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Recently Nissan asked its fans on Facebook to choose the soundtrack to its new TV commercial for the Nissan Juke. The idea is part of a wider strategy to interact with customers in a fun and engaging way.

Since the launch in 2010, Nissan Juke has sold over 68,000 cars across Europe and has a market share of 1.86% in B segment. Positioned as a car that stimulates infectious energy within the urban space, Nissan Juke has already made inroads into the music scene through the‘Juke Rocks’ campaign. So the idea of getting music fans to pick the advertising soundtrack is a normal progression.

More than 45,000 fans from over 14 countries voted for their favourite from two final entries – a re-energised version of the current soundtrack, “Twinkle Twinkle” performed by Fredrika Stahl, or a dynamic electronic alternative called “Manners”. With just three days to respond, the interactive application received a thousand hits and fans picked the classic lullaby, which Nissan then re-mixed with a rising star of the French electro scene, Data. The result can be seen and heard in cinemas, on television and on You Tube at:

Nissan’s commitment to music-loving Facebook fans includes an innovative competition called Juke Rocks. Four European bands – Pony Pony Run Run from France, The Pinker Tones from Spain, Germany’s Bakkushan and The Visitors Attack from Italy – were challenged to perform three gigs in three different city venues in three hours on the same night, creating an urban music video or staging a flashmob gig.

The video content was published on YouTube as well as on the Facebook pages of Nissan and each of the four bands. Fans voted The Pinker Tones as the most energetic band, and they will perform a special gig in Barcelona on July 13 to celebrate. The campaign attracted more than 76,000 votes with 43,000 in favour of The Pinker Tones. Overall the campaign resulted in more than 8 million video views.

Laurent de la Cortardiere, Vice President of Nissan Europe said, “The Nissan Juke experience is about engaging with customers in an unusual way. Music gets us in tunewith the fans and allows them to become part of the campaign.”

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Find out more about Nissan Juke, Fredrika Stahl (on tour in France throughout the summer) and Data on the following websites:

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