Mobility goes intelligent and individual: Audi during CES 2020

Open a door, take a seat, and get divided from a civic stress: The entirely programmed Audi AI:ME represents a personal “third critical space,” alongside a homes and workplaces, that is informed with a desires and needs of a users. Passengers can use eye tracking to promulgate with a uncover automobile intuitively and have it sequence their favorite food, for example. They can also suffer a wellness knowledge in a AI:ME: A span of VR goggles in a automobile allows a occupants to suffer a practical moody opposite a fantastic towering landscape. The record adapts practical calm to a movements of a automobile in genuine time. The result: Passengers can entirely relax and get divided from their chaotic day-to-day lives. They lapse to existence when they have arrived during their destination. The systematic food was delivered on time, concurrent by a AI:ME on a basement of a users’ personal preferences and a car’s navigation data. Journalists can exam this judgment of an penetrable mobility partner as partial of an programmed expostulate during CES 2020.

Audi Intelligence Experience: a penetrable car

A automobile that thinks for itself and is even empathetic? The “Audi Intelligence Experience” shows how it’s done: The automobile knows a user and their habits and uses intelligent functions total with synthetic comprehension to boost a passengers’ safety, wellbeing, and comfort. The self-learning navigation complement is already integrated in a stream era of a MMI systems. It saves elite destinations, connects them with a date, time, and stream trade situation, and derives suggested routes from this data. In a future, a automobile will also control a accurate research as to a functions and settings that a user prefers, trimming from a chair position, media, track guidance, and heat to a fragrancing of a interior. After a brief time, a penetrable Audi is informed with a user’s preferences and implements them autonomously. If desired, it even bases a settings on a user’s condition by watching their pushing character and critical functions. At CES 2020, visitors can knowledge a simple functions of a Audi Intelligence Experience in a prototype.

Two displays, dual innovations: spacial prophesy and a on-demand offer

A navigation arrow that points accurately into a side highway where a end is located: This will already turn existence in an vaunt in 2020 with a 3D churned existence head-up display. Audi will benefaction a new record it grown in team-work with Samsung during CES. Just like with a 3D television, dual views are generated of any picture: one pixel for a left eye and a adjacent pixel for a right eye. To a driver, a cinema of a 3D churned existence head-up arrangement seem to be floating during a stretch of 8 to 10 meters; by crafty representation, a apparent stretch is even increasing to over 70 meters. Advantage: The eyes, accustomed to a long-range view, do not have to refocus.

The pure arrangement on direct is a serve highlight: The shade is 15 cm high, 122 cm wide, and partially embedded into a instrument panel. It offers dual layers: a pure OLED arrangement and a black covering for a quite low shade of black. The highlight: Sections of a arrangement that are not compulsory for display information sojourn transparent. They give a sense of a potion mirror and so offer an unrestricted perspective of a road.

The destiny of a automobile is entirely electric and cleverly connected

More than only a cake in a sky: The stream Audi models offer networking during a finest. The new 3rd era modular infotainment platform, or MIB 3 for short, is a core. Its categorical processor operates 10 times faster than a MIB 2. This provides poignant improvements in terms of track formulation and trade forecasts, for example. Audi will also benefaction a latest innovations in a area of lighting record during CES 2020. Should a motorist get tired, special light can yield a remedy: Blue, cold white light, for example, has a sensitive and refreshing effect. The Audi plan “Human-Centric Lighting” illustrates how a approach we feel can be shabby by targeted light colors to support a passengers’ thoroughness and memory, for example.

The portfolio of a exhibits shown during a Audi counter during CES operation from a Audi AI:ME prophesy automobile and a near-production-level uncover automobile Audi Q4 e-tron concept with a 12.3-inch touchscreen all a approach to a Audi e-tron Sportback (combined electric energy expenditure in kWh/100 km*: 26.0–21.9 (WLTP); 22.7–20.6 (NEDC); total CO2 emissions in g/km: 0) with digital pattern LED headlights, that will already be accessible in a open of 2020.

More information is accessible from a Audi Media Center at:

* Information on fuel/electric energy expenditure and CO2 glimmer total given in ranges count on a apparatus comparison for a vehicle