Nissan: Nissan launches latest installment of a Canadian-made, Conquer All Conditions promotion campaign

Television mark showcases all-wheel expostulate capabilities of Nissan’s top-selling indication in Canada, a Nissan Rogue crossover

Mississauga, Ont. – Nissan currently announced a launch of another Canadian radio mark in support of a renouned crossover lineup versed with all-wheel drive. The “Conquer All Conditions” debate – that initial aired in 2014 – is regenerated for a new installment, and this time in support of a new 2017 Nissan Rogue.

The radio mark entitled, Return of a Snowmen, was wholly constructed and filmed in in a Greater Toronto Area. The announcement once again takes on a cinematic approach, and this time to showcase a new 2017 Nissan Rogue’s confidence-inspiring facilities including: all-wheel drive, and energetic technologies with Active Trace Control; Active Engine Braking; and Active Ride Control.

In loyal Hollywood supplement style, a criminal snowmen are now even some-more menacing, symbolizing a rudeness of Canadian winters. The snowmen come to a snowy terrain armed with new surprises and in aloft numbers than a prior Conquer All Conditions TV spots, usually to be thwarted by a procession of flexible Nissan Rogues.

“The thespian height that we have determined with a choice of compress application vehicles represents a good event for us to showcase a Intelligent All-Wheel Drive technology,” says Steve Rhind, executive of marketing, Nissan Canada Inc. “After 7 true years of sales expansion for a Rogue in Canada, Nissan is holding another vital step brazen with a top-seller this year. The 2017 has a new look, extended application and an stretched apartment of Nissan Safety Shield technologies. When we take these traits that are interconnected with an all-wheel expostulate complement that adapts to highway conditions 30 times faster than a blink of an eye, we have a product that is befitting to a melodramatic and standout campaign.”

The 30 second chronicle of a mark will starting airing in Jan opposite tip required programming and specialty stations. The mark will also atmosphere as partial of Nissan’s ongoing sponsorship of a NFL during a playoffs and heading adult to a Super Bowl. Coinciding with a promote launch, a mark will be promoted on YouTube; including an disdainful airing of a 60 second chronicle on a YouTube masthead.

“The snowmen paint all that’s bad about winter pushing in Canada,” says Juniper ParkTBWA CCO, Alan Madill. “It’s not only about slipping and shifting all over a road. It’s also about being prepared for obstacles we could never predict.”

Return of a Snowmen launches opposite Canada on Jan 16th. The creative, grown by Juniper ParkTBWA, has also been picked adult south of a limit and will atmosphere in a U.S. via January.

View 60 second version:


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