Nissan: Jean-Michel Isabelle is a initial leader of a 2017 Nissan Micra Cup

Mississauga, Ont. – This past weekend, a Nissan Micra Cup strictly kicked off a 2017 season, a third in a series’ history, during a Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP) northeast of Toronto, Ontario. Drivers competed in dual races, one on Saturday in a object and one on Sunday in a rain. Despite a hostile continue conditions, any competition was only as sparkling as a other for a tens of thousands of fans in attendance. In a end, Jean-Michel Isabelle won both races. 

The initial warn of a weekend came from Quebec motorist Stéfan Gauthier. Rookie of a year final season, he warranted stick position following both races forward of other favourites, including his teammate Kevin King and former champions Olivier Bédard (2015) and Xavier Coupal (2016). Also notable is Australian Keishi Ayukai’s glorious debut, as he competent in third and seventh place.

On Saturday underneath balmy skies, 22 drivers competed in a initial competition of a 2017 Nissan Micra Cup season. Unfortunately Stéfan Gauthier didn’t advantage from his stick position for most longer than one path before being concerned in an collision with Brian Makse, a tip subordinate Ontarian driver. By a finish of a race, it was Quebecker Jean-Michel Isabelle who claimed his really initial feat of a series, forward of Kevin King who finished second and Keishi Ayukai who finished third. Keishi Ayukai’s initial lectern finish is a covenant to a immature Australian’s talent.

The tip 10 was finished by Xavier Coupal, Normand Boyer (first in a comparison category, indifferent for drivers 40 years and older), Valérie Limoges, Olivier Bédard, Marc-Antoine Cardin, Edward Wong and Peter Dyck. Among a rookies, brothers Nicolas and Martin Barrette finished initial and second, putting some accessible vigour on their father, Michel Barrette, who will be competing during Circuit Mont-Tremblant subsequent weekend.

On Sunday, tens of thousands of spectators flocked to CTMP to watch a scheduled races. Fans also had a eventuality to admire over 50 Nissan Z models of all generations that were collected in a paddocks. The Nissan Z’s did a march path late Sunday morning on a dry lane though by mid-afternoon, a continue conditions worsened for a Nissan Micra Cup drivers. Despite consistent rain, a competitors gathering their Nissan Micras faultlessly and a competition resolved but any accidents.

Xavier Coupal, who started in a lead after Stéfan Gauthier was penalized for a prior race’s incident, resisted vigour from Olivier Bédard during a initial few laps. However, identical to Saturday’s race, Jean-Michel Isabelle took over a lead shortly before a mid point, putting himself in a position to explain another well-earned victory. Coupal and King assimilated Isabelle on a podium, forward of Ayukai, Bédard, Boyer (winner of a comparison category once again), Limoges, Cardin, Gauthier and Luc Richard. Nicolas Barrette warranted his second uninterrupted feat among a rookies.

At a circle of their agile, fun-to-drive, and most batch Nissan Micras, a drivers put on a uncover for a countless fans in attendance. The spectators were partially done adult of Nissan Micra owners who were invited by Nissan Canada to attend all 2017 competition weekends giveaway of charge. 67 Nissan Micra owners were on-site this past weekend during CTMP and another 125 are approaching during a second competition weekend during Circuit Mont-Tremblant.

Next weekend, a third and fourth races of a 2017 deteriorate will be hold as partial of a Spring Classic during Circuit Mont-Tremblant. The use eventuality will take place on Friday, and a subordinate eventuality and races will take place on Saturday and Sunday. This eventuality will certainly attract another large throng and will symbol a Nissan Micra Cup entrance for actor and comedian Michel Barrette, who missed a initial competition weekend during CTMP since of a dispute with his show’s tour. Next weekend, he will be a third member of a Barrette family to contest in a Nissan Micra Cup. 

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