MINI indication rider measures as of summer 2017.

Munich. The choice of indication variants of a new MINI
Countryman is to be extended as of Jul 2017 with a serve of two
new entry-level versions featuring a petrol and diesel engine
respectively. Parallel to a premiere of a new MINI One Countryman
(fuel consumption: 5,8 – 5,5 l/100 km; CO2 emissions: 133 – 126 g/km)
and a new MINI One D Countryman (fuel consumption: 4,3 – 4,1 l/100
km; CO2 emissions: 114 – 109 g/km), a British reward code is
enhancing a interest of a models in a tiny automobile and compact
shred as of summer 2017 with a operation of new comforts in a areas of
design, functionality and infotainment.

The modifications request to a arrangement and handling judgment as
good as to a operation of discretionary equipment. All tide MINI models
will underline a serve grown cockpit instrument with a new night
pattern and a fuel turn arrangement that offers larger precision.
Operation of a MINI Driving Modes and MINI Head-Up-Display will be
adapted, too. As of Jul 2017 it will be probable to have a MINI
Clubman and MINI Countryman propitious with an Apple CarPlay preparation,
while a application partner will also be accessible for a MINI 3
door, MINI 5 doorway and MINI Convertible in future. Another new feature
accessible for a MINI Convertible is a Always Open Package.

MINI Countryman: all-round talent with new entry-level
The engine portfolio for a MINI Countryman
sees an enlargement from Jul 2017 onwards with a serve of another
petrol engine and diesel engine. With a new indication variants, the
biggest and many versatile MINI underscores a qualities in a area
of mercantile potency in particular. Both a new engines pull their
energy from a ability of 1.5 litres widespread over 3 cylinders. They
go to a latest engine era of a BMW Group characterised
by weight-optimised design, cutting-edge MINI TwinPower Turbo
Technology and a quite high turn of inner efficiency.

The petrol engine in a new MINI One Countryman combines
turbocharging and petrol approach injection with non-static camshaft
control (double VANOS). Its turbine surrounding is integrated in the
water-cooled empty manifold, so it is positioned tighten to the
explosion chambers. A blow missile in fake steel optimises
a quivering response and therefore a using fibre of the
3-cylinder engine. With a rise outlay of 75 kW/102 hp and a maximum
torque of 180 Newton metres between 1 250 and 3 800 rpm, a engine of
a new MINI One Countryman provides sporty, flexible pushing fun. With
a customary 6-speed primer delivery it accelerates in 11.8
seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, completing a same scurry in 12.2
seconds with a 6-speed Steptronic transmission. The tip speed is
180 km/h in any case. Both with primer and Steptronic transmission
a normal fuel expenditure of a new MINI One Countryman is 5.8 to
5.5 litres per 100 kilometres. Its turn of CO2 emissions is 133 to
126 grams per kilometre (NEDC exam cycle figures, contingent on tyre
format selected).

A turbocharger with non-static intake geometry and common rail
approach injection with magnet valve injectors that beget a maximum
vigour of 2 000 bar safeguard a engine of a new MINI One D
Countryman offers sporty pulling energy sum with enlightened fuel
expenditure figures. The using fibre of a 3-cylinder diesel
engine is also optimised by means of a blow shaft. Its peak
outlay is 85 kW/116 hp, while a limit torque of 270 Newton metres
goes on tide between 1 750 and 2 250 rpm. The new
MINI One D Countryman sprints in 10.9 seconds from station to
100 km/h, achieves a tip speed of 190 km/h and has an normal fuel
expenditure of 4.3 to 4.1 litres per 100 kilometres. Its turn of CO2
emissions is 114 to 109 grams per kilometre (NEDC exam cycle figures,
contingent on tyre format selected).

From Jul 2017 onwards a engine module accessible for a MINI
Countryman will therefore contain a sum of 3 petrol engines and
3 diesel engines. The models MINI Cooper Countryman, MINI
Cooper S Countryman, MINI Cooper D Countryman and
MINI Cooper SD Countryman are optionally accessible with hallmark
front-wheel expostulate or with a all-wheel expostulate complement ALL4. The program
also includes a following: a intensely sporty MINI
John Cooper Works Countryman and a MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 –
a British brand’s initial plug-in hybrid indication with a fuel consumption
on a NEDC exam cycle of 2.3 – 2.1 litres per 100 kilometres and
CO2emissions of 52 – 49 grams per kilometre.

Apple CarPlay credentials for MINI Clubman and MINI
Available optionally and in and with
a apparatus package Wired for a new MINI Countryman and a new
MINI Clubman, a Apple CarPlay credentials provides a operation of new
possibilities in terms of intelligent connectivity and infotainment
facilities. It enables convenient, wireless formation of the
Apple iPhone for a use of countless functions in a areas of music
and communication as good as enabling other apps to be tranquil via
a handling complement of a dual MINI models.

New cockpit displays: night pattern in white, fuel level
arrangement charity larger precision.
As of Jul 2017,
a cockpit instrument on a steering mainstay of all tide MINI
models with offer optimised readability and an extended graphic
display. In a night design, a numbers and letters will seem in
white rather than orange in future. This new colour intrigue will also
request to a Head-Up-Display in a dark. The particular height
environment for a Head-Up Display will in destiny be stored in the
personal form on a car key, as will a settings for the
extraneous mirrors and a electrically tractable seats.

The new fuel turn arrangement in a right-hand territory of the
cockpit instrument comforts a qualitatively extended coming and
some-more accurate display. This creates it easier to review off fuel turn details.

New operation for MINI Driving Modes and MINI
Operation of a discretionary MINI Driving
Modes for particular car set-up will be mutated in all current
MINI models as of Jul 2017. The change from a customary environment to
SPORT mode or GREEN Mode and will be triggered by means of a toggle
switch designed in standard MINI character and positioned underneath the
control section for a atmosphere conditioning. A apart menu object will be
supposing in a MINI handling complement from Jul 2017 onwards for
activation of a discretionary MINI Head-Up Display.

New discretionary apparatus items: application partner and
Always Open package.
The application assistant
will be accessible for a MINI 3 door, MINI 5 doorway and MINI
Convertible as of Jul 2017, ensuring additional reserve on lengthier
trips in these models. This complement forms partial of a Radio MINI Visual
Boost or navigation complement and invariably analyses a driving
style. If a stretch lonesome or a driver’s poise indicates
that a motorist might be losing concentration, a complement encourages the
motorist to take a mangle – in standard MINI character with a striking on the
shade in a executive instrument and a idea “Tea Time”.

Open-top pushing fun in a MINI Convertible can be further
extended with a Always Open Package – only in time for a start of
a summer in 2017. This includes Comfort Access, heatable seats for
motorist and front passenger, a breeze deflector that reduces atmosphere swirl
during open-top pushing and a Always Open Timer, that annals and
displays a time spent pushing with a roof open.