New start in Hockenheim: The 2017 DTM deteriorate starts on informed belligerent for BMW Motorsport.

Munich. When a sound of resounding engines rings around
Hockenheim (GER) during a start of May, it means one thing to every
motorsport fan: a DTM is back. The furloughed vehicle array kicks off
this weekend with a initial dual races of a 18 that make adult the
2017 season. BMW Motorsport will send 6 newly-developed BMW M4
DTMs in hunt of some-more success in a DTM. The patrol of drivers is
spearheaded by reigning champion Marco Wittmann (GER), who final year
claimed a eighth pretension of a probable 15 for BMW given returning to
a DTM in 2012. With new racing cars and a finely-honed format, the
DTM once again promises to yield furloughed vehicle racing of a highest
peculiarity in 2017.


The situation:

The dual BMW Teams, RMG and RBM, and their 6 drivers have an intense
duration of credentials behind them. The BMW M4 DTM, that was developed
by BMW Motorsport, has proven itself and shown a good potential
during tests, including Timo Glock’s (GER) fastest time during a grand
culmination of a preparations in Hockenheim during a start of April.
Despite this, a container will be shuffled once again during the
season-opener on a 4.574-kilometre track. Traditionally, a first
subordinate sessions and competition yield a initial genuine event to
consider a genuine change of energy with totally new cars.


The changes:

The competition cars are not a usually things that are new for a 2017 DTM
season. The same goes for many other areas. Softer tyres that degrade
some-more quickly, a some-more fit Drag Reduction System (DRS), and such
sum as a anathema on exhilarated tyre covers are among a innovations
designed to safeguard that larger importance is on a driver’s ability
and that a fans are treated to even some-more movement out on a track. As
on a Sunday, Saturday’s competition will now also underline a imperative pit
stop in 2017. Both races will final 55 mins (+1 lap). Each of the
3 vehicle manufacturers concerned in a DTM will line adult with
6 drivers.

Strict restrictions on radio communication between a group and
drivers have also been enforced. The re-start in an
Indianapolis-style, two-row grid arrangement after reserve vehicle phases
also promises to supplement to a excitement. Use of a DRS complement is
singular to twelve laps (36 activations) in all races. Furthermore,
points will be awarded to a tip 3 positions in subordinate in
2017: a motorist on stick position will accept 3 points, second
place picks adult dual points, with one indicate going to a third-placed driver.

BMW Motorsport will send dual works teams into battle, any with three
drivers. Marco Wittmann is assimilated during BMW Team RMG by Augusto Farfus
(BRA) and Timo Glock (GER). Bruno Spengler (CAN), Tom Blomqvist (GBR)
and Maxime Martin (BEL) will have their sights set on tip formula for
BMW Team RBM. Glock and Blomqvist’s cars will be run by sum crew
consisting of RMG and RBM mechanics – BMW Team RMR.


The expectations:


BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt: “I consider we
are about to declare one of a many sparkling DTM seasons ever. In
many regards, a array set a march for a successful destiny over
a winter – either with a growth of a new cars, changes to
a regulations and format, or bringing a new male in during a top, in
a form of Gerhard Berger. As such, we are all unequivocally looking forward
to a initial showdown in Hockenheim. Everything we saw during a tests
depends for zero now. 18 of a tip drivers in a universe will go
conduct to conduct in racing cars generating over 500 hp – and in front of
what are substantially a unequivocally best furloughed vehicle crowds. We are well
prepared with a new BMW M4 DTM. Bring on a initial dual races of a year.”


Stefan Reinhold (team principal, BMW Team RMG): “Our
group has worked unequivocally tough indeed in a final weeks brazen of the
season-opener. Following a final tests, we have prepared a three
cars for a drivers and set them adult as good as probable for the
opening races in Hockenheim. We have also spent a lot of time
practicing a new array stop processes, that poise new hurdles for
a crews. We are gay to acquire Augusto Farfus into a group as
a third motorist alongside Marco Wittmann and Timo Glock. He will be a
good further with his knowledge and speed.”


Marco Wittmann (#11, Red Bull BMW M4 DTM – 56 races, 8 wins,
15 podiums, 8 stick positions, 523 points, 2 Drivers’ titles):
“It is apparently unequivocally good to go into a DTM deteriorate as the
fortifying champion for a second time in my career – not with the
array 1 this time, though with a array 11. we wish that brings me more
fitness than final time. My memories of Hockenheim are unequivocally good. After
all, we won a pretension in my final competition there. That was a good weekend.”


