ?, × and ?, around the world.

Nissan will provide these websites to its zero-emission partner cities and organizations to promote efforts to realize a zero-emission society.


‘THE PLANET ZERO’ Promotion Website Creative Staff:

  • Character development / animation: dwarf inc.
  • Website planning: ENJIN Inc.
  • Website creation: Masayuki Kido, ROXIK
  • Music: OTOGRAPH

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