Mixed feelings for Audi Sport patron racing in WTCR finale

“At a tighten of a season, we’d have wished for a improved result, that really would have been possible,” says Chris Reinke, Head of Audi Sport patron racing. “However, a whole operation of factors caused any of a cars to remove belligerent during a march of a weekend. Our 4 drivers, Niels Langeveld, Gordon Shedden, Jean-Karl Vernay and Frédéric Vervisch, showed a clever fighting suggestion adult until a finish – many interjection to them for that.” Frédéric Vervisch was a motorist with both a best chances and a biggest misfortune. Having entered a initial competition from fifth on a grid, a Belgian from Comtoyou Team Audi Sport late when a delayed puncture forced him to pit. He was looking brazen to a second competition with fervent expectation after carrying clinched third on a grid as a best subordinate outcome of all Audi Sport drivers. However, on a approach to a grid, he beheld a poor expostulate missile that a group was no longer means to reinstate in time. Consequently, he subsequently started from a array lane, was handed a drive-through chastisement for surpassing a generation of a correct during a starting arrangement and in a finish finished usually in position 25. In a third race, Vervisch showed what was possible: from eighth on a grid he pounded on a soppy lane and finished in fourth, directly in front of Norbert Michelisz, a new World Cup winner. Afterwards, a strange third-placed aspirant perceived a sports penalty, so that Vervisch changed adult to third place. Niels Langeveld from Comtoyou Team Audi Sport achieved 15th position in a second competition as his best outcome of a weekend.