Augusto Farfus (#15, Shell BMW M4 DTM – 66 races, 4 wins, 12
podiums, 5 stick positions, 345 points):
“Pretty much
all is new to me during a start of this DTM season: a team, the
car, a engineers, my team-mates, a rules. we have not experienced
anything like this given 2012. However, we am unequivocally looking brazen to
this new challenge. All a manufacturers are fundamentally starting from
blemish this year. As such, we can suppose we might be in for a few
surprises in a initial few races.”


Timo Glock (#16, DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM – 56 races, 3 wins,
5 podiums, 1 stick position, 335 points):
“We have an
sparkling deteriorate brazen of us, and are all unequivocally looking brazen to it.
we have a lot of certain associations with Hockenheim. we have had a
lot of good and, above all, successful races there. My lass DTM win
in my entrance deteriorate was apparently a bit special. That creates it all the
improved that we get to go there twice each year. The circuit is
tailor-made for a DTM. we always have a good feeling when we come to
Hockenheim. we can frequency wait for a competition deteriorate to finally get started.”


Bart Mampaey (team principal, BMW Team RBM): “After a
prolonged and bustling winter, we are gay to be going racing again. In
Bruno Spengler, we acquire a unequivocally gifted and discerning motorist to the
team. He will form a unequivocally clever contingent with Tom Blomqvist and Maxime
Martin. we am quite looking brazen to saying how the
team-work between a group and BMW Team RMG on a cars of Tom
Blomqvist and Timo Glock will work out.”


Bruno Spengler (#7, BMW Bank BMW M4 DTM – 139 races, 14 wins,
45 podiums, 17 stick positions, 758 points, 1 Drivers’ title):
“I have been done to feel unequivocally acquire in my new team, and am
unequivocally most looking brazen to pushing for BMW Team RBM this year. A new
group and a new vehicle meant that this deteriorate is something of a new start,
after final year did not work out so good for me. It is always rather
special to go into a deteriorate with a new car. we am positively very
encouraged to do well.”


Tom Blomqvist (#31, BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM – 36 races,
1 win, 5 podiums, 1 stick position, 172 points):
“I really
like a new pattern of my BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM. It looks
illusory and is hopefully unequivocally discerning too. we am intrigued to see how
good we are compared to a opposition. The biggest disproportion to last
year will be a tyres, that will reduce faster. Let’s see who copes
best with that during a initial competition weekend.”


Maxime Martin (#36, SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM – 46 races, 2 wins, 6
podiums, 2 stick positions, 231 points):
“I consider a new
regulations will make a start of a deteriorate intensely interesting.
The cars have some-more energy and are illusory to drive. The new tyres
make a outrageous disproportion and, in my opinion, will make for a lot of
opposite competition strategies. we am looking brazen to an sparkling weekend.”


The history:

In total, a Hockenheimring has hosted no fewer than 82 DTM races
given 1984. BMW has 14 wins, 9 stick positions and 38 podiums to its
name. The final time a BMW motorist climbed onto a tip step of the
lectern was in 2014, when Marco Wittmann won a opening competition of the
deteriorate to explain a 60th BMW feat in a DTM. This was
also his initial win in a series. Come a finish of a year, a BMW
Team RMG motorist was lifting a prize as a champion driver.


The media schedule:


Thursday, 4th May

11:00-13:00, print and talk event with Marco Wittmann and
Augusto Farfus to symbol a special “100 Years of BMW” muster at
Technik Museum Speyer (Am Technik Museum 1, 67346 Speyer).


Friday, 5th May 2017

14:30-15:00, ITR Press Conference with Timo Glock, BW-Center


Saturday, 6th May 2017

16:45-16:55, churned section interviews with all BMW drivers, BW-Center


Sunday, 7th May 2017:

9:00-9:20, talk event with BMW Motorsport Director Jens
Marquardt, BMW Motorsport Hospitality

17:25-17:35, churned section interviews with all BMW drivers, BW-Center


The service:

BMW Motorsport will offer an innovative Chatbot use for
reporters for a initial time in a 2017 DTM season. This allows
users to accept a latest information directly to their smartphone
around WhatsApp Messenger. The information accessible includes driver
statistics, statements and photos. You can register for a BMW
Motorsport Chatbot during a following link:


The media guide:

You will find a pdf chronicle of a 2017 BMW Motorsport Media Guide
trustworthy to this press release. You will also find a lot of useful
information per BMW’s endless racing programme in a compress format.