MINI partners with Vhils Studio, Iminente and Underdogs by a MINI VOICES platform.

Munich. In several European countries, MINI is
ancillary authentic entities and start-ups that are rebellious today’s
amicable hurdles with their surprising ideas and demonstrating how a
sustainable, socially obliged destiny can be shaped. The #MINI
VOICES height is combined for personalities and initiatives that have
a intensity to change a world. Their participation on MINI’s social
media channels gives them a event to yield impulse worldwide.

MINI Portugal’s partnership with Vhils Studio, Iminente and Underdogs
has been launched with a film demonstrating ideally a four
entities’ common values – tolerance; equality; solidarity; inclusion –
and their passion for art, culture, and civic environments. Future
corner projects this year will embody a cinema as a new artistic area
of a Festival Iminente. The drive-in cinema will be exclusively
upheld by MINI.

Pedro Faria, General Manager MINI Portugal, says: “We are very
gratified with a partnership with these 3 informative entities,
famous during inhabitant and general level, both for their talent
and for their innovation. Being means to share experiences, learn about
other perspectives and combine on several projects will concede the
code to assume an active voice in a jubilee of civic culture,
as a mutation for a on-going mutation of cities.”

“With this new partnership, we intend to continue a purpose as
promoters of culture, and develop, together with MINI, artistic
projects that can definitely minister to a alleviation of civic art
and to a alleviation of life in a cities”, highlights Romain
Trevisan, CEO of Vhils Studio, Iminente and Underdogs.

Finding radical solutions and rethinking what already exists
has always been partial of a MINI identity. With a crafty use of
space, a classical Mini was a colonize in fit mobility,
primarily geared towards a city lifestyle. Today, a MINI
Electric takes that suggestion even serve with an all-electric
powertrain. Off a road, MINI has participated in several projects
that find to urge a peculiarity of life in civic environments. This
partnership, that will primarily run for 12 months, underscores the
significance of providing a new demeanour during cities and of a contentment of
all communities and opposite lifestyles.


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About: Vhils Studio
Peeling divided a layers of
a element enlightenment as a contemporary civic archaeologist, Portuguese
artist Vhils reflects on a impact of urbanity, growth and
augmenting unity on tellurian landscapes and tellurian identity. His
singular visible denunciation has been materialized by a immeasurable physique of
supports and contexts, formulating absolute propositions about the
benefaction tellurian condition. His work is represented in several open and
private collections in several countries.

About: Iminente
Iminente is a comprehensive
height that aims to yield practice of civic culture, promoting
a attribute between cities, their inhabitants and creative
production. Bringing together a farrago of artistic areas, including
music, contemporary art, dance, behaving arts, architecture, design,
fashion, cinema, recitals, and gastronomy, it is a materialization
of an civic artistic mutation that aims to emanate prominence and
opportunities for artists, disseminating a civic culture.

About: Underdogs
Underdogs is a cultural
height formed in Lisbon, Portugal, that brings together a gallery
with dual muster spaces, a open art programme, a prolongation of
artistic editions and a growth of consecrated artistic
projects. Established in 2010 and combined in a benefaction form in
2013, Underdogs works with a different expel of Portuguese and
general artists related to a star of contemporary
urban-inspired art, fostering a growth of tighten relationships
between creators, a public, and a city to foster art as an
bland experience.


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