New gas-fired energy plant in Shanghai uses MAN turbine technology


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CO2 emissions reduced by 59,000 tons per year

An opening rite on Jan 19, 2016, saw a new gas-fired total feverishness and appetite plant being put into operation during SAIC VOLKSWAGEN AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY LIMITED – a corner try between Chinese SAIC and German Volkswagen Group. The plant contains 4 sets of MGT 6200, a latest operation of gas turbines by MAN Diesel Turbo.

Attending a rite were Prof. Jochen Heizmann, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group China, and Dr. Uwe Lauber, CEO of MAN Diesel Turbo.

“The coronation of this total feverishness and appetite complement is a landmark for a automobile prolongation in China. The new plant not usually provides steam and electricity for a Car Plant 3 here during SAIC Volkswagen, it also means we no longer use spark boilers so CO2 emissions will be reduced by 59,000 tons any year,” explained Prof. Heizmann during a ceremony.

The plant also outlines a premiere of MAN Diesel Turbo’s latest gas turbine array in China, with a sequence dating behind to Dec 2014. Each of a 4 turbine sets delivers electrical appetite by pushing a generator. Additional use of a rubbish feverishness for producing routine steam increases a plant’s altogether potency to some-more than 80 percent. The steam is used during a prolongation works of a Volkswagen Joint Venture in China.

“We are ecstatic to be concerned in this project,” pronounced Dr. Lauber after a ceremony. “Today, we have inaugurated a gas-fired appetite plant that covers roughly 25 percent of a appetite needs of one of a biggest automobile prolongation sites in a country, that is low in hothouse gas emissions and utilises some-more than 80 percent of a invested fuel energy. MAN and a Chinese courtesy demeanour behind during a decades-long tradition of partnership in many technological fields. Now that a Chinese supervision has set desirous goals to revoke a country’s CO footprint, a gas turbines and engine record can assistance to strech these goals and revoke CO2 emissions.”

With recognition of atmosphere wickedness in China increasing, a supervision is posterior an active module to reduce glimmer levels and boost appetite efficiency. The new CHP plant fulfills this design by producing electricity to cover 100 percent of a annual direct in Car Plant 3 and a beside gearbox plant in Anting, thereby shortening CO2 emissions by approximately 23 percent.

According to a National Energy Administration, a gas supply in China is approaching to strech 400 billion cubic metres in 2020, and healthy gas will boost to paint 10 percent of primary appetite consumption. Natural gas as a clean, fit appetite source is receiving augmenting courtesy from a supervision and will gradually turn one of a backbones of China’s appetite supply.