New era: Audi Hungaria starts array prolongation of electric motors

“Audi Hungaria has been concerned in essay a expansion story of a Four Rings for 25 years. Our Hungarian auxiliary is now entering a completely new margin of imagination with a prolongation of electric motors. This disdainful know‑how creates Győr into a categorical plant for electric motors and embodies a vital mutation into a provider of tolerable mobility,” settled Peter Kössler, Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics during AUDI AG, during a mystic act.

“Audi Hungaria is holding on a pioneering purpose in a prolongation of electric motors. I am unapproachable of a employees’ high levels of imagination and motivation. They have successfully started a prolongation of a new electric engine with good commitment,” pronounced Achim Heinfling, Managing Director of AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. The first electric motors from Audi Hungaria will be used in a Audi e-tron. It is the first all‑electric Audi model and will be built during a Audi plant in Brussels.

For a prolongation of electric motors, Audi Hungaria commissioned a innovative prolongation apparatus and islands within only one year. The departments for a growth of electric motors and for prolongation formulation cooperated closely with a antecedent manufacturing/ prolongation record core in Győr to rise a compulsory expertise. The stream prolongation ability is for approximately 400 electric spindle motors any day and can be gradually increased. At present, about 100 people are employed in this new area, to be increasing to some-more than 130 by a finish of a year. Production is with one‑shift operation, though will shortly change to three shifts.

The electric engine from Győr offers countless new features. With a stator – one of a core components of a engine – a aim is to insert as most of a skinny enameled copper handle as probable into a casing: a tighter a winding, a some-more fit a energy delivery. A new circuitous and inserting core during Audi Hungaria creates it probable to breeze a optimal volume of enameled copper handle quite compactly and afterwards insert it into a casing. The electric spindle consists of other vast components such as a energy electronics, that are located in their possess housing, a gearing and dual prong shafts that broadcast a energy to a wheels. The employees furnish two electric spindle expostulate systems for any Audi e-tron, as both a front and back axles are driven – in good quattro tradition.

The prolongation equipment, a robots and a bolting and measuring hire are set out in bound positions though are not related together by a linear band. Instead, a employees furnish a expostulate systems according to a modular routine in prolongation islands. Despite a predefined public sequence, a modular complement allows branched paths and some-more giveaway range in a prolongation process. Driverless vehicles, tranquil by an intelligent IT system, ride a tools to a workstations.

In together to a prolongation facility, Audi Hungaria has commissioned three test benches for electric motors in a engine/motor growth department, for contrast and continual bucket operation. The employees have undergone serve training to turn electrical experts in a prolongation record core for electric motors.

Audi Hungaria constructed 1,965,165 engines last year, creation a association one of a world’s largest engine producers. At a plant in Győr, six different gasoline engines and three different diesel engines were constructed in 2017 with energy outlay trimming from 63 kilowatts (86 horsepower) to 470 kW (639 hp). Approximately 6,000 employees furnish about 9,000 engines each day for 32 production plants of a Volkswagen Group.