Neel Jani switching to a cockpit of a Formula E car

With a gifted Swiss racer on board, a new works group will start lane contrast early in 2019 to ready for a worldwide, wholly electric singular seater series’ sixth season, that kicks off in Dec 2019. Porsche is energetically available a attainment of a initial stereotyped framework to implement a in-house-developed expostulate train, that has already been on a exam benches. 

Jani has been a Porsche works motorist given 2013. At a circle of a Porsche 919 Hybrid he took undisguised feat during Le Mans in 2016 and became FIA World Endurance Champion a same year. Between 2014 and a finish of 2017, a 35-year-old won 4 races in a 919 while securing 9 stick positions and 4 fastest competition laps. In 2018 he crushed a lane record during Spa-Francorchamps (BE), where he kick a afterwards Formula One benchmark with a 919 Hybrid Evo. Jani began his career in singular seaters, climbing adult to Formula One as a exam driver.

Fritz Enzinger, 2018, Porsche AG

Fritz Enzinger

“Without doubt, Neel is a right male for a new technologically trendsetting programme,” says Fritz Enzinger, Vice President Porsche Motorsport. “Not usually does he minister speed, though he has a outrageous volume of singular seater experience. He has already driven in Formula E and is good determined in Weissach as a growth driver.”

“I’m really most looking brazen to a new task,” Jani enthuses. “Being partial of an wholly new Porsche Motorsport programme for a second time, right from a beginning, means a lot to me. The technical and pushing hurdles are outrageous and a clever Formula E opponents have a poignant advantage in experience. There is a lot of work forward of us and we can’t wait for a roll-out.”


The Formula E programme has an critical position within a company’s destiny strategy

Porsche’s Formula E entrance is partial of wide-ranging changes during a association and is ideally timed: in together to a initial electric-powered Porsche competition car, a new Taycan will go on a marketplace – a brand’s initial road-going sports automobile to also beget a opening with no explosion engine involved. With a 6 billion euro investment, Porsche enters a electrical and digital era. For a launch of a Taycan alone, 1,500 new jobs have been created. “Production 4.0” requires elemental new processes and is set to be CO neutral. The Formula E programme has an critical position within a company’s destiny strategy, as motorsport and prolongation automobile experts work side by side during a investigate and growth centre in Weissach. One of a formula of this tighten operative attribute and knowledge-sharing is a Taycan’s 800 Volt technology, that combines outrageous operation and brief charging times with an considerable opening output. This high voltage record is formed on pioneering engineering mastered for a 3 times Le Mans-winning 919 Hybrid. In terms of electrical drive, battery and cooling management, a growth of prolongation cars has benefitted from a knowledge gained in motorsport. Now a electric racing array will also concentration on a growth of pivotal record and appetite management. 

Thanks to a launch of a new Gen2 automobile and aloft ability batteries, automobile changes will no longer take place during Formula E races. While a automobile and battery section are stereotyped for all teams, all powertrain components are grown away and in-house during Porsche. These partly road-relevant elements embody a electric motor, inverter, gearbox, differential, expostulate shafts, a structure and cessation components trustworthy to a back axle, as good as a cooling complement and ECU.

Neel Jani meets his new Formula E car