Nissan: Nissan e.dams continues swell in Formula E testing

VALENCIA, SpainNissan e.dams has finished a second day of a ABB FIA Formula E Championship central preseason exam with Sebastien Buemi finishing a afternoon event third fastest in Valencia.

Buemi available a time of 1 minute, 17.473 seconds in a final event of a day – usually 0.131 of a second off a fastest time.

Earlier a Swiss motorist surfaced a times in a initial event after lunch. His time aboard a No. 23 automobile was a fourth fastest time altogether for a day.

Buemi won a Formula E driver’s championship in deteriorate dual and binds a array annals for many wins, poles and fastest foe laps. The e.dams group is a three-time team’s championship winner.

The Nissan e.dams group has one some-more day of contrast on Friday when a central array preseason exam comes to a close.

Nissan is fasten Formula E as a initial Japanese carmaker to attend in a innovative array and as a tellurian personality in electric cars, with some-more than 365,000 Nissan LEAF vehicles sold.

Nissan’s Formula E module will uncover a new “performance side” of Nissan Intelligent Mobility – a company’s prophesy for changing how cars are powered, driven and integrated into society.

SEBASTIEN BUEMI – Nissan e.dams driver
“It was a really certain day for a team, and we will be prepared for a final day of contrast entrance adult on Friday.

“Today we managed to accumulate a lot of information that a group will investigate tomorrow in credentials for a final day.

“Everyone is training some-more about new cars with each path and we feel we are relocating in a right direction.”

MICHAEL CARCAMO – Nissan tellurian motorsport director
“Seb and everybody on a Nissan e.dams group did a good pursuit today, and we’re really gratified with a swell today.

“To see a No. 23 during a tip of a timesheet after lunch was great. Our design was to work by a exam equipment while evaluating a other team’s progression.

“While tomorrow a cars rest, it will be a bustling day for a engineers and automechanic to put all a training together for Friday.”


DAY 1 REPORT (Oct. 16)

Nissan has finished a entrance in a ABB FIA Formula E championship with former array champion Sebastien Buemi tasked with jolt down both cars currently during Circuit Ricardo Tormo.

Buemi was ninth fastest in a morning event and softened one mark in a afternoon to set a eighth fastest time of a day with a time of 1:18.100.

The Formula E victory, stick position, and fastest foe path record hilt gathering both cars currently as Nissan e.dams strictly debuted a “Gen 2” Formula E car.

The new Formula E cars – that underline a new battery, powertrain, inverter, tires, gearbox and aerodynamics – valid to be significantly faster than a prior era car. Buemi’s fastest time was 3.722 seconds faster than final year’s fastest altogether time during a Valencia pre-season test.

As a initial Japanese association to enter Formula E, Nissan has drawn on a lane record of offered some-more than 365,000 Nissan LEAF vehicles given introducing a indication in 2010. The association has used a knowledge building electric vehicles for a highway to rise a all-new powertrain for a Formula E foe car, that facilities a bespoke electric motor, inverter, and gearbox.

Testing during Valencia continues tomorrow with dual sessions from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.



SEBASTIEN BUEMI – Nissan e.dams motorist

“We had a lot of things to test, and it was a initial time to see where we mount compared to a rest of a competition.

“It has been a certain day. I’m utterly happy since we were means to exam lots of things and we have a lot of information to analyze.

“I’m gratified with a opening since we know we could have finished adult a lot better. I’m not massively happy with P8, though we know we had utterly a bit of domain and that is a many critical thing. we feel we can contest with a tip guys.

“It is still formidable to know where we are compared to a antithesis since we don’t know how most energy they are regulating or either they are doing a foe simulation.

“But a fastest path is generally finished with limit power, and in that regard, we don’t demeanour too bad.”

MICHAEL CARCAMO – Nissan tellurian motorsport director

“We’ve been operative on a Formula E module for utterly some time, and it was a disturb for everybody during Nissan to finally see a cars on track.

“We know a foe is really heated in this championship and we have picturesque expectations for a initial week on lane with all a other manufacturers and teams.

“However, we were positively gratified to see Sebastien P4 on a timesheets with 15 mins to go before some of a rivals went for a time during a finish of a day.

“We’re looking brazen to removing behind on lane tomorrow and recording some-more profitable growth miles.”


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