“Moving brazen together”: Audi continues a impasse with a Salzburg Festival

Shortly before today’s premiere of Richard Strauss’s “Rosenkavalier”, Rupert Stadler, CEO of AUDI AG, and Festival President Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler announced that a partnership will continue until 2018. “The Salzburg Festival and Audi are joined by a partnership that dates behind 20 years. As a code with a tenet ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’, we are positively committed to creativity, that allows us to surpass time and again. We will continue to pursue a partnership in this spirit,” explains Rupert Stadler.

“Audi is an irreplaceable partner for us in many respects. As categorical sponsor, Audi allows us to benefaction programs that we would be incompetent to financial from a normal budget. The festival’s guest entrance in Ingolstadt is one instance of a tighten team-work in a artistic domain and a festive culmination to a Audi Summer Concerts in a city. And a Audi Night in Salzburg exudes a glamor that even a first fathers preferred for a Salzburg Festival. We wish to connect this cultivatable team-work by means of new projects,” reports Rabl-Stadler.

Audi and a Salzburg Festival have already visited China twice to betray a module for a entrance season. Last tumble a display took place during a new Audi City in Beijing. Similar corner projects are in a tube for other cities in Asia. As a result, audiences during a Salzburg Festival are set to turn some-more general in destiny years. In 2013, 280,000 people from 73 countries – including 39 outward Europe – attended a festival.

To symbol a partnership’s 20th anniversary, Audi has saved a new wireless microphone complement for a festival. It is providing pointing acoustics during a performances of “Jedermann”, giving audiences an optimal audio experience. “In this age of ephemeral trends, a tighten partnership with Audi is something really special,” remarked Rabl-Stadler. “It allows us to make long-term skeleton and is now also aiding us from a technical indicate of view. The new wireless mic complement for “Jedermann” advantages a actors, a assembly and a technical peculiarity of a Salzburg Festival.” Staged on Salzburg’s Baroque Domplatz, Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s classical play “Jedermann” has been one of a festival highlights ever given a eventuality was founded.

Further sum and photos are accessible at: https://www.audi-mediaservices.com/publish/ms/content/de/presskit/2014/07/28/audi_und_salzburger.html