MINI announces X-raid MINI JCW Team appearance during 2019 Dakar.

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2019 Dakar

2 Oct 2018


MINI announces X-raid MINI JCW Team appearance during 2019 Dakar.



  • Cyril Despres, Stéphane Peterhansel and Carlos Sainz join
    a MINI Family.
  • Three convene raid legends prepared to take on a 2019 Dakar
    with MINI John Cooper Works Buggy cars.
  • Despres and Sainz to contest in MINI John Cooper Works Buggy
    during Rallye du Maroc, 3rd-9th Oct 2018, as
    partial of contrast brazen of 2019 Dakar.


Munich. MINI Motorsport partner X-raid has announced the
serve of 3 convene raid legends to a flourishing MINI Family set
to contest during a 2019 book of a Dakar. Cyril Despres (FR),
Stéphane Peterhansel (FR) and Carlos Sainz (SP) have between them
amassed an implausible 20 Dakar wins and now demeanour to boost this
conspicuous total with any electing to expostulate a MINI John Cooper
Works Buggy underneath a group ensign of

X-raid MINI JCW Team


Devised and built by X-raid, MINI John Cooper Works Buggy initial saw
racing movement during a 2018 Dakar. Now honed to a latest
specification, this is a latest MINI Motorsport racing apparatus that
Cyril Despres, Stéphane Peterhansel and Carlos Sainz will contest with
in sequence to win Dakar.


Cyril Despres has won a Dakar 5 times on motorcycles (2005,
2007, 2010, 2012, 2013) before holding to four-wheels in 2015. In less
than 3 years he has already achieved four-wheel convene success, the
many important is twice winning a strenuous Silk Way Rally (2016, 2017).
Despres and Carlos Sainz will be a initial of a 3 drivers from
X-raid MINI JCW Team to ambience competition movement in a MINI John Cooper
Works Buggy by competing in Rallye du Maroc
(3rd-9th Oct 2018), turn 10 of a 2018 FIA
Cross Country Rally World Cup.


Stéphane Peterhansel carries a nickname “Mr Dakar” for 13 really good
reasons – 13 is a series of times a Frenchman has won Dakar. Like
so many Dakar greats, Peterhansel began his Dakar career on two-wheels
and achieved 6 wins before switching to cars to explain a further
7 Dakar titles. Peterhansel is no foreigner to a winning ways of
MINI. In 2012, he won Dakar during a controls of a MINI ALL4 Racing. It
was in a same mythological automobile that he shielded his Dakar pretension the
following year.


Carlos Sainz is a reigning Dakar champion. 2018 was a second year
“El Matador” gathering to Dakar feat and, by all accounts, the
celebrations were as romantic as his initial success in 2010. Defence
of his Dakar pretension will start with his initial central rival race
in a MINI John Cooper Works Buggy in Morocco, where he and Despres
will accumulate appurtenance growth information brazen of a 2019 Dakar.


Cyril Despres: “I have a new car, a new group and a
new co-driver, though a same passion and motivation. we am really much
looking brazen to backing adult in a MINI John Cooper Works Buggy. We
will roughly exclusively be on silt during a 2019 Dakar. One mistake and
it could all be over. There are a lot of opportunities to get bogged
down and remove time. The entrance Dakar will be intensely complete and challenging.”


Stéphane Peterhansel: “I have had dual victories at
a Dakar with X-raid – they are really lustful memories. we am happy to
lapse to a team, together with Carlos and Cyril. we was really excited
when we climbed into a MINI John Cooper Works Buggy. It is good fun
and easy to drive. The subsequent Dakar takes place in one country, though I
find Peru a really engaging and good country. There are large dunes and
open dried – that creates a convene really interesting.”


Carlos Sainz: “A new team, a new car, and with them a
new challenge. we am really confident that we will master this
challenge. We are good prepared. we adore a plea of operative with,
building and removing a best out of a new car. That is always
exciting. we am happy with a MINI John Cooper Works Buggy and we
still have time to rise it further.”


Sven Quandt – CEO X-raid: “This contingent is apparently a
dream cast, that brings a resources of experience. Carlos’ support
during a growth of MINI John Cooper Works Buggy has taken us
brazen in terms of a set-up. Stéphane is an aged crony and we am
gay to have him behind in a team. Cyril has shown what he is
able of and we am intrigued to see how he puts his ability into
use with X-raid. In any case, he already has copiousness of kilometres
underneath his belt in a car.


“The MINI John Cooper Works Buggy has satisfactorily finished a lot
of exam kilometres in new months and we are really vehement about its
initial rival tour in Morocco during a hands of Cyril and Carlos.”


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