Nissan: Close second-place finish for Nissan during a 2016 Bathurst 12 Hour

  • NISMO Athlete Global Team finishes second during Mount Panorama today
  • Impressive gait from a drivers in a #1 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 after 13th place start
  • Heroic assign from Katsumasa Chiyo only falls brief during mottled flag

BATHURST, Australia The NISMO Athlete Global Team cumulative a hard-fought second-place finish during today’s Bathurst 12-Hour continuation race, hold during Australia’s famous Mount Panorama circuit. 

Team drivers Katsumasa Chiyo, Rick Kelly and Florian Strauss powered their Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 to a finish line a small 1.276 seconds behind a winning Tekno Autosports McLaren 650S GT3 after 12 exhausting hours of racing, that was some-more same to a scurry than an continuation race.

The NISMO contingent battled an greatly rival margin of outlandish sports cars and schooled drivers from Australia and overseas, impressing with their unchanging speed and trouble-free using via a prolonged day of racing and heading for a sum of 107 laps.

Nissan Motorsport V8 Supercar ace Rick Kelly started a competition in a 5:45 a.m. dark and modernized strongly by a margin from a team’s 13th-place grid position.

Former Nissan PlayStation GT Academy leader Florian Strauss, who co-drove to feat in final year’s race, helped lift a #1 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 serve brazen during a march of a day, again displaying considerable gait and coherence during one of a world’s many severe circuits.

But it was in a final hour that a race’s tragedy unequivocally rose, with Japanese motorist Katsumasa Chiyo chasing a heading Tekno Autosports McLaren piloted by Shane outpost Gisbergen. The fast-finishing Chiyo showed implausible ability and adventurous as he sealed a opening in a final laps.

Chiyo, who has fast-built a repute with Australian fans for his adventurous abilities in a bearing of wheel-to-wheel combat, wowed on-lookers and viewers with a array of bold moves as he pushed a quick GT-R closer to a lead.

After 12 hours and 297 laps, and an considerable uncover of extensive bid and skill, a NISMO Athlete Global Team crossed a finish line reduction than dual seconds behind outpost Gisbergen’s McLaren.


Driver Quotes

Katsumasa Chiyo (Japan)
#1 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3

“We were not a quickest automobile yesterday, though we had a unequivocally clever competition today,” pronounced Katsumasa Chiyo.

“The group was operative unequivocally good and a automobile was only fantastic. It is such a good group and my co-drivers were great. We were doing unequivocally good until a final few minutes, though a McLaren was so fast.

“I attempted to locate adult though we had slower trade to avoid; it was flattering frightful during times. We unequivocally wanted to win again this year and come behind with it, though winning during Bathurst is not easy. The competition was unequivocally most like a scurry this year, though many reserve cars and not most traffic, that done it utterly tough.

“I wish to contend appreciate we to everybody in a group and to my teammates. And appreciate we for such a good car. we wish to come behind again subsequent year.”

Rick Kelly (Australia)
#1 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3

“It was an sparkling day for us and we led a lot of laps that was good fun. We had a lot of true line speed which, for me, was utterly exciting,” pronounced Rick Kelly.

“We could check people adult a mountain and afterwards lift away. It was unequivocally good. First thing, congratulations to a Tekno guys; they had an considerable automobile all weekend so we had that to try and locate and unfortunately now we only couldn’t compare a gait that those guys had.

“I came into a weekend with my eyes far-reaching open – only perplexing to learn as most as we could and support these guys who won it final year in such good style. We weren’t means to do it now but, nevertheless, we schooled a lot, generally from this fella (Chiyo). He can expostulate that automobile – we can give we a tip. we have been looking during his information all weekend and schooled a lot from him, and Florian as well, so for me it was a good opportunity.

“I consider (Chiyo’s pushing during a end) was unequivocally impressive. The gait during a start of a competition when a lane was good and cold was unequivocally clever and we consider everybody was only removing staid in. And afterwards during a mid-part of a day, as always, a lane got utterly greasy and during a finish his gait was quicker than what we got out of a automobile during qualifying, that shows a capabilities of both a automobile and Chiyo.

“I don’t consider there would have been another hundredth in a automobile from what he got out of it. we consider we need to check a mirrors for some paint! He was that tighten in some places, that is unequivocally impressive. The high-risk places around here he has nailed and a same for a low risk. He unequivocally has a lane underneath control, and we consider that goes for a lot of a field.

“You can see how clever a lot of a good abroad teams and drivers are. They come here, get a lane nailed flattering quickly, and a same with a cars. A few years ago in a V8 Supercar this wasn’t unequivocally a case. So we consider it unequivocally opens a eyes to abroad drivers for a 1000km competition here in Oct since a peculiarity of general drivers is outstanding. Now they have knowledge during a home lane they could positively be resources for us in a future.”


Florian Strauss (Germany)
#1 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3

“I consider (the day) was only incredible. Everyone during a group was a small bit unhappy yesterday, though we were flattering certain a competition gait should be most some-more in front than a subordinate path showed,” pronounced Florian Strauss.

“But of march it is always formidable to win here; a lot of immature using this year.

“As Rick said, it was unfit to locate a quick man (currently standing) subsequent to me (at this press conference), though Chiyo attempted each singular thing. we am certain subsequent year we will have another try and try to win again.”




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