Nissan: Nissan GT-R LM NISMO to make racing lapse in 2016

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan currently announced that a innovative Nissan GT-R LM NISMO will lapse to foe in a FIA World Endurance Championship in 2016. The group has been operative tough to residence a technical issues faced during Le Mans in Jun and is in a center of a extensive exam and growth module to ready a new automobile to foe opposite a tough foe it faces in a LM P1 class.

As partial of a growth program, a recruitment expostulate has taken place to yield a foe group with additional imagination and support, including a appointment of Michael Carcamo, who has eliminated from Nissan Mexico to NISMO to share a complicated bucket on Ben Bowlby’s shoulders. Mike Carcamo takes a purpose of Team Principal, a position formerly filled by Bowlby.

“Ben had his hands full perplexing to do all – handling a pattern and build though also a foe and exam operation,” pronounced Carcamo. “That’s a lot to ask anyone to do, generally with a judgment that requires this turn of development. My believe of Nissan engineering processes and plan formulation believe will assistance Ben and a group combine on creation a automobile broach on it’s promise.  The plea that we took on was a staggering task. We have to learn all of a dynamics of this new automobile and all a opening tuning, so it takes a prolonged time to find a honeyed mark of performance. We commend that challenge, and we’ve combined a resources and infrastructure behind a module to try and move it to that subsequent level.”

Multiple changes have been done to a automobile given Le Mans, though a strange pattern beliefs remain. The group finished a two-day exam during a Circuit of a Americas in Austin, Texas final week with Harry Tincknell and Olivier Pla during a wheel.

Although using but KERS and new bespoke tire specifications that are being grown from a believe gained from Le Mans by Michelin, a automobile went significantly faster than it formerly had during COTA and did not believe any poignant trustworthiness issues.

“We are committed to competing during a top level, and we are not happy when we are not winning,” pronounced Shoichi Miyatani, boss of NISMO. “Let’s not forget that while we have been pulling brazen with a LM P1 challenge, we have won a Blancpain Pro Cup Drivers pretension in Europe with a Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 and are on aim for another good year of success in GT500 in Japan. Racing is a critical partial of a DNA, and we will work to get this right.”



Darren Cox, Global Head of Brand, Marketing and Sales, NISMO, added: “The acquire serve of Mike to a foe group as we rise a automobile serve means that we are now good placed to residence a technical issues we have faced. We keep a sights resolutely set on 2016, and we are assured that with Mike’s plan government support, Ben and a group can strech a opening levels we design here during Nissan by focusing on a on lane goals.” 


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