New generation, new training programme: The mythological BMW Junior Team creates the quip in 2020.

Munich. The mythological BMW Junior Team celebrates a comeback
after some-more than 40 years. Eddie Cheever (USA), Manfred Winkelhock
(GER) and Marc Surer (SUI) caused a stir in a universe of motorsport
in 1977, and 2020 will see a new era of earnest talents
competition races underneath a name BMW Junior Team. Dan Harper (GBR), Max
Hesse (GER) and Neil Verhagen (USA) will finish a holistic,
first-class, finish training programme designed to cover two
seasons that will set new standards in a graduation of young
gifted drivers. One of their mentors will be a male who founded
a initial BMW Junior Team in 1977: Jochen Neerpasch.


The design of a totally new training judgment is to further
rise a Juniors jointly in many opposite areas, kindle them
divided and holistically, and thereby make them improved and above
all some-more mature racing drivers. The BMW Junior Team will start its
training module me on 9th Jan when they pierce into a common flat
tighten to Formula Medicine in Viareggio (ITA), where a training camp
travelling several weeks awaits them. Here a concentration will be on fitness
and mental training as elemental elements of scheming for a race
season. Another post of a programme is a group concept. To
strengthen this, once a training stay comes to an end, a Juniors
will pierce into a common prosaic nearby a Nürburgring (GER), that will
turn a focal indicate of their racing motorist training. At a wheel
of several BMW racing cars – from a new BMW M2 CS Racing by the
BMW M4 GT4 to a BMW M6 GT3 – a BMW Junior Team will finish the
whole deteriorate of a Nürburgring continuation array as good as a 24
Hours of Nürburgring. On tip of a racing commitments come numerous
additional training elements. Sim racing will play a vital role, as
will training about operations divided from pristine racing, for example, at
BMW M GmbH and in several other areas within a BMW Group.


“I would like to extend a comfortable acquire to a BMW family to Dan
Harper, Max Hesse and Neil Verhagen as members of a new generation
of a BMW Junior Team,” pronounced BMW Group Motorsport Director Jens
Marquardt. “The rebirth of a mythological BMW Junior Team after more
than 40 years is something unequivocally special to us here during BMW Motorsport,
all a some-more given we were means to secure a owner of a afterwards BMW
Junior Team and of BMW Motorsport GmbH, Jochen Neerpasch, as one of
a mentors for a new generation. This sees tradition and future
accommodate in what is a ideal pattern from a perspective. The new
Juniors will be a genuine group and learn a good understanding as partial of our
holistic, first-class, finish programme both on and off a track.
Our new judgment is formed on mixed pillars: racing during the
Nürburgring-Nordschleife, sim racing as a new, future-oriented area,
mental and aptness training during Formula Medicine, training content
within a BMW Group, and group building by vital together in
common accommodation. With this extensive concept, we are raising
a youth growth to another new level.”


Jochen Neerpasch said: “When we founded a initial BMW Junior Team in
1977, we during BMW Motorsport were pioneers in youth development. We
done training immature racing drivers a veteran endeavour for the
initial time. Now, being concerned in a enrichment of a BMW Junior
Team again after some-more than 40 years is a genuine joy. we know from
believe that immature drivers learn a lot some-more fast when they act
as a group rather than only battling for themselves. It was on this
basement that, in partnership with those in assign during BMW Motorsport,
a suspicion of reviving a BMW Junior Team came into being. I’m
preoccupied by a suspicion that these 3 Juniors will learn together
on a many formidable racetrack in a universe and will also receive
training in many other areas. I’m assured that a 3 of them
will make their approach into veteran racing. We will do a best to
give them a ideal basement for this.”


The contingent creation adult a new BMW Junior Team has already gained
believe and their initial successes in racing. 19-year-old Dan Harper
won a pretension in a British Carrera Cup in 2019 and his achievements
saw him nominated for a prestigious Autosport Awards. 18-year-old
Max Hesse distinguished winning a pretension in a fast flourishing touring
automobile array TCR Germany in 2019. He was also ADAC’s sponsored
candidate. Also 18 years old, Neil Verhagen finished in sixth place
altogether in a star-studded British F3 Championship in 2019 and was
partial of a Red Bull Junior programme.


During their training, a contingent will accept support from other
mentors in further to Neerpasch. Aside from BMW works motorist Philipp
Eng (AUT) and Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli (ITA) of Formula Medicine, BMW
works motorist Dirk Adorf (GER), who has been behaving as a coach for the
BMW Motorsport Juniors given 2011, will have primary responsibility
for looking after a interests of a gifted youngsters. “I’m
unequivocally looking brazen to going by a two-year programme
alongside a Juniors,” pronounced Adorf. “The lads are already unequivocally strong
and will be lerned by us in all areas offering by a BMW Motorsport
and BMW Group environment. On tip of this, they will be training on
a best racetrack in a world. If they are discerning there, they will no
doubt do good everywhere. we am unequivocally informed with a Nürburgring and
am always accessible there for a Juniors as a primary advisor. With
my lane knowledge, though also with my believe of a region. When
they are vital in a prosaic there they will also need someone to answer
customary bland questions. we consider that we will be means to assistance them
get to know lots of people and to feel during home.”


An overview of a 2020 BMW Junior Team:


Dan Harper (GBR).

Date of birth: 8th Dec 2000

Place of birth: Belfast (GBR)



2019               1st place British Carrera Cup

                       BRDC John Surtees Rising Stars Award

2018               ‘Rookie of a Year’ British Carrera Cup


Dan Harper: “I feel celebrated to be authorised to be partial of this
sparkling programme and am unequivocally looking brazen to a subsequent two
years. we wish to be means to build on a successful duration that we have
enjoyed in new years. The fact that Neil, Max and we will be working
together as a group is not customary for us as racing drivers, though we
have already got to know any other and get on unequivocally well. we think
that we will have a lot of fun and will hopefully be a unequivocally clever BMW
Junior Team.”


Max Hesse (GER).

Date of birth: 23rd Jul 2001

Place of birth: Wernau (GER)



2019               1st place TCR Germany

                       ADAC sponsored candidate

2018               ‘Rookie of a Year’ TCR Germany


Max Hesse: “I consider we will have a unequivocally cold time together. Since
there are 3 of us, we can pull any other and learn from each
other. we consider that’s great, and to be means to paint a colours
of a vital manufacturer like BMW in a routine and expostulate all these
illusory racing cars on a Nordschleife will be totally amazing. I’m
unequivocally looking brazen to it.”


Neil Verhagen (USA).

Date of birth: 18th Feb 2001

Place of birth: Mt. Kisco (USA)



2019               6th place British Formula 3 Championship

2017               Red Bull Junior Team

2016               1st place F1600 Championship Series         


Neil Verhagen: “It will be a initial time that we have driven GT and
furloughed cars. It’s going to be a unequivocally sparkling plea for me. I’m
certain that we will learn a good understanding in a group with Dan and Max. I’m
looking brazen to a Nordschleife in particular, given I’ve only
been in movement there as a co-driver so far. The lane has so much
status and story – we would unequivocally adore to be means to contend that I
have driven on it myself and maybe after my training even contend that I
do good on that track. I’m also unequivocally looking brazen to a sim
racing given I’m already active in that area.”