New Human Resources Director during Audi Hungaria

“On interest of a company, we would like to appreciate Dr. Elisabeth Knab for her many years of dedicated work. The tellurian resources plan grown underneath her care and noted by her name has contributed significantly to strengthening a competitiveness and destiny capability of a association and to securing a jobs of a employees in a prolonged term. we demeanour brazen to stability to figure a company’s plan with her imagination and vision,” says Alfons Dintner, Chairman of a Board of Management during AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. “Kinga Németh is an gifted tip manager with a extended network of contacts, both during Audi Hungaria and within a Audi Group. She has been moulding HR work in a association for roughly 20 years in several government positions. Her chairman is a pledge that she will continue a glorious vital work. In her activities she always has in mind competitiveness, a long-term refuge of jobs and employer attractiveness.” 

The new Member of a Board for Human Resources and Organisation during Audi Hungaria, Kinga Németh, was innate in Győr in 1971. After graduating in German denunciation and novel during a University of Szeged, she complicated economics during a Budapest University of Economics. She began her veteran career in 1997 during Audi Hungaria. After holding several positions in financial and controlling, she hold several government positions in tellurian resources. In 2001, she was allocated Head of Human Resources Officer. In 2017, she took on a government position during AUDI AG in Ingolstadt in a margin of twin vocational training. In 2019 she returned to Audi Hungaria as Head of a Audi Academy. In 2020 she became Head of a Human Resources Officers, HR Marketing and Career Development Programmes. 

Kinga Németh is a member of a Board of Management during Audi Hungaria obliged for Human Resources and Organisation given 1 Jun 2021.