Nissan: Nissan GT-R offers a #LegendarySalute to India, formulating a world’s largest-ever nation map

NEW DELHI, India — Nissan Motor India is celebrating a 68th year of a Republic with a record-breaking reverence to India and a people starring a mythological Nissan GT-R sports car. The association is set to enter a Limca Book of Records – a Indian homogeneous of Guinness Book of World Records – for a world’s largest-ever outline of a nation map. This was achieved by a Nissan GT-R, that forged out a estimate map of India travelling 3 block kilometers on a dry aspect of Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan. This latest attainment of a GT-R, prisoner in a video expelled today, salutes a Indian Republic.

Speed and pointing were vicious to accomplish this implausible act, that outlines a attainment of a iconic Nissan GT-R supercar in India. Nissan chose Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan as a plcae for a record try for a turn and dry lakebed surface, overwhelming vistas and soil, that is soothing adequate to leave a low sense to be prisoner by camera drones high above.

The Nissan GT-R’s accurate and frail responses enabled a automobile to scheme by a twists and turns to snippet a formidable proportions of India’s landmass on a sandy aspect in a dry territory of a lake.


With vital turns and bends along a periphery, a GT-R’s eminent pushing performance, energy and doing was put to a ultimate test. At a helm of a colourful red GT-R was veteran convene motorist Rahul Kanthraj, who piloted a automobile to grasp a record.

To safeguard accuracy, a map was combined by plotting a coordinates on a GPS device, and mixed laps were driven to estimate a tangible map. The sparkling formula were prisoner on video with drones and onboard cameras.

The measure of a map were about 3km in length and 2.8km in width, with a sum outline periphery of 14.7km. Officials from a Limca Book of Records were on site to countenance a process. Once certified, this singular record will be enclosed in a 2018 book of a book, approaching to be published in Jun 2018. The Limca Book of Records is a gathering of annals that is published annually in India documenting tellurian and healthy universe records. It is published annually in 3 languages: English, Hindi and Malayalam.

As a symbol of honour and appreciation for India and Nissan business on Republic Day, a association has released a video that showcases a mythological GT-R as it sets a new record.

The Nissan GT-R was launched in India in Dec 2016 in a Premium Edition. The initial smoothness of a supercar in a nation was to Bollywood movement star and Nissan Brand Ambassador, John Abraham. The GT-R is constructed during Nissan’s world-class plant in Tochigi, Japan. India’s initial central Nissan High Performance Centre (NHPC), in Noida, provides disdainful sales and use for a 2017 Nissan GT-R.


2017 Nissan GT-R roars into India


The 2017 Nissan GT-R

Apart from a 3.8-liter hand-built twin turbo V6 engine producing 565HP, a 2017 Nissan GT-R comes versed with ATTESA E-TS modernized all-wheel expostulate system. Instead of a normal 50/50 torque separate between front and back axles, this electronically tranquil complement provides adult to 100 percent of accessible torque to a back wheels, and can send adult to 50 percent of torque to a front wheels. This provides a steering feel and response of a rear-wheel driven vehicle, while giving a combined certainty that usually AWD can offer.

